Life Would Be Simpler if Bricks Were Like LEGOs

I was listening to the radio on the way to work and the morning show hosts were talking with a caller who happened to be a bricklayer. And I thought, what a ridiculously easy job that must be. I’ve been able to stack since I was two years old.

But I realized there was probably more to it than that. I’m sure there are people who say writing is easy, but then they go dangling participles and using inappropriate apostrophe’s and talk about how something “peaks there interest,” to.

So, I looked up bricklaying. It’s harder than it seems. Did you know it’s possible to lay a brick upside down? I didn’t realize bricks had a top and bottom. Bricks are heavy and it’s dirty, sweaty work. You have to mix the mortar to the right consistency with the perfect proportions of cement, lime, sand, and water. Then you have to lay out the wall line, spread mortar and lay bricks, form the floor slab, frame the wall, sheath it, apply a moisture barrier, then attach brick ties to the whole assembly.

Good hell. I take it back. I have newfound respect for masons. You deserve your lodges and funny hats, because bricklaying is hard. Nothing at all like playing with LEGOs, as I’d assumed.

Come to speak of it…why doesn’t somebody invent LEGO bricks?! That would reduce 80% of the work in one fell swoop.

Me and my million-dollar ideas…

How ‘bout that Super Bowl?

The game was good. I wanted the Bengals to win, but I’m not heartbroken that the Rams did. Matthew Stafford was deserving of a ring, and all of Broncos country is happy that Von Miller got a second. All in all, it was a pretty satisfying conclusion.

The halftime show? Meh. I wasn’t a fan, and I realize that’s a controversial opinion. So many people have been raving about it. Music is subjective, and though I grew up with those artists too, I never cared for them. It’s nothing personal; hip-hop and rap just aren’t my jams. I’m a rock ‘n roller at heart. But, I’m glad doors were opened and barriers broken.

Besides, nobody will ever top Prince.

All the crypto commercials were pretty timely given my recent foray into that world. But my favorite was probably this one. It isn’t the funniest or cleverest and doesn’t hawk a product I have or want.

But it features Zach Braff and Donald Faison, and I’m a huge Scrubs fan. I love everything about it: the humor, the fantasy sequences, J.D.’s self-deprecating goofiness.

I watched Scrubs religiously during its original run and have been rewatching the entire series this winter. It’s usually too cold to walk outside this time of year, so I hop on the treadmill, fire up my tablet, and watch it on Hulu. I usually get through two and a half episodes every morning, so I’m already midway through season six. There are nine total, so I’ll surely finish by the time spring rolls around and I start walking outdoors again. Then, it’ll be back to podcasts.

Speaking of, I hear Zach and Donald have their own podcast together…

We’d been considering a getaway to Fort Collins this weekend. The Rocky Mountains are beautiful, but the main draw is Trader Joe’s. As it turns out, our freezer is well-stocked with our TJ’s faves. We have enough Chili Lime Chicken Burgers and Steel Cut Oatmeal and Pork & Ginger Soup Dumplings and Everything Seasoning to last us through the Apocalypse.

Instead, we’ve decided on a trip to Buffalo, Wyoming. Population: 4,578.

You’re jealous, aren’t ya?

Hey, it’ll be fun. We can explore the southern Bighorns. Our trip to Sheridan and the northern Bighorns in 2020 was a blast.

Besides, all we need for a good time is a decent dive bar. Buffalo has a few of those.

And it’s three hours away, instead of the five it would take us to reach Fort Collins. Every minute counts because we will be playing a rousing game of BEAT THE CLOCK. There’s a big storm that will be moving in sometime on Sunday, with snow and arctic cold. Check out the forecast!

We’re heading out Friday after work and will return Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, just ahead of the incoming storm. That is not something I want to get caught in. We’ll be watching the forecast carefully in the event that anything changes. And, yeah…I did a double-take this morning when I saw those temperatures.

It hasn’t been a particularly cold winter and we are way under on snowfall. With persistent drought conditions, we desperately need the moisture, so the potential for a decent storm is welcome news.

Even if it does mean it’ll be cold AF.

31 thoughts on “Life Would Be Simpler if Bricks Were Like LEGOs

  1. First! Man, I am ON IT today!
    So with you on Scrubs and that commercial. Zach looks so old, though, and that kinda made me sad. 😦
    Halftime show also not my jam, but you already knew that.
    Have a fun, safe trip! I hope you find the diviest dive bar around!

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    1. Considering the show has been off the air for 12 years, I guess that’s not really surprising. But Donald still looks pretty much the same!

      Have you listened to Eddie Vedder’s new solo album, “Earthling,” yet?


  2. I was wondering why we didn’t make homes in other countries using a kind of Lego brick technology. It seems we could recycle plastic and other material to make some bricks that could easily go together. It would be better than sheet metal….but then someone told me they are already doing this. Not sure if it is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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  3. Yes, I am jealous. You’re traveling, I’m not. Enough said.
    Half time show? Not my kind of music either but fair is fair. Prince? #1. Runners up? U2 after 9/11, powerful stuff. Bruno Mars. Gaga.
    I never watched Scrubs, but I liked the e trade baby commercial, as well as Larry David’s.

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  4. I’ve been trying to think of something funny about being stuck frozen to the prairie in WY but nothing really comes to mind. I am sort of imagining you and Tara in your car, trying desperately to outrun a blizzard though while the windows slowly freeze over… Maybe pack an extra blanket or two just in case

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  5. Hi Mark, Your post takes me back to many years ago, reading historical fiction and all of the effort building churches with bricks. I am now learning more about bricklaying in your post than I have known in my entire lifetime. Yes, “it’s harder than it seems.” Like you say, a “newfound respect.”

    I have never watched “Scrubs” and this series is now on my list. It sounds like you are heading on an adventure this weekend. The photos you share on Instagram are breathtaking and I look forward to seeing more. Safe travels and have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved SCRUBS. Except for the last season, which we will pretend never happened.

    We had a 15 minute downpour here…and snow in Pasadena. But now it’s gone and it’ll probably be hot and dry again. I envy you your cold weather (but not walking inside).

    I look forward to winter pictures!!

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    1. Totally agree about Season 9! I never watched it. Heard it was supposed to be a spinoff, but the network insisted on still calling it “Scrubs.” No. We all know the series really ended the year before. It was the perfect way to bow out.

      And…snow in Pasadena?!

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  7. I watched some of Scrubs when it first aired. I didn’t love it or hate it. I watched the halftime show and felt the same way. Well-paced, decent sets, but not my preferred musical genres. Enjoy your weekend away.

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  8. I was okay with the halftime show and thought the set was actually fabulous. Much better than the usual giant stage. Not my generation’s music, but I knew most of the songs. You were correct on Prince!

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  9. You’ll not catch me wanting to lay bricks; looks way too physical.
    Halftime? Meh. I love Mary J. But didn’t love the show overall. Prince? He was one of a kind.
    I hope your trip was good and you beat the storm!

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  10. Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend in Buffalo, with all its amusements.

    Unlike you, I found playing with Legos rather challenging – I couldn’t make anything I was pleased with (thank goodness for later generation Lego sets which were more like Playmobils … but even then).

    But no, I didn’t realise bricks were so complicated, much less bricklaying. Respect respect!

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