Freezin’s Greetings

Now that almost everybody we have sent Christmas cards to this year has received theirs, I can finally share the photo with y’all. (Karri, close your eyes. Canada takes longer and we didn’t get these out quite as early as planned.)

Photo Christmas cards are a tradition dating back to childhood. Like, early-early childhood. My parents started sending them out when I was still in the womb, so by the time I was eight months old, I was a pro at the Christmas pose.

Coming up with the perfect photo is always tough. This year, I hit upon the idea of posing outside in the snow while dressed like it was summertime. Tara was game, and when a snowstorm in October dumped almost a foot on us, we took advantage by traipsing through shin-deep snow on a bitterly cold and windy Sunday morning. It was about 5º out, and that’s not even counting the wind chill. This was a spur-of-the-moment decision; we figured we’d have plenty of other opportunities, but it’s a good thing we did it that day because the weather turned warm and dry right after and we didn’t see another snowflake for seven weeks. It would have been too late to get cards ordered by then.

Insert inspirational quote about not procrastinating here.

Were we freezing our asses off and risking frostbite to our fingers and toes all in the name of a creative photo? Why, yes. Yes, we were. But the response from family and friends has been fantastic, which makes it all worthwhile.

However, we’ve decided we need to be more strategic in sending these out next year, because we always seem to run out of cards. Snapfish only lets you order in multiples of 20; 60 is just enough, but 80 is too many. So we’ll be making a list, checking it twice…and then deleting a bunch of people. Namely those who don’t send us cards in return. I don’t mean to come across as a Grinch; I know it’s better to give than to receive and all that jazz, but some people we have been sending cards to for almost 10 years have never once reciprocated, and that just doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t need a card from you every year, but if you’ve never made the effort, I’d rather redirect your card to somebody else. There are plenty of others we don’t give cards to whom we’d like to if we had more. It’s nothing personal; think of it as an attempt to become leaner and more efficient.

Two months in the corporate world is already rubbing off on me, ha.

By the way, I won one of three prizes in the office decorating contest. I always figured that was my best shot at fame and glory in our 14 Days of Quarantine event. And no, I didn’t do it for the money (see sappy previous entry about my work days being joyful and bright), but it is nice to receive that recognition.

Tomorrow’s my last day of work before the holidays. Tara’s, too. Since I won’t be posting again until after Christmas, hope the jolly fat man in the red suit brings you everything your heart desires!

15 thoughts on “Freezin’s Greetings

      1. Hmmm… this is not the first time I’ve made a suggestion that you’ve said was brilliant or an excellent idea. I think from now on I’m going to start charging you. Yeah, how about a monthly subscription for unlimited excellent ideas? I think I can install a payment button on WordPress… 😉

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  1. What a creative idea for your Christmas card. I know I have said this before but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hopefully 2021 will bring more peace and happiness to all of us. Love you guys.

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  2. LOVE the card, Mark. Stellar! And that’s something “I” would do because as you know, I LOVE the snow!

    Wishing you and Tara a VERY Merry Christmas!

    Have a faaaaaaaaaabulous day!

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  3. Our last photo card was in 2014. It was just too much stress to be creative after 24 years of them, plus kids are grown and gone (for the most part). But you know, I do enjoy receiving them, so we might have to get back in the saddle. But I am NOT wearing shorts in the snow.

    Merry Christmas, Mark!

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