Selling Out and it Feels so Good

How very weird, relaxing on my recliner, sipping coffee and watching the snow fall outside when every fiber of my being screams, you should be at work!

Also weird: how completely relaxed and stress-free I feel at the moment. For weeks, I’ve been waking up around 4 a.m., my brain immediately kicking into high gear as I started thinking about the million things that needed to be done that day. With two people leaving (one for greener pastures, the other for England—which I suppose also counts as greener pastures in the literal sense—where he’s working very remotely), a lot of stuff had fallen onto my plate. Like, pretty much planning out an entire magazine issue. Kind of a bummer that I left before it went to print, but I plan to stop by Ye Olde Publishing Company in December and pick up a few copies for posterity. Same goes for the regional health magazine I was so heavily involved in these past couple of months.

It’s also hard to stop thinking about these projects as mine anymore. They are officially theirs. This may take a few days.

As far as last days go, mine was pretty low-key. Most of it was spent tying up loose ends and looping Ashley in to the few projects I still had in limbo. There was no parade and nary a single fireworks display. Also, really no acknowledgment whatsoever, until the last 15 minutes. I was beginning to think word hadn’t gotten out, which would have meant a really awkward exit. In the end, we gathered in the kitchen for a send-off with beers. Jay got me my favorite sours. I’m not big on lavish displays anyway, so this was fine with me. My boss wished me “good luck in corporate America,” and there might have been a touch of cynicism—if not outright derision—in his words. Hey, once upon a time I was idealistic and thumbed my nose at corporate America, too. But you know what? I am super looking forward to embracing a return to C.A. now! I have missed the structure more than I ever imagined I would. Simply having HR and IT departments again feels like a novelty. Small companies have their charms too, but I’ll trade those for a 401(k) plan and a pension and paid personal leave and sick time and nine holidays a year, thankyouverymuch. If that makes me a sellout, so be it! Even Led Zeppelin licensed a song to Cadillac. If Page and Plant aren’t losing any sleep over that, neither will I.

I mean, it’s still a little bittersweet. I’m very thankful for the opportunity; I’ve never worked in such a fun place before. I got to explore the Black Hills and was paid to go hiking. I participated in some great events, and best of all, got to write a bunch of stories I’m really proud of. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic or sentimental, I’d like to think I left my mark there and my legacy will persevere. But now I’m ready for bigger and better things!

Err…as soon as they delete my company Gmail account, because I still found myself responding to an email this morning even though I’m no longer an employee.

Hey, that just shows you my dedication!

Because today is cold, blustery, and snowy, I decided to take a rare day off from doing anything and vowed to spend my day kicking back beneath a blanket and watching The Haunting of Bly Manor. So far, so good. I’m making Italian wedding soup later and pouring myself some wine. Gotta admit, this beats the hell out of going to work.

We’re spending a lot more time in the basement these days. Tara rearranged things, a project that included plugging in another eight lava lamps (we might have an obsession), and I bought a TV to replace the 14 y/o behemoth that had been down there. Plus, that’s where our fireplace is. The basement is the coziest room in the house, so why not?

Tara doubted my ability to sit still for a whole day, so this is kind of a test. I see where she’s coming from; I tend to be very restless and like to be doing things. I’d originally planned to go hiking today, but the weather isn’t cooperating so I’ll head out on Friday instead. Today is all about relaxation. And you know what? I’m kinda digging it.

We were thinking of heading to Sheridan, Wyoming for a weekend getaway, but there’s a winter storm barreling down on the Northern Plains so we decided it was best to stay put. The worst of it may pass to the north, but it’s still going to be cold and snowy, and I don’t want to chance getting stuck somewhere and missing out on orientation Monday morning.

24 thoughts on “Selling Out and it Feels so Good

    1. It’s orange, actually (because that’s my favorite color). I have a “thing” for VW Buses and it’s my dream to own one someday. Type 2, late ’60s, split window, to be exact. My MIL gifted me that because it’s probably the closest I’ll ever actually come!

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  1. My spouse left a law firm to work in Corporate America 27 years ago. Best decision ever for all the reasons you stated. It was 74 degrees today so I got out there and did some serious walking. Just happened to hear that Haunting of Bly Manor mentioned on a podcast! Freaky!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I feel like I unfairly maligned corporate America for years, but I have now seen the light…and I’m running toward it!

      I really liked “The Haunting of Hill House” two years ago. This one (so far) is every bit as good. A little less scary but a better plot overall.


  2. What a great day!
    And two posts, no Sydney. Now I know you know I don’t get to read every post, but come on. Okay, okay, I have yet to post something and show my Chex Mix bowl, but the fact that I’m reading YOUR blog instead of posting something on my own shows real dedication here. I want that to be noted for posterity.

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    1. Uh-oh. Now you’re keeping track of the posts that don’t feature a photo of Sydney? I’m doomed.

      However, your commitment to prioritizing my blog over Chex Mix is duly noted for posterity, as requested!

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  3. I hear ya’ Mark, because I too have work jobs that were both CA and smaller, privately owned business and there are definitely pros and cons to each.

    Your basement looks soooooooooooo cozy and comfy; particularly at this time of year when you’re experiencing SNOW already. And as you know, I’m sooooooooooooo envious. Yesterday the temps here almost reached 80 degrees. I actually had to put my A/C last night to sleep!

    The best to you in your orientation on Monday, my friend!

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  4. I think I missed a post. How did the C.A. job come about? You can just direct me to the post where you told us about it, if there is one, so you don’t have to rehash it. Thanks and congratulations!


  5. Recliner, coffee, snow outside, no work, spells out ‘heaven.’ You obviously deserve this break, Mark, before the excitement of a new job. I get it on the smaller companies versus larger companies. If I could live my life over again……..Your winter socks seal the deal for me. A good decision. Thanks for the update.


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