Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

It’s nice that the sun is coming up a little earlier now and setting later. It makes for some scenic evening commutes.

Not so nice? Driving over a curb when turning into the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop because you’re temporarily blinded by the rising sun.

I wanted a jolt, but the kind that comes from caffeine…not your front-end suspension being dragged over a slab of concrete. Or your heart leaping into your chest because you weren’t expecting to find yourself suddenly airborne.

Thankfully, I didn’t spill my latte. But that’s only because I hadn’t ordered my latte yet.

Ever since I first expressed an interest in investing in Bitcoin, its value has gone up. Check this out.

It’s already worth $7,000 more than when I started obsessing over following it. Just a week later and the what-ifs are already starting to pile up. I’m mentally spending cash I never even earned. Virtual cash, no less.

Don’t worry, I’m not pulling the trigger. I know tomorrow it could be worth $18,000. Or $71,000. I have no investment experience whatsoever…and speculative investing is really risky.

Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to give it a try. But today is not that day.

For a little while, it looked like I was going to have to travel clear across the state to attend a bull auction on February 17.

Thankfully, I dodged that bullet.

Instead, I’ll be traveling halfway across the state to attend a different bull auction on April 20. So, more like temporarily avoiding a bullet and eventually getting shot three hours from home instead of five.

Please try not to be too jealous over this glamorous job of mine.

Actually, I think it’ll be pretty interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever been to a cattle auction before, so: bucket list item soon to be crossed off!

Hey, at least there’s plenty of variety in my work. One day I’m writing about cryptocurrency, the next day, cows. I’ve interviewed people in coffee shops, hospitals, grocery stores, and the kill room of a slaughterhouse with fresh blood pooling around my shoes.

That’s what happens when you moo-ve to an agricultural state.

Middle of the heartland notwithstanding, it isn’t all beef and bison out here. Tonight, I steamed some littleneck clams as an appetizer.

It’s been years since I’ve made steamed clams. I may have scorched the bottom of the pot in the process, but all in all, they turned out pretty good.

I’d share some with y’all, but I’m too shellfish.

28 thoughts on “Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

  1. I’m sorry about your car but glad there was no hot coffee involved. I hope when you get to the bull market it lives up to your expectations and that it’s not all sh!t. I haven’t had steamed clams is a long time and now I’m craving them. And that’s no bull.

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    1. I don’t even know what my expectations are since this will be so far outside my comfort zone! Lots of guys in cowboy hats, for sure. Maybe I’ll have to add cattle futures to my potential list of investments.

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  2. I keep backing into snowbanks. Fortunately, no damage! Would you believe I’ve witnessed a sheep auction? It was at a county fair a few years ago. The auction caller was something else.

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    1. Those guys are pretty talented. I’m amazed they don’t trip over their own words!

      Fortunately, it’s impossible to back into snowbanks when there isn’t any snow on the ground.


    2. I was too lazy to leave this in my comment, but I’ve actually been to a farm animal auction in Kidron. It may have been sheep too. Have you been to Kidron, Bijoux? Someone out your way wrote a post some time ago about stuff to do in Kidron. Maybe that was you!

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  3. Gorgeous commute picture 🙂 I’m jealous! Why is it always when I see skies like those that I have the filthiest windscreen?

    As to Bitcoin, you knew it was going to do that, didn’t you? Just like you know it would’ve gone down if you’d jumped in. It’s that old Murphy’s law thing.

    Looking forward to hearing about the bull auction. You do, indeed, live a most interesting life.

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    1. I always give my windshield wipers a quick swipe before taking a photo and hope it isn’t too smeary. This one turned out pretty well!

      I almost wrote that the minute I invest, Bitcoin is going to start plummeting. That’d be just my luck!

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  4. You’re too shellfish? Oh my goodness … you are very punny and I am enjoying your delicious clams as well.

    I feel you on the sunrise, and the curb. Both of which I’ve had lots of experience with, thankfully, not always together in the same breath. And I am very fortunate to have a supportive spouse who doesn’t get mad about scrapped car parts as the result of aforementioned experiences.

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