Let’s hope for sunny skies ahead!

When we had that recent brush with tornadoes I might not have known exactly what to do, but I knew one thing we couldn't do: take shelter in the basement. Because it turns out we don't even have a basement. You may be confused given that I wrote about how most of the boxes we'd … Continue reading Let’s hope for sunny skies ahead!

The boy who cried tornado.

I accidentally invented an Indian/Mexican fusion dish Friday night. I blame it on a mild case of weather-related panic. As you'll recall, when last we talked–well, I talked; you just read–it was Friday afternoon and we were under a Tornado Watch. I wasn't really worried, despite the ominous sky and intense-looking line of storms the … Continue reading The boy who cried tornado.

Feng shui is exhausting.

Friday afternoon. I'm kicking back in my recliner, feet up, sipping a hard seltzer. I was going to take advantage of the first warm day of the year–it's 67º, guys!–by hanging out on the deck. I spent 15 minutes searching for folding camp chairs and a little side table, lugged them upstairs to the deck, … Continue reading Feng shui is exhausting.

French fries and free checking.

Friday afternoon, Tara and I stopped by our local credit union to open a new account. The receptionist had us take a seat while waiting for an available account representative and asked if she could get us anything, like water or coffee. "I'd love some French fries," I replied. My dear wife didn't even bat … Continue reading French fries and free checking.

This place is for the birds.

When you buy a house from a guy whose business card reads The Birdman, you kind of expect the backyard to reflect his passion. Sure 'nuff... I don't know if our property is an official Bird Sanctuary, but it oughta be. And then, not more than half an hour after walking through the yard and … Continue reading This place is for the birds.

That Voodoo That We Do

"You guys have the best cosmic energy of anyone I've ever met."Ashley J. First off, I'm glad those Voodoo lessons paid off. Tara thought it was a waste of money at the time, but I convinced her it could be a sound investment. Certainly better than crypto, amirite? What my friend was referring to, in … Continue reading That Voodoo That We Do

Deja U-

This morning felt uncannily like Sept. 1 all over again. There we were, parked in front of our apartment complex garage with a U-Haul truck, chatting up a forgetful octogenarian. The only difference? We were loading the truck instead of unloading it. Oh, and it was about 60 degrees colder. There's that David Byrne song … Continue reading Deja U-

Home, Sleet Home

I woke up this morning, rolled over, and tapped Tara on the shoulder. "Hey," I said. "Wanna buy a house today?" Turns out she was game. Two hours later, we were chatting with Justin the Realtor in our about-to-be-new-home for the final walk-through. Just one month and two days after our offer was accepted. It's … Continue reading Home, Sleet Home

If it’s Thursday, it must be snowing.

We've had a weird trend in southern Wisconsin this winter: it has snowed almost every Thursday. Thursday isn't the only day it has snowed — but it has been the most reliably snowy. This isn't just a subjective observation, either. The stats back it up. In 2023, it has snowed every Thursday but one. Add … Continue reading If it’s Thursday, it must be snowing.

I’d like a stamp, and make it a double!

There have been so many overhyped storms this winter, it was a shock when we ended up with more snow than predicted last weekend. How much? Close to 10" here in Fort Atkinson. A day or two earlier, they were predicting 1-2" tops. And this morning, the icing on the cake: -9°. The wind chill … Continue reading I’d like a stamp, and make it a double!