Glorious Weekendtime, Very Nice

It’s amazing how quickly a four-day weekend flies by.

I’d planned on going for a hike on Thursday, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I figured I’d go on Friday instead, but again, it was too cold and overnight snow made the roads dicey. So I watched a bunch of The Haunting of Bly Manor and made a grocery store run and cooked Tara a couple of fancy dinners. I was especially proud of Friday night’s fried chicken. There are three secrets to making great fried chicken: a cast iron skillet, peanut oil, and constantly adjusting the temperature to ensure it remains between 300-325º for the 14 minutes it takes to cook each batch. Mine’s really good, but I rarely make it—it had been two years since my last time. I think the attention to detail intimidates me, but I need to get over that because it turned out excellent.

I also couldn’t help but stalk my former coworkers on Slack. My corporate account is still active, so I found myself checking in periodically, just to see what was going on. I also might have answered a couple of emails. Hey Jay, if you’re reading this, please deactivate my accounts! Otherwise, at this rate I might end up planning out the spring magazine issues.

Saturday morning we watched the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. I’m sure it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but goddamn, did we laugh our asses off. It made for glorious morningtime and was very nice. Later, I saw this meme…

…and it’s not inaccurate.

When the first movie came out in 2006, I thought it looked stupid AF and swore I wouldn’t waste a single brain cell on such drivel. But I ended up caving, because those were my early bachelorhood days and I had a Netflix DVD plan where I got three movies a week. Eventually, you run out of things to watch, and desperation seeps in. I ended up liking Borat so much I bought the DVD.

Guess I’m not as highbrow as I thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was determined to get out and hike at some point during the weekend, so even though it was snowing again on Saturday, I decided to go for it. Instead of driving somewhere, I just hiked up the ridge next to our house and along the Skyline Wilderness Trail. It’s a lovely hike anytime of the year, but especially so in the snow.

The snow fell pretty steadily the entire 2.5 hours I was out, but it started to really pick up during the last 10 minutes. I got home, took a nice hot shower, and we adjourned to the basement for cards, records, and cocktails. Our typical Saturday night ritual. Ordered Marco’s pizza and watched the Impractical Jokers movie before hitting the sack.

The storm got so bad, Pennington County recalled their snowplow fleet and issued a no-travel advisory. We woke up to this in the morning…

I don’t mean to brag, but yes, that is 10″ you’re seeing there.

Granted, we already had some snow on the ground from earlier in the week, but still…this was quite a lot! Considering it’s only October, this could end up being a long winter.

I’m outta practice, though. Instead of firing up the snowblower, I stupidly chose to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. I think I underestimated just how much snow there was. At least it was a great upper body workout.

It’s fortunate that the storm didn’t arrive one day later. I’ll be hitting the road tomorrow morning for the 55-mile drive to Wall for my four-hour orientation. I’m assuming the interstate will be fine, but just in case, I’ll give myself an extra half hour. If I’m too early, I can always grab coffee and a donut at Wall Drug.

Normally I have first-day jitters when it comes to new jobs, but this time I feel nothing but excited. Maybe because this is the third time I’m doing this in two years, ha…

I really need to settle down.

28 thoughts on “Glorious Weekendtime, Very Nice

  1. I remember laughing at the first Borat, so I think I may well be uplifted by the stupid humor of second Borat film as well 🙂
    Here in Indy, we do get snow in most Octobers, but I can’t recall getting 10″ in an October snow. That photo with the red leaves, tho — that’s a beauty!

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  2. I always love snow pictures… when they’re someone else’s and I don’t have to shovel.
    I’ve never seen the Borat movies, but I’m sure they’re chuckle worthy. Just ask Rudy Giuliani…

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  3. I don’t relish your 55-mile commute. That’ll be a change, huh? How long before you decide your fabulous home, which you love and adore, needs to be changed too? Hopefully not. This: basement for cards, records, and cocktails, sounds ideal. Best of luck with your new job! Have a great first day.
    P.S. Ah, Wall Drug…
    P.P.S. Still no Sydney. That’s three. I have my CM picture taken, just need a post for it. :/


  4. Mark, your photographs of the snow are AMAZING! I feel as though I’m looking at images from a place on the opposite side of the globe where they’re having a winter, while we’re having summer/spring.

    Not only can’t I get over the amount of snow you’ve gotten, but also the DEPTH. WOW!

    Wishing you a faaaaaabulous orientation day, my friend! And drive safely!

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    1. This is pretty unusual even for us. The drive across the prairie this morning was absolutely breathtaking! But winter isn’t here quite yet…it’s going to be in the 60s by Friday!


  5. That looks like a heavy, wet snow, which is a bitch to shovel! Oh, how I dread it. I did chuckle at your not to brag comment!

    I never watched any of the Borat business because I assumed it was all based on making fun of people, which just makes me feel bad. But I get why it’s funny to others.

    Coffee and a donut at Wall Drug sounds like fun. I’m digging into the internet archives and watching MTV Road Rules episodes when it started in 1995. The first season, they stopped in at the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, and Mt. Rushmore. It was fun to see.

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    1. You’re not wrong about the movies, but to be fair, the people being made fun of deserve it. At least in my opinion. Others are sure to disagree!

      Fortunately, the snow wasn’t too heavy. But there was so much of it, shoveling was a real chore. I’m still sore a day and a half later.

      I remember Road Rules! Man, I’d love to see that episode. I may have to search for it.


  6. You often put shows and movies on my radar Mark. “The Haunting of Bly Manor” is one of them, although possibly too scary. I have not used peanut oil for awhile. Also, a good reminder. I am embarrassed to admit how Borat makes me belly laugh. I saw him and his so-called daughter on Jimmy Kimmel (my guilty pleasure) recently. Hilarious! Very pretty snow photos. The red against the white, a great effect. Excitement for a new job is a good thing!

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  7. I never saw the first Borat movie. It had nothing to do with being highbrow, it just never seemed to be on when I was ready to watch it. Now I’m thinking I’ve missed another trend. Like this is a surprise? Nope.

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  8. Tell your old boss that if he doesn’t deactivate your account you’re going to send him a bill for all the work you are (not supposed to be) doing. Ha!

    That’s simply too much snow for October.

    I’m sure we’ll laugh our butts off at that movie. Borat. Ali G. Totally irreverent but very funny.

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