Seven Mojo-Sparkers

Wednesday was a weird day. For starters, I thought it was Tuesday up until about 4:00, and almost missed a scheduled interview with a client. But then she never responded to me, so maybe we were both confused over which day it was, ha. The perils of a shortened holiday week.

I also managed to spill salad dressing all over my clothes and feet. Umm, don’t ask.

Then I was having issues accessing the server remotely, and when I finally got on, InDesign wasn’t working for me. Which honestly at that point might have been operator error. I was pretty frazzled by then. Luckily, I discovered my mojo late in the day and finished strong. (My mojo made its appearance in a glass of Frontenac wine after quittin’ time, but hey, better late than never.)

Fun fact: Frontenac grapes were specifically bred for cold climates at the University of Minnesota and are one of the few varieties that will grow in South Dakota.

Other recent mojo-sparkers in these trying times (I can’t wait to just say in these times and be done with it!) include:

  1. Parks & Recreation. We have been watching the series from the start on Netflix because—as shocking as this is going to sound—Tara has never seen it! I KNOW, GUYS. How anybody could have gotten this far in life without any knowledge of the goings-on in fictional Pawnee, Indiana is beyond me. We are midway through Season 2 and she is really enjoying it. And the best is yet to come! We haven’t met Ben Wyatt or Chris Traeger or even Lil’ Sebastian yet.
  2. Sunsets. They have been consistently stunning as of late. Pretty much every evening, without fail, we will wander onto our patio, look to the west, and be treated to a majestic sky full of color. I have long said there’s something special about a South Dakota sunset. I mean, the sunrises ain’t bad either, but they happen so early now I’m usually still in bed when they occur.
  3. Ozark. While Parks & Rec is a lighthearted comedic romp, Ozark is darker than the night sky over Antarctica in December…but wow, is it good. Season 3 was intense, superbly acted, and wrapped up with one hell of a cliffhanger. As the final credits rolled, I turned to Tara and said, “This show has become Breaking Bad-level good.” That is very high praise and I cannot wait for Season 4.
  4. Morning walks outside. I bought a treadmill last September because of the brutal South Dakota winters and used it religiously for six months, but now that we’ve reached that point in the year where it is both light early and not freezing cold, I’ve returned to walking outside. Hot fitness trainers aside, it’s a much more stimulating experience. I knock out 3.5 miles or so most days.
  5. Sour beers. I’ve never been a beer fan, but will happily make an exception for sour ales. Probably because they taste more like a jar of pickles than actual beer, which is a good thing in my book. I am partial to South Dakota’s Fernson Curio, but recently discovered Brau Brothers Kettle Sours, based in Minnesota. Good stuff if you enjoy puckering up!
  6. Tundra. If Tara had a nickel for every time I burst out laughing before shoving a newspaper under her nose and imploring her to “check this out!” she’d be rich. Nine times out of ten, the “this” I’m referring to is Tundra, a comic strip featuring wildlife. The humor is similar to The Far Side, so if you’re a Gary Larson fan, you’ll laugh, too. The cartoonist, Chad Carpenter, is from Wasilla, Alaska. Proof that one good thing came out of Wasilla, Alaska.
  7. Spindrift Sparkling Water. Not everything I drink contains alcohol, and Spindrift is healthy proof! I discovered it a few years ago in an unassuming convenience store in a small town in Oregon, bought a couple of cans on a whim, and have been hooked ever since. Unlike most other sparkling waters and seltzers, it’s made with real fruit, and actually tastes good. I’ve tried many other brands—La Croix, Polar, Zevia, AHA— but nothing else comes close. I’ve got cases of the stuff in my basement and am especially partial to Pineapple, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime.

What’s inspiring you these days? Any entertainment, food and beverage, or other product/lifestyle shout-outs you’d like to share?

19 thoughts on “Seven Mojo-Sparkers

  1. I haven’t seen any episodes of Parks and Recreation, either. I recently was granted access to a friend’s Netflix and have discovered Schitt’s Creek—hilarious! On the Roku channel I have been bingeing seasons of Cold Case. I have heard awesome things about Ozark, and plan to start watching that soon.

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  2. Well, as I stated in my comment back to you on MY blog, PJ for the win. Always. 🙂
    (Also, I started drinking wine at 12:49 p.m. today. When I texted a pic to my hubs, I said, “At least it isn’t before noon.” It was that kind of a day, but is better now. Again, PJ. Also again, wine.)

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  3. Mark, I’ve had days like that myself. I can always tell what kind of day it’s going to be by how many things I drop on the floor in the morning. The other day, I spilled grounded coffee all over the floor when making my morning coffee.

    Can you believe that I’ve never seen Parks & Recreation? Never saw Osark either. Although, I love Laura Linney. Faaaaabulous actress!

    You’re right, your sunsets have been STUNNING! That’s my favorite time of the day too!

    I’ve been eating a lot of broccoli lately (steamed) with basmati rice, sprinkled with raw peanuts. And LOVING it!

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    1. Laura Linney was incredible in this latest season of Ozark. If she doesn’t at least get an Emmy nomination, I’ll be convinced the system is rigged!

      I can always tell what kind of day it’s going to be by how many things I drop on the floor in the morning.

      Ha, yes! That’s a great indicator of what’s to come. One morning black pepper exploded all over the kitchen, the other, I woke to find fish sauce had spilled in the cupboard. Both those days really sucked.


  4. I hadn’t seen any Parks & Rec until about 3 years ago, then fell instantly and madly in love with it. Just the other day I was having a deep, internal dialogue about who my favorite character is. So hard to choose. I ended up in a 3-way tie between Andy, Ron, and Tom.

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    1. You know, I was just thinking the same thing and almost asked Tara who her favorite character is. But I agree: it’s too hard to choose. They’re just a great all-around ensemble cast!

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  5. I always meant to binge Parks & Rec, but never did. I’ll see if I can get it. I like Hint water, which has no fake sugar, just a hint of natural fruit flavor. I also walk about 3.5 miles everyday and I’ve just discovered the joy of the podcast, believe it or not. Been listening to Stuff You Should Know and various Stuff You Missed. Have learned all about random things, like the USPS, Peanut Butter, and Lawn Darts!

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    1. I always listen to podcasts while walking, too…unless I’m in the mood to hear the sounds of nature instead, as I was this morning when I hiked up the hill behind my house. Lots of birds singing, which was nice for a change.


  6. A friend of mine used to say Tuesdays, not Mondays were what you had to watch out for. I personally felt Wednesdays were the ones to look out for…

    Personally, I have been reading The Expanse and watching Star Trek TNG! Always happy to shout-out about good sci-fi.

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    1. Hmm. There’s a blogger I read with a serious disdain for Tuesdays. I’ve always said it’s the blandest day of the week, but she believes otherwise.

      I loved Star Trek TNG. Did you ever get into Firefly?

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      1. I wonder if anybody’s ever sought out data on the least trusted day of the week…

        I did not! I think I was a little too young for it when it did. It’s on my list, and we have the DVDs for it…and with all this time, I don’t have an excuse…

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