Effective Immediately

Last Friday at work, we got an email that stated, Effective immediately, Clark* is no longer a TobacCo employee. That just served to reinforce the notion that no good ever comes from an announcement that begins with the words “Effective Immediately.” Bad news always follows. Effective immediately, your cable bill is increasing by $7/month. Effective immediately, alcohol is … Continue reading Effective Immediately

I’m turning into Cliff Clavin.

The first couple of weeks at my new job were a little frustrating. I wasn't getting a ton of work assigned to me, which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't expected to religiously track time. Working for an agency whose bread and butter is client hours, TobacCo is all about the time clock. I … Continue reading I’m turning into Cliff Clavin.

This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Fall arrived right on time yesterday with cool temperatures and brisk winds. It was downright chilly most of the day — a welcome change after a hot summer (and new-to-us humidity courtesy of Wisconsin). There are plenty of signs that the new season is upon us already. I'm so excited to experience fall foliage in … Continue reading This Gray Goose doesn’t come in a bottle.

Juice pouch cocktails and magical lighted mushrooms.

Friday, mid-afternoon, a very large deposit in the high five figures hit our banking account. And just like that, our house was officially no longer our house. We happened to be on the 7th floor of the Graduate Hotel in Madison, at a really cool rooftop bar with an old-school summer camp vibe. The bartenders … Continue reading Juice pouch cocktails and magical lighted mushrooms.

Snipe Hunting in Wisconsin (Followed by Jell-O)

A few days ago, the TobacCo office manager stopped by my desk to announce that there would be a company ‘bags tournament’ on Thursday and asked if I was interested in participating. I had no idea what a bags tournament was and nearly responded with something witty, ala “paper or plastic?”, but she recognized the … Continue reading Snipe Hunting in Wisconsin (Followed by Jell-O)

Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Lemme tell you a little about this new job of mine... The biggest draw for me was the flexibility. I don't just mean the fact that it's a hybrid position (though that's great, too); TobacCo is real big on work/life balance, so they operate on core hours — certain times where everybody needs to be … Continue reading Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Saying Goodbye in Two Weeks vs. Eight Months

When Tara and I plotted our escape from the Pacific Northwest in 2018, we had a lot of time to prepare. About eight months from the moment we made that decision over mozzarella-wrapped fried pickles in a Rapid City pub one warm fall evening. So much time, we embarked upon a "PNW Farewell Tour," revisiting … Continue reading Saying Goodbye in Two Weeks vs. Eight Months

Reverse early-bird special.

Pro tip: if you're going to have a garage sale, don't post it 48 hours early. I made that mistake today. Not that I blame myself; we have a million and three things going on, and I'm trying to be as efficient as possible. Stayin' on top of shit. We're planning a big garage sale … Continue reading Reverse early-bird special.

Letting the cow out of the bag.

I’ve been keeping a little secret, but it’s time to let the cow out of the bag. I was in Madison, Wisconsin again last week. Just me; Tara stayed home. I left on Saturday morning, driving to Sibley, Iowa, where I spent the night. It was a charming little town. Quintessential Midwest. I chose Sibley … Continue reading Letting the cow out of the bag.

Zucchini can survive the apocalypse, so what’s a little hail?

I had a woman travel all the way from Nevada just to meet me this morning. The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time in my life that has happened. Hello, wife o’ mine! But it is the first time somebody has done so for professional reasons. And I may be playing fast and … Continue reading Zucchini can survive the apocalypse, so what’s a little hail?