“See You Monday!”

So. I’m going back into the office tomorrow. Not full-time. It'll probably just be for a couple of days a week, working from home the rest. One of my coworkers asked me how I felt about coming back, and I replied, “Pretty good, since it was my idea!” Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. … Continue reading “See You Monday!”

Seven Mojo-Sparkers

Wednesday was a weird day. For starters, I thought it was Tuesday up until about 4:00, and almost missed a scheduled interview with a client. But then she never responded to me, so maybe we were both confused over which day it was, ha. The perils of a shortened holiday week. I also managed to … Continue reading Seven Mojo-Sparkers

This Old Sardine Can

I hope you're enjoying your three-day weekend! Unless you're reading this in a country that doesn't celebrate Memorial Day. In which case...happy just-Monday. It's been a busy few days. Knowing we were tackling a major project, I wanted to ease into the weekend, so I settled in Friday night with a movie: Das Boot. Contrary … Continue reading This Old Sardine Can

Not-So-Dandy Lion

As you might recall, I recently channeled my inner landscape architect in an attempt to convert a jumbled pile of rock and dirt into something more visually appealing. This little plot next to our stoop (I was outvoted 15-0 in the online poll...thanks for nothing, "loyal" readers!) (At least my mom and aunt agreed it … Continue reading Not-So-Dandy Lion

When Stalking Pays Off

Friday was my one-year anniversary with Ye Olde Media Company. Weird to mark the occasion without being in the office, and weirder still that I wasn't even in my home office. Instead, I was galavanting around the Black Hills "on assignment," researching and photographing locations for my Mystery Monday pet project as I did a … Continue reading When Stalking Pays Off

My Slow Descent Into Madness

I decided to do a bit of "spring cleaning" today by going through the drafts folder on my blog. There were half a dozen odds and ends in there, half-formed ideas and such, waiting to be fleshed out (or more realistically, permanently abandoned). Some of these were deserving of publication, while others are real head-scratchers. … Continue reading My Slow Descent Into Madness

Hector & the Polar Vortex

This weekend felt normal(ish) for the first time in ages. Saturday morning, we went out to breakfast. At an actual restaurant. It's funny how something so routine that we used to take for granted felt like an absolute novelty. It wasn't exactly like the past. The staff wore masks; there were no condiments on the … Continue reading Hector & the Polar Vortex

Gettin’ Jiggly With It

Look, I can understand closing down certain non-essential businesses, rescheduling concerts, postponing Major League baseball, limiting social contact, yadda yadda. But Portland has just taken things a step too far by canceling their annual naked bike ride. Is nothing sacred these days?! This decision took some real balls. Sounds like a cover-up to me... Few … Continue reading Gettin’ Jiggly With It

Breaking Red

I made a Safeway run yesterday, something that has become a high-stress affair. There is so much to keep track of these days, and that's not even counting the items on your grocery list. Gotta make sure you have hand sanitizer. Mask. Hazmat suit. But for me, those one-way arrows directing the flow of traffic … Continue reading Breaking Red