A Feast for the Eyes

Last night, after a day staring death in the face from atop a giant ladder (by the way, Tara often accuses me of being overdramatic, but I have no idea why!), I was craving comfort food. Something hearty and satisfying. Life-affirming, if you will. So I whipped up a batch of Southwestern Corn Chowder. It was delicious, if I do say so myself!

The last time I posted a food pic, Writer of Words, Etc. (spoiler alert: they’re mostly words) commented, How about aiming to become a food photographer? 

I took that as a compliment. Tara, on the other hand, probably winced, thinking I do not need any encouragement in that department. I wrote a post about food photography once—namely my penchant for whipping out a camera and taking pics of my food whenever we went out to eat, causing my poor wife undue embarrassment. Yes, I was that guy.

I don’t do it as often anymore, but those are the key words: as and often. I will still snap a photo of an especially good-looking plate if I deem it Instagram-worthy. Over the years, I’ve had some real winners:

Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job. But I do enjoy looking at photos of meals from the past; they inevitably evoke happy memories. Much like a certain song can transport you back in time to a specific place, so too can a plate of pasta or a bowl of bouillabaisse or a dish of dumplings. Which is why I don’t hesitate to bust out my phone and click away when I’ve got a great looking plate in front of me.

Any other foodie photographers out there, or are you Team Tara and think it’s a silly, embarrassing, and totally unnecessary practice?

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

15 thoughts on “A Feast for the Eyes

  1. I take food pics for Trip Advisor reviews and if I’m posting endless vacation blogs here. My readers seem to like them so no harm, no foul. Sorry Tara, I’m voting fir the intrepid Christmas light hanger.

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  2. I only find food photos annoying if the person posts them without a) saying what it is, and/or b) mentioning the restaurant that made it. I mean, without any reference, then how do I know the person didn’t just pick-pocket Guy Fieri’s phone and take the photos off there? Nuh uh man. I need the deets to enjoy the pic!

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    1. I totally get that! My original post that I linked back to did, in fact, have captions beneath each photo. I would have done the same this time around, but—irony alert—dinner was ready and I couldn’t very well let it get cold!

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