Surviving Death by Misadventure

Apparently, my last post alarmed some of you. Specifically the part about cracking open the garage door a few inches while running my car when it's cold out. Rightfully so, it turns out. I'd been under the false notion that this was enough to disperse any dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. Even Tara, who used … Continue reading Surviving Death by Misadventure

Better Than Adequate

My boss gave me a nice compliment today. "You're a solid writer," she said. "And you make things interesting/entertaining." I was touched, and thanked her profusely. But then I began to wonder just how complimentary the word solid actually is. It's better than adequate, to be sure, but not quite on par with fantastic. This … Continue reading Better Than Adequate

There’s Gnome Place Like Home

Hard to believe there's just one week left in January, huh? February may not have much going for it, unless you're into groundhogs or candy hearts. It's also Girl Scout Cookie season, so at least we have Thin Mints to look forward to. Like everybody else on the planet, I got sucked into all the … Continue reading There’s Gnome Place Like Home

The Day Chinook Winds Blew Spearfish, South Dakota Into the Record Books

78 years ago today, Spearfish, South Dakota set a world record for temperature swings—one that stands to this day. Black Hills residents are no strangers to extreme weather, but the events of January 22, 1943 took even the most seasoned veterans by surprise. The Black Hills are often referred to as the “Banana Belt of … Continue reading The Day Chinook Winds Blew Spearfish, South Dakota Into the Record Books

Grilling a Trucker

Last week, Tara and I went out to dinner with her boss, Jennifer, and Jennifer's fiancee, Robert. When I learned that he is a long-haul truck driver, I was thrilled. I am so curious about truck drivers and their lifestyle, I could chat with them for hours! I've long had a love/hate relationship with truckers. … Continue reading Grilling a Trucker

Burn, Beetle, Burn…Again!

When last we I spoke, I mentioned a wind storm that was bearing down on us. Turned out to be every bit as wild as predicted. The winds arrived Wednesday evening and blew nonstop for almost 48 hours. Sustained winds between 50-60 mph with gusts to 81 mph in Rapid City. That's equivalent to a … Continue reading Burn, Beetle, Burn…Again!

Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Thanks to COVID, virtual team meetings are a regular part of my workday routine. During a typical week, I have 8-10 Microsoft Teams calls. I don't mind them, because my office is pretty cozy. It's got all the creature comforts one might hope for: lava lamp, electric foot massager, mini fridge, drawer full of snacks. … Continue reading Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Gray & White

Hungry for adventure, I pointed my car east on Saturday. The sky was bruised and swollen, like America last week. My destination? The Badlands. Tara had to go into work for a few hours and had chores to do after, so it was just me. Quite literally; I had the entire 242,756 acres practically to … Continue reading Gray & White

Coupscrolling on Twitter

On the same day that Twitter suspended Trump for 12 hours, I logged on for the first time in months. Feels kind of ironic. I've had a Twitter account forever, but rarely use it. You wouldn't know this if you looked at my Tweet count (1,389), but that's only because I set up automatic blog … Continue reading Coupscrolling on Twitter

Thank God It’s Monday

I don’t usually dread the start of a new work week, but when 5:10 rolled around this morning, I cursed. Silently, of course. I didn’t want to wake Tara! Mondays are never great, per se, but they’re a lot less great when they follow on the heels of back-to-back long weekends. Crawling out of bed … Continue reading Thank God It’s Monday