A Bizarro World of Miniature Cows

Today felt like bizarro world, because it was light instead of dark when I took my early morning walk before work, and dark instead of light on my commute home from work.

Also, I wrote an article about cows today. Actual paragraph:

“We have a waiting list for our meat,” Jim shares. “Because it’s an older heritage breed, it marbles very easily. It’s got a little darker red meat with a really good flavor. We have all the same cuts of beef but smaller portion sizes; we don’t have a 30-ounce T-bone!”

Without a doubt the most South Dakota thing I’ve ever written.

Dexter cattle, to be exact. They’re a smaller breed, roughly half the size of most commercial cows. Never heard of ’em before today, but now I feel like an expert.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

22 thoughts on “A Bizarro World of Miniature Cows

      1. Impossible after my vegan younger sister sat across the table from me years ago and said, “Baby cows, crying for their mothers,” every time I took a bite.

        I would actually be okay as an ovolactovegetarian. My husband and son hate the idea, but we have cut down on red meat and added beans and tofu.

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  1. I guess my knowledge of beef needs some work. All I do is throw that puppy on the grill and listen to it seer. Never thought to look at it’s marble, or asked the butcher how old was the cow. Maybe they should start to mark the meat as “heritage” or “not heritage”? They can fit it in on the label next to “Organic” and “corn fed” and “75% lean” and …oh hell, just give me the package….

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  2. That really is a small cow. I’d much rather have light in the late afternoon than the morning. Who can I talk to about that?


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