Put it in D

When I turned 18, I registered to vote as a Republican. Not because of any deeply ingrained political leanings; I knew very little about politics back then. My parents were Republicans, and so was Alex P. Keaton. That was good enough for me.

I cast my first-ever vote for president for George H.W. Bush. Senior, I should point out—the thousand-points-of-light, skydiving-octogenarian, not the bumbling idiot of a son. Four years later, I had come to realize my political ideology aligned with the Democratic party and Clinton got my vote. I’ve been proudly liberal ever since.

By the way, boy howdy do I miss that bumbling idiot of a son. At least we didn’t have to worry about the very fabric of democracy being torn asunder. Those were the days, huh?

I don’t shove my politics down anybody’s throat. You won’t change my mind, I won’t change yours, and arguing about it only infuriates us both. It’s also why I’d never bother putting a bumper sticker like this on my car, though I personally know somebody who did. And it kind of made me love him a little, in a very manly, brotherly sort of way.

Was it hard not to roll down my window and shout something obscene at the assembly of Trump supporters waving flags and spewing their offensive bullshit rhetoric I passed on the drive home this evening? Not gonna lie: yeah. And Tara absolutely would have. But let ’em have their views, however misguided. I know they’d say the same about me.

Ain’t America great?

On a lighter note, it reached 78º this afternoon. Whaat?!

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

18 thoughts on “Put it in D

  1. I’m with Tara. Spent the weekend flipping off every Trump gathering I drove by, along with the idiots who want to recall our governor.

    Spent today providing backup on various siblings’ FB pages when they battled Trumpers. Not to change minds, but to make them realize that they can’t assume other white people are also racist.

    Being politely silent is also being complicit.

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    1. Today while driving past the Trump store, I wanted to roll down my window and shout, “Almost time to board up shop, assholes!”…

      …but there was nobody out there.

      Methinks they sense the end is near.

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  2. Proud Independent thinker here. I felt vindicated recently by a scholarly article that said that those who don’t identify with either party have more empathy and compassion for others. Go Me!

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    1. I like to think of myself as independent, but really, that’s only in theory. I pretty much always end up voting a straight party ticket, even though I do look at every candidate closely. I just never end up liking any of the others.

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  3. I feel your angst. We also live in a red state with a moronic governor. We also have a few friends and family members who prefer to put it in R. While we cannot comprehend their logic, it is what they choose. Our own emotions are in turmoil, our pride and optimism in the America we grew up in is fading. I understand clearly our position of white privilege, but what ever happened to empathy. WTF indeed.

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  4. Yeah, that bumbling idiot is certainly less scary than Trump. … Also the protest music from his presidency was 100x better.

    I, too, had to put in a lot of effort to not yell at a Trump rally I drove past. A driver in front of me flipped them off, so the driver behind him thought he was flipping them off and…yup.

    Fun times.

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