That’s the number of meatballs I made last night for my homemade Italian wedding soup.

This is one of our favorite meals, and the recipe I cook most often. We have it at least once a month (probably two or three times, if you count the leftovers). If 187 meatballs seems excessive to you, consider that they are no bigger in size than large marbles, and those leftovers are really, really good. It’s why I triple the recipe.

Not mine, but close. I was too busy eating it to take a photo.

One time at work, a female coworker was sick and talking about how she couldn’t wait to have chicken soup for dinner to help with her cold. A male coworker then chimed in with an interesting comment of his own; he said that would never work for him because “men don’t eat soup.”

This was news to me, because…

  • I’m a man, and
  • I eat soup.

And I don’t just eat it for dinner. I had a bowl of soup for breakfast today. I have gotten into heated arguments over that practice, so don’t even get me started!

I’d never heard anybody make that claim before. Quiche, sure (though I eat that, too). But is it really unusual that I eat soup, or was he just being ridiculous? For the record, this exchange took place at a previous job, so any current coworkers who happen to be reading this don’t have to walk around wondering who the madman in the office is.

We already know it’s Mike.

But seriously, his comment begs the question: do men eat soup?! I know they did on Seinfeld, and became quite upset when told there was no soup for them, but Jerry, George, and Kramer are hardly representative of the typical male. Is it in our genes to prefer something hearty and filling and dripping with blood after we kill it with our bare hands? Probably none of my caveman ancestors would have chosen cream of mushroom over mastodon.

What’s better than a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold and blustery winter’s night? I guess I’m supposed to say “a nice, juicy steak,” but I just can’t bring myself to do it. SOUP is the answer! The answer is SOUP!!

Concerned that I might erroneously be doing my gender a grave injustice by consuming soup, I turned to the almighty (Google, not God) and posed the question, What foods don’t men eat? A list was spat back at me, and it included the following:

  1. Quinoa. Men might not know how to pronounce it, but trust me, they eat it. At least I do. (Keen-wah, by the way.)
  2. Veggie Burgers. A few years ago I’d have agreed wholeheartedly, but then I discovered Morningstar Farms’ Spicy Black Bean burgers. Granted, nine times out of ten I will still choose a nice, juicy, traditional burger made from Midwest-raised beef…but once in a while, I’m Team VB.
  3. Pudding. Wait, what?! That’s insane. Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of creamy, delicious pudding? I don’t care if you’re a guy, girl, or bug-eyed alien, pudding is awesome. Next…
  4. Finger sandwiches. Finally, we agree on something.
  5. Fruit. Tell that to the apple I just scarfed down. And the oranges and bananas in the kitchen. The canned pineapple in my pantry. Reassure my dormant-at-the-moment raspberry bushes that their fruit won’t find its way on waffles and ice cream and in cocktails and sauces all summer long. And while you’re at it, would you like to buy a bridge I’m selling?
  6. Bon-Bons. Duh. I’m neither a post-breakup nor pre-menopausal woman sitting on the couch wearing fluffy socks and watching soap operas. Give me ice cream that you can’t pick up with your fingers any old day.
The one on the left eats Bon-Bons. The one on the right does not.

So, there you go. Some of these I agree with, others I don’t, but I would be remiss in pointing out the fact that soup is nowhere on this list. Ha! Take that, woefully-misinformed-stereotype-loving stupid ex-coworker! Continue to avoid soup in order to preserve your antiquated ideals of what constitutes your own precious manhood.

Just means more soup me!

26 thoughts on “187

  1. In the course of today I have eaten both quiche and soup. But I’m not a man so I guess it’s acceptable?

    I’ve never made Italian Wedding Soup. I should try it soon. Lord knows I have enough time on my hands right now. . .

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  2. Mark, I most certain do eat soup. LOVE it! I don’t eat it as much in the summer because of the heat, however, I eat it Spring, Fall and most definitely Winter. In fact, I’ll be making some for tomorrow night’s dinner. I get my broth from Trader Joe’s or MOM’S and then add all sorts of things. I make it different all the time. But I have to tell you….Italian Wedding Soup is my very, very favorite. And looking at that photo made my mouth water.

    I also eat Quinoa, Veggie Burgers, Fruit, and Pudding. Not big on Finger Sandwiches or Bon-Bons.

    Funny you included a faux photo from Married With Children because I’ve been watching reruns lately. I forgot how hilarious that show was! Did you know that Peg (Katey Sagal) was one of the original backup singers (a Harlette) for Bette Midler? I saw her in NYC in the 70’s at a Bette Midler Concert–“Clams on the Half Shell.”

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

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    1. I had no idea Katey Sagal sang backup for Bette Midler. In fact, I had no idea she sang at all. Thanks for the interesting random obscure fact, my friend. Hope you’re having a socially distant but fun weekend!


  3. 187 tiny meatballs!!!!! That’s crazy! But I do love Italian Wedding soup. It was a recipe in a meal kit once when I was doing the whole meal kit thing. I remember it was delicious!

    Any man that doesn’t eat soup because he’s a man is a fool. Or are they? Have I ever seen my Dad eat soup???? I don’t think I have!

    Nothing wrong with soup for breakfast, but I can eat any lunch/dinner type food for breakfast. A meal is a meal to me.

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      1. I guess I should’ve mentioned Dad is a pile of ashes in a box in the ground in Indiana. It’ll be 9 years (!!!!) since he died on April 4th.

        No, no!!! Don’t feel bad. You had no way to know. And I had a good laugh at the vision of inviting him for dinner and surprising him with soup. I remember the year he and Mom came over for Christmas and he refused to eat anything because my kitten had jumped up on the table before she could be sequestered in the bedroom. It was the one and only time she’d ever gotten on the table but of course he was convinced it happened all the time and everything was now contaminated with cat hair. Oh dad…you were something else.


  4. I did not think to count the meatballs when we made it at Christmas. It is indeed delicious. I make soup about every other week in the winter months. The last one was chicken enchilada soup. My husband loves soup and would agree with your list, though he does love a box of chocolates (are those Bon Bons?). No cucumber, tuna or egg salad sandwiches for him.

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    1. Bon Bons are chocolate-covered ice cream balls. I’m sure they’re delicious, but…no. I just can’t.

      Counting the meatballs is a habit to pass the time. It’s pretty tedious work and takes about half an hour, so it’s a way to keep mentally stimulated. I usually average 155 or so…not sure why I ended up with so many this time, because I always use the same amount of ground pork.


  5. I believe a real man eats soup, Mark. I have not heard about Italian wedding soup, which means it will crop up in my feed every day now. My husband is a huge soup lover and our children have his genes. We all have had one or more co-workers like yours. Classic Seinfeld made me smile.

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  6. I was going to ask you how big the cauldron of soup is, but now I understand. Okay, so I live with a real man, I’ve seen him real manning in various scenarios for some 30 years and he enjoys soup. He really likes tortellini soup.
    However, when I was in college, when we had dining options, my then boyfriend would NOT go to soup with me. I preferred soup every night, and eventually went to dinner without him. My regular dinner for 3.5 years was soup, salad, a roll, and if I had a hankering, a fruit tart. I guess I was lucky to be a young woman, never having to fear social stigma for dining at soup bistro.


  7. I liked you until I heard you like soup. Now you are not on my like list. Unless you eat Spanekopita – puffed Greek pastries. Those are manly. With bubble water. Then you can get back on my good list.

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