There’s No Place Like Hermosa for the Holidays

Every year, come mid-July or so, I begin yearning for the holidays something fierce. There's nothing like triple-digit heat to make one long for mistletoe and holly and egg nog and yule logs. OK, maybe not yule logs when it's 102º in the shade. But everything else! And yet, more often than not, Christmas feels … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Hermosa for the Holidays

Freezin’s Greetings

Now that almost everybody we have sent Christmas cards to this year has received theirs, I can finally share the photo with y'all. (Karri, close your eyes. Canada takes longer and we didn't get these out quite as early as planned.) Photo Christmas cards are a tradition dating back to childhood. Like, early-early childhood. My … Continue reading Freezin’s Greetings

When Potlucks Go Awry

It’s been an interesting week at CenturyCo, capped off with a visit by the fire department this morning. This is what happens when potlucks go awry. Could've been worse, though: at least our building didn’t burn down. The close call merely resulted in a smoke-filled office, blaring fire alarms, and a forced evacuation. You know, … Continue reading When Potlucks Go Awry

Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

Since a lot of you have been wondering (okay, maybe only three people asked), the lady-who-might-be-a-hoarder's check cleared the next morning. Whew! Not that getting stiffed out of $30 would have sent me to the poorhouse, but it was the principle of the matter. I half expected her to email me back saying the TV … Continue reading Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

Craigslist is Rarely Worth the Hassle

In 2006, the moment I separated from my ex-wife and moved into my swanky bachelor pad, I bought a brand new TV. Seriously, like, that day. She got the TV in the divorce, which was fine with me. I've always had an affinity for the latest and greatest; if it's shiny and new, sign me … Continue reading Craigslist is Rarely Worth the Hassle

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It's always a joy to find an unexpected flamingo from an anonymous sender in your mailbox! Actually, there were two — a veritable mini flock, if you will. This ornament and an ice cube tray. I can't wait to make cocktails with flamingo ice! Pretty sure I know who my not-so-secret Santa is in this … Continue reading Breaking Up is Hard to Do