Time Traveler Goals

I remember a shopping trip to Target about two months ago when we were stocking up on toilet paper. I grabbed one of those giant 24 packs but hesitated before putting it back on the shelf in favor of a 12-pack. I reasoned that would be plenty for the immediate future.

Some people say if they had a time machine, they’d travel back in time to kill Hitler or prevent JFK’s assassination. My goal would be far less lofty: I’d just like to tell my Past Self to go ahead and throw that 24-pack of TP in the shopping cart.

Friday was a splendid spring day, and I ventured forth from the house for the first time in 72 hours. Had some errands to run; I’d ordered a couple of records from Black Hills Vinyl, and Jennifer—the owner, whom Tara and I have befriended—opened up the store for the first time in two weeks. She was only allowing one customer in at a time and made me put on a pair of latex gloves immediately upon entering. It’s very important to me that her store survives, because I can’t imagine not having a neighborhood record shop from which we can procure vinyl to add to our collection. The second stop was a liquor store, where I found a four-pack of Fernson Peach Pie Sour ale. Score! But my third stop was my favorite.

I’m fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Skyline Wilderness Area, a sprawling hilltop network of hiking trails with incredible views of the Black Hills to the west and the prairie to the east. Last spring, I discovered the park is home to an abundance of pasqueflowers. Also known as prairie crocus, Easter flower, meadow anemone, etc. They’re the South Dakota state flower and beautifully unique.

I brought along my Nikon and really made an effort to seek out some good shots, scrambling over loose soil and rocks and lying down on my stomach to get up close and personal with these guys. I suffer for my art!

Totally worth the off-trail scrambling. Pasqueflowers are one of my favorite uniquely South Dakota things ever. They’re only in bloom for about a month, so I savor their appearance every year as a true harbinger of spring.

I only hope they are hardy enough to survive snow, because we’re about to get a lot of it.


More than a few people have asked me whether snow so late in the year is unusual. It actually isn’t; March and April are traditionally Rapid City’s snowiest months. Granted, a foot of snow in the middle of the month is on the high side, especially after we got 9″ last week. We’re closing in on our all-time snowiest “winter” ever, and this storm could put us over the top.


We were going to go for a drive today, and it’s not too bad currently…41º with a little light rain and mist…but heavy snow is expected to hit by late afternoon, so we’re staying put. It’s going to be a chill day, movies and cards/records/pizza later. Tomorrow, we might head out to either the Badlands or the Black Hills. Should be quite scenic.

We don’t really celebrate Easter, so we’re just planning on making a big pot of chicken corn chowder. Should be the perfect way to take off the winter April chill.


26 thoughts on “Time Traveler Goals

  1. I love record stores so much. I remember when I was a teen, newly licensed to drive, the BFF and I mapped out every record store in the greater Phoenix area, where we lived at the time, and visited a whole bunch of them all in one day.

    Thanks for sharing the prairie crocus with us! Great color it has.

    I would be thrilled to get snow for Easter, but maybe not THAT much snow, but then again, we’re not allowed to go anywhere, so why not, right? Actually, I’m in Arkansas and we ARE allowed to go everywhere, but I go by whatever Los Angeles is doing and they are staying home.

    Mmmm I love corn chowder!!! The one I make calls for a can of Green Giant Mexi-corn. WE don’t really celebrate Easter either, and I don’t care much for ham, so I’m leaning towards either chicken & dumplings or maybe a ham/broccoli/Swiss quiche, which has ham in it but is not HAM. If you get what I mean.

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    1. Totally get what you’re saying. My mom usually serves a canned ham and potato salad, but that (and a Cadbury creme egg, which I sadly forgot to buy this year) are about the extent of our celebrations.

      Do you still have a record collection?

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      1. Yasssss!!! The canned ham and canned yams were our standard Easter dinner growing up. I have a Cadbury Caramel egg in the fridge. I do not like the Creme eggs. I hope the Easter Bunny surprises you with some.

        Yes I do still have my record collection!!! I only have about 400 records (sounds like a lot to the average person but to an avid collector or vinyl, 400 is nothing. LOL) Included in the collection are records from various relatives so we even have those thick 78s from the 30s & 40s that I think were made of shellac, not vinyl?

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  2. The flowers are lovely as is the blue sky in the background. We are back to overcast today, which makes it much easier to stay inside and isolated. This week is going to be tough, with high temps predicted near 70 and we have weeks to go before the lockdown ends. Taking walks around the neighborhood has to suffice, but the garden centers are calling my name, and I really need some new plants for the garden beds.

    That chowder sounds yummy. I do a green chili chicken one, never thought to add corn to it but now I think I will! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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      1. fyi, it calls for a smallish can of green enchilada sauce as well 🙂
        oh, and if you feel really decadent, some cream cheese melted in towards the end.

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  3. Mark, I really think I need to move to South Dakota because I would love to still be experiencing snow in March and April. Come to think of it, I’d love to experience snow in June, July, and August as well. 🙂

    Stunning photographs of the pasqueflowers. They’re so beautiful. As I shared on your Instagram feed, they resemble a lotus flower.

    Sounds like you and Tara are going to have a perfect weekend. Happy Easter to you both! And remember, stay away from Peeps. They’re retched.

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    1. Ha…yes, I’ve never understood the appeal of Peeps. You might as well just freebase sugar! My parents are big fans, though. They like to remove them from the wrapper the day before, let them harden up, and eat them. Ironically, these are the same people who microwave their ice cream to soften it up. OMG…I just realized I need to blog about this…

      In any case, you should definitely come visit sometime. You’ll have a chance of seeing snow pretty much any month but July or August!


  4. I have lamb my mom bought some time ago defrosting and marinating with garlic and fresh rosmary (also from mom) for Easter dinner. Usually we do brunch with my parents on Easter. Not this year.

    The chocolate stash mom set us last week is still here except for the parts the kids took before I hid it. Too bad for them that they will have no chocolate on Easter and I WILL HAVE IT ALL BY MYSELF.

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    1. Wow…your Easter dinner sounds fantastic! I don’t feel the least bit sheepish admitting that.

      Good luck hiding that chocolate from your kids, though. Aren’t they the same ones who practically tore your house apart to uncover your hidden Pringles stash?!

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  5. Oh, I feel your pain. I estimate we have 3 weeks worth of TP left. I’m trying not to panic, but I haven’t seen TP, Kleenex or paper towels in a month at the store. I might have to venture further out and maybe try Target or Walmart, but I don’t have high hopes.

    We had flurries that stuck for a few hours on Thursday morning, after I had laid out on Wed. Afternoon. I’m hoping your snow is not headed this way.

    Beautiful flowers!

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    1. We actually just found paper towels in the store yesterday. Whew! We were starting to get low…and for a clean freak like Tara, that rings all kinds of alarm bells.

      Hope you have a happy Easter, my friend!


  6. Expecting cataclysmic weather action tonight into Monday morning in North Carolina including hail. I covered my car with big towels then tarpaulin to provide a bit of shielding against the expected hail. Lotta people had their car destroyed by hail last time it hit. (used word tarpaulin because I could not remember if it’s canvas or canvass),

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  7. Pretty crocuses indeed 🙂 I marveled at the French. They grow here as well, because we plant them, not because they’re native.
    My husband scored paper towels Friday, Bounty select-a-size. He was chuffed and got the 10 count bag.
    The tp we bought before lockdown is magical and never seems to run out. I may blog about it.

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