We’ll Be Saving Our Road Trips for Months Not Ending in -uary.

Well, we made it to Buffalo and back safe and sound. But we almost didn’t. And by the way, Google Maps, that’s Buffalo, Wyoming. Not New York. It does not take 21 hours to travel 210 miles…though for a while there, I thought it might.

Before we set out on our trip, I was worried about an impending snowstorm that might affect our drive home on Sunday. I didn’t give Friday’s weather a second thought. Partly cloudy, 20% chance of scattered rain showers in the afternoon? No problem.

Until the rain turned to snow a couple of hours before we set out. And the snow turned to ice. By the time we crossed the Wyoming state line, it was so slick we kept our speed around 50 mph on the interstate…way below the 80-mph speed limit.

Suffice it to say, not a fun drive. The roads got better west of Sundance, but it was still dark, with occasional snow and fog. By the time we pulled into Buffalo a little after 10:00, we looked at one another and said, “Let’s save these road trips for months that don’t end in –uary.”

The way it is around here, even months ending in –arch and –pril are iffy.

But, Saturday was perfectly lovely. Our motel was just two blocks from the very charming downtown.

After grabbing breakfast at Busy Bee Cafe, we headed for the southern Bighorns. As bad as the interstate had been the evening before, we were a little leery about driving over the mountains, but conditions were fine. It was a beautiful, warm day and the scenery was fantastic.

We drove clear to Worland on the other side of the Bighorns. Stopped in a vintage store where Tara found a midcentury modern starburst clock in great condition. Score!

Then we backtracked to Ten Sleep Brewing Company—hands down the most scenic brewery I’ve ever visited. They didn’t have any sours on tap and I’m not a beer fan otherwise, but we stopped nonetheless. Wouldn’t you?

I got a red beer and Tara enjoyed a golden ale and an outlaw amber.

Back over the mountains we headed. Got back to Buffalo late afternoon and walked down to the saloon in the Occidental Hotel, where we parked ourselves for the next 5+ hours. Really cool place that dates back to 1908, and it’s filled with the usual Old West decor: lots of mounted animal heads and other paraphernalia. Supposedly, there are still bullet holes in the ceiling from the rough ‘n tumble outlaws who liked their whiskey cold and their women hot.

A few Old Fashioneds and Bud Lights and some decent grub later, there was live entertainment. A local duo played mostly country music, but put their own spin on a few rock ‘n roll classics. Like this little ditty from Prince.

Five years ago, if you had told me I’d be sitting in a historic saloon in small town Wyoming, watching men in cowboy hats twirl their partners around the floor while a country duo played Brooks & Dunn, I’d have called you crazy. Yet, this really is my life now.

And I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

We ended up basically closing the place down…though, this being a small town in Wyoming in a month ending in -uary, that meant 9:30 on a Saturday night.

After all the hoopla over the impending storm, our drive home on Sunday was a nonevent. Partly cloudy and low 50s.

This morning is another story. It’s currently windy, snowy, and -3º. Tara’s got the day off and I decided to join her since I had a floating holiday I had to use up before the end of March. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to venture outside in this.

Then again, tomorrow’s going to be even colder and even snowier. I’ll have no choice then.

Whatever. That’s a tomorrow problem. We’ve got a fire to build in the basement and a movie or two to watch!

37 thoughts on “We’ll Be Saving Our Road Trips for Months Not Ending in -uary.

  1. A fire in the basement and movies to watch sounds so relaxing. Glad you made your trip without too much trouble. Everything else about it sounded great except the country music. Watching people dance would be kinda fun, though. Speaking of country music, you could’ve given me a heads up about the new EV album. Somewhere in the middle, I was like, “WTH is this? Tell me it’s an extended YouTube ad.” Then I heard Ed’s voice. Shudder. I muscled through that one, but, youch.

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    1. Country music isn’t so bad if you’ve had a few drinks. Yeah, I said it. Re: “Earthling” – I guess every song can’t be “Yellow Ledbetter.” Oh, btw, got my tattoo. I did not wear it in the cowboy bar…but maybe I should have!

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      1. I would NEED a few drinks if I had to listen to country music. I actually can find it tolerable at times. I happened upon what must’ve been a rare country music night at my favorite sours place. I would still go back in a heartbeat, though. That place is the best.

        The tattoo should be a great conversation starter wherever you wear it.

        Guess what song just started playing? Hungry Like the Wolf. I realized later, Why didn’t your street name make me think of the title track from that album?! Duh! Whatever. This song is way better.

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  2. Buffalo, NY from what I’ve seen is meh. Compared to your Midwestern Buffalo, I know which one I’d like to visit

    I’ve never had an Old Fashioned yet I keep reading about them… If not now, when? Maybe I’ll venture into a bar one of these days.

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    1. You should definitely try an Old Fashioned! It’a always nice to break out of your comfort zone.

      I’ve never been to upstate New York, but I’m pretty sure the midwestern Buffalo is my favorite between the two, as well.

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  3. Clearly sheep are big in the area what with the monument to herding almost in the middle of the street! The only thing I remember about Wyoming was a KOA campground in Jackson Hole because it had a pool and we stayed swimming all during a thunder/lightning storm.

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  4. I am not a C&W fan, but I have to admit to a growing fondness for a bit of Bluegrass. I experienced an evening like that many many moons ago during a stay in a (very) small town in Connecticut – once I relaxed into the pace of the place, I really rather enjoyed it.

    Glad you avoided bad return weather – the stuff on the way out sounds bad enough. We’ve been having an unexpected dose of the rotten stuff over here. No snow or ice, but oh my the high winds.

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    1. One of our favorite indie bands based in the PNW dabbles in bluegrass. I think that’s the key: dabbling is fine. Full-on, not so much!

      We never did end up with much snow, but those winds are another story. Our wind chills this morning are -35. Not pleasant.


    1. Hi, Janis. Ally did a great job playing matchmaker on her last post. I appreciate you stopping by and will check out your blog, too. It would have taken a few more Old Fashioneds to get me out on that dance floor! Only because I am rhythmically challenged (to borrow from your blog name).

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  5. A tomorrow problem. I love that and will use it in the future. Maybe tomorrow.

    Your drive up sounds so stressful to me; ice on the roads scares the bejesus out of me

    Hey, you went to The Busy Bee Cafe? 🙂

    The sights are gorgeous and I enjoyed the country version of Purple Rain!

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  6. Love the adventures of the trip, although I’m pathologically afraid of the ice. The places you stopped were so interesting. I’ve only been to Jackson, Wyoming which was a cool town. The scenery was spectacular, but it wasn’t winter! I’m not a fan of country; I like bluegrass though. Red and amber ales are my favorites when I’m out. 🙂 Beer on tap is the best! I dropped by from Ally’s by the way.

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    1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jackson but have never been myself. One of these days we’ll have to make it over there. Hopefully an ice-free day!

      Thank you for stopping by! Ally’s awesome.


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