Thinking too much is a slippery slope.

I brought a banana to work yesterday and, when I finished it, the peel was lying on my desk. For some reason I found myself staring at it, wondering whether that old TV trope about slipping on a banana peel had any accuracy. I thought about throwing it on the floor next to the break … Continue reading Thinking too much is a slippery slope.

David Byrne as a Metaphor for Life

There are few moments in life more surreal than signing a “Residential Offer to Purchase” on a home, but that’s exactly what Tara and I did on Thursday night. You know the Talking Heads song "Once in a Lifetime"? The one where David Byrne spouts lyrics like, And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did … Continue reading David Byrne as a Metaphor for Life

Will the Real David Crosby Please Stand Up?

RIP, David Crosby. In light of the legendary rock star's passing, I thought I'd repost this blog entry that was originally published on Sep. 17, 2014. I love that the original comments are still here. A couple of you might recognize yourselves! Last night, we saw Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Keller Auditorium in … Continue reading Will the Real David Crosby Please Stand Up?

O’er the Rampart we watch.

I was scrolling through Facebook today and somebody announced the birth of a new baby in the family. We are THRILLED to announce today's arrival of Baby X! she gushed enthusiastically. 7 lbs, 8 oz., 19 1/2 inches long. I think it's time to stop sharing a newborn's weight and height. Doesn't every single full-term … Continue reading O’er the Rampart we watch.

Came for the art, stayed for the acid trip.

When I first learned about the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit a couple of years ago, I was immediately intrigued. It's not that I have any particular affinity for the troubled painter (though I'm pretty sure I had a Starry Night print hanging in my living room in a former life), but I thought the combination … Continue reading Came for the art, stayed for the acid trip.

Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky.

Sometimes, southern Wisconsin really reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. It's been one week since we've had even a glimpse of the sun. That lone jellyfish cloud in a sea of blue sky last Thursday was the last time I spotted any sort of bright glowing orb (Christmas lights and lava lamps notwithstanding). Not only … Continue reading Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky.

How to Go Broke 99 Cents at a Time

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It was instrumental (pardon the pun) in bringing me and Tara together and, to a lesser extent, in driving a wedge between me and the ex. I liked Nirvana, she was into Destiny's Child. In retrospect, we were doomed from the start. At least I … Continue reading How to Go Broke 99 Cents at a Time

I’ve been dying to meat you, Jeff.

Tara and I recently watched the Dahmer special on Netflix. Jeffrey being from Milwaukee and all, we thought it would be a nice introduction to Wisconsin. Gulp. I don't have the heart to say this, but maybe we bit off more than we could chew. No bones about it, the man was evil personified. And … Continue reading I’ve been dying to meat you, Jeff.

Ain’t nothin’ bluish about this.

There's a scene in Singles — Cameron Crowe's 1992 under-appreciated grunge-era comedy masterpiece (and one of my favorite movies ever) — in which Steve (Campbell Scott) and Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) are awaiting the results of a home pregnancy test. If it's blue, they're expecting. If it's clear, they're not. After ten minutes, they examine the … Continue reading Ain’t nothin’ bluish about this.

Ricotta is the New Avocado

I came across an article in a cooking magazine recently that touted ricotta as the new avocado. I personally think there is nothing wrong with the "old" avocado - it's versatile, delicious, and healthy - but I'm also buds with ricotta and always down for a little variety, so I decided to buy some and … Continue reading Ricotta is the New Avocado