Powdered Sugar Landscape

Today was 39 degrees warmer than yesterday. Welcome to the Great Plains rollercoaster! This week it’s going to be as warm as 45º and as cold as -10º. Probably within a 48-hour span. If variety is the spice of life, we’re what you would call aggressively seasoned.

We decided to take advantage of our heatwave by going for a drive through the Badlands. We hadn’t been there in quite awhile.

Kinda looked like a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats if you ask me.

OK, I promise to keep these posts as brief as possible, so here’s today’s Bloganuary prompt.

What is a road trip you would love to take?

Well, now you’re speaking my language! Road trips are in my blood…and Tara’s, too. Which proved fortunate when we were dating long distance. Last year we drove to Ohio and Omaha and even a couple of places that didn’t begin with an O, like Colorado. Naturally, we’ve got a few trips planned in 2022.

The PNW will be one of them, but that’s a case of been there, done that. We’re most excited about a trip we’ve got planned through the Upper Midwest next October. On our way back from Ohio last year, we were really impressed with Wisconsin and Minnesota, but didn’t have a lot of time to explore either state. The plan is to sketch out an itinerary taking us deep into both states, plus Michigan. If we time it just right, we might even get to see some great fall foliage.

How about you? If you were loading up the car for a road trip, where would you go?

17 thoughts on “Powdered Sugar Landscape

  1. I’d go to the East Coast in the fall. And follow the changing leaves from Maine to the Smoky Mountains.

    Road trips have lost their charm for me, mostly. More than a few hours in the car requires a hot tub and a yoga session.

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      1. I’d recommend spending some time anywhere in the Applachians EXCEPT possibly for Ohio so as to avoid J.D. Vance and his ilk. Otherwise, besides the majestic mountain views i.e. of the Great Smoky Mountains, the people who grew up in and/or live in the area are usually really great. This opinion is based on my personal experiences living in East TN.

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  2. Aggressively seasoned. Goodness-your weather IS crazy.

    Road trips for us are very different because it takes us FIVE hours just to depart our state and then, you have limited choices.
    I suppose if we could do an in-state trip again, I’d love to venture down to the keys as I’ve only been there three times in my life, which is sad since I’ve lived in Florida MOST of my life

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    1. I guess being surrounded by so much water does limit your options a bit! I lived in Hawaii as a youth. Our road trips were either drives around Oahu (took half a day) or flights to the other islands.


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