Lost in the shuffle of all this who’s-our-next-president? uncertainty today (though it seems pretty clear to me) is the fact that South Dakota, which went to Trump with 59% of the vote, actually passed ballot measures legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana. Though I voted for both, I didn’t really believe they would pass in this blood-red state. Just a year ago, our wacky governor cracked down on hemp sales, for crying out loud.

The people have spoken, as they are doing all across the country. At this rate, the number of states where pot is legal will soon outnumber those where it is not as the decriminalization dice continue to topple.

It’s high time. Pun intended.

Speaking of, while brainstorming for ad headlines today, I warned my boss that I’m a big fan of puns and wordplay. She encouraged my creativity while warning me that edginess may be a tough sell for certain campaigns. Turns out if we’re passing along cable TV rate increases, we can’t really joke about it. Feature stories about miniature cattle, on the other hand? Nobody will have a cow about humorous email subject lines there!

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

13 thoughts on “264

  1. Perhaps everyone in SD has been so illegally high for so long they really have no clue who they voted for. At least they got the cannabis issue resolved. Next comes falling in line behind Oregon…

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      1. Ah, but are you challenging the misogyny of other white men while you enjoy the benefits of being white, male, and educated?

        Considering the local demographics, you could be an excellent sleeper cell for the destruction of the patriarchy. 🙂

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  2. Yeah, joking about rate hikes probably wouldn’t sit well with me either. I’m not as bad as the husband though. He gets quite down about our winters here in MN and he absolutely hates it when the forecasters laughing joke about how cold/snowy it’s been. To him, it’s not a joking matter and is certainly nothing to laugh about!

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