You Heard a Rumor

You were naive once [or perhaps delusional] thinking tomorrow was today was yesterday, the only difference an inconsequentially subtle blush. But Weren't we all? Myths have been shattered, truths exposed. Linearity was never real, as evidenced by this collective stepping-back. Structure and order So perfectly plotted out? Life is no haiku. There once was a … Continue reading You Heard a Rumor

Sounds Like Disco

I survived my first week WFH with all my mental faculties intact. I'll consider that a win. And actually, I was quite productive, though I always seem to get more done at home versus the office. I've gotten really good at tuning out the distractions and focusing on assignments when working from home, whereas at … Continue reading Sounds Like Disco

Boot Scootin’ in the Apocalypse

Here are two facts about me. I'd call them "fun" but that seems a stretch: I never go dancing. I don't like country music. But for some reason, I have long had a fascination with line dancing...which pretty much requires country music. I can't see line dancing to AC/DC or Elton John, but Brooks & … Continue reading Boot Scootin’ in the Apocalypse

Which Bear is Most Condescending? A Pan-Duh!

For years, I have had a daily desk calendar, the kind where you tear off a page every day to reveal something new. The calendars are always different...and entertaining. One year I had a Bushisms calendar that consisted of the 43rd president's unconventional statements, phrases, pronunciations, malapropisms, and semantic or linguistic errors in public speaking … Continue reading Which Bear is Most Condescending? A Pan-Duh!

71,000 Acres of Social Distancing

Last week was rough. Tuesday's post making fun of people hoarding toilet paper seemed innocent enough at the time, but turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy when the shelves here in town were picked clean of TP and Tara announced we were kinda, sorta running low ourselves. Suddenly, the situation was a lot less amusing. And … Continue reading 71,000 Acres of Social Distancing

Walking CliffsNotes

I think I might be working too hard or something, because my professional life is beginning to seep into my personal life. It's like a crossover episode where characters from two different television shows mingle, like they did on Happy Days and Mork & Mindy (or Family Guy and The Simpsons if my first reference went … Continue reading Walking CliffsNotes

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

A Portland friend messaged me this morning. How nice is it to live in a state with no known cases of coronavirus? I bet you can still find toilet paper in the stores there. The crazy thing is, she wasn't exaggerating. Costco and other stores are reporting their shelves have been wiped clean in the … Continue reading Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Variety is the Spice of Life

We made a Target run this morning, but managed to stay within budget for a change, only spending $150 when our shopping list totaled about $60. If you're questioning how spending 2.5 times what we'd planned constitutes fiscal responsibility, then clearly you have never shopped at Target. Last time, we dropped $295 after planning on … Continue reading Variety is the Spice of Life