Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a winter hike. It might look cold, but the temperature was actually about 50º. Little Elk Creek has become one of our favorite go-to hikes because the trail is mostly level with a gradual incline and the canyon is sheltered from the wind. It was a little slippery due … Continue reading Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

I joined Nextdoor a few years ago, and by and large, I find it pretty informative...especially when it comes to things like recommendations for contractors. Want to find a plumber or electrician? Who better to ask than your literal neighbors. They're also good at keeping you in the loop about things like porch pirates, suspicious … Continue reading The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

Shirley, She Can’t Be Serious

We have a built-in shelving unit in the basement that Doris must have installed ages ago. Not sure what she used it for, but we keep our DVD collection there. Yes, we still have a DVD collection. Yesterday, Tara and I were browsing the St. Joes Antique Mall. It's 21,000 square feet of vintage-y goodness … Continue reading Shirley, She Can’t Be Serious

If You Like Piña Coladas

I scored a victory today. Felt kind of like a senator who’d sponsored a bill and watched it pass into law. It’s a euphoric feeling. And exactly how I felt last year when I convinced my supervisor, a former journalist, to embrace the Oxford comma, AP style be damned. I about fell out of my … Continue reading If You Like Piña Coladas

Hiding in Plain White

I read a news article recently in which Pope Francis lamented the fact that he can no longer walk around the streets of Rome unnoticed like he used to. Just the other night, a paparazzi snapped a photo of His Holiness leaving a record store. Well, duh. The guy is dressed from head to toe … Continue reading Hiding in Plain White

Business As Usual Minus the Kissing

We continue to plug along here in Casa Corona. Tara is feeling much better and her symptoms are mostly gone, though she did end up (mostly) losing her sense of taste and smell. She feels that might be due more to the congestion than anything else. It's a less common symptom with Omicron but not … Continue reading Business As Usual Minus the Kissing

Those Old Knives Just Weren’t Cutting It

Nothing says you're a grownup more than shelling out $250 for a set of really good kitchen knives. Either a grownup or a serial killer, I suppose. Recent Dexter: New Blood binge aside, we bought the knives last weekend for slicing, dicing, and chopping up vegetables–not body parts (though honestly, these bad boys are so … Continue reading Those Old Knives Just Weren’t Cutting It

What Happens in Cedar Rapids Should Really Stay in Cedar Rapids

Earlier this week, I interviewed a business owner for an upcoming feature. I’d lamented to Tara that morning that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the story because it didn’t sound all that exciting. The guy owns a computer sales and repair shop in a small South Dakota town. Yawn, right? Topping it off, this … Continue reading What Happens in Cedar Rapids Should Really Stay in Cedar Rapids

Powdered Sugar Landscape

Today was 39 degrees warmer than yesterday. Welcome to the Great Plains rollercoaster! This week it's going to be as warm as 45º and as cold as -10º. Probably within a 48-hour span. If variety is the spice of life, we're what you would call aggressively seasoned. We decided to take advantage of our heatwave … Continue reading Powdered Sugar Landscape