What’s the Latest Buzz?

Mosquitoes, that’s what.

They have been relentless this summer, no doubt because of all the rain we have had. And they seem to be impervious to mosquito repellant. I sprayed myself with Off® one morning before my walk and still managed to come back with half a dozen new bites on my arms.

Little bastards.

Also, motorcycles, as in, the buzz of thousands of two-piston engines filling the air. It’s a toss-up as to whether there are more mosquitoes or bikers, and we have the Sturgis Rally to thank for that.

At least the motorcyclists don’t bite.


We had our first houseguests last week and they were really impressed with both Rapid City and our house. Tara’s dad Randy and his girlfriend Cynthia came up for a few days after fishing (successfully) for walleye in Wyoming. It was their first visit to South Dakota and they were surprised by the natural beauty of the area. I think a lot of people have this impression of South Dakota as being flat and featureless, and while that’s true for most of the state, the Black Hills are the exception.

They were down for doing touristy things, and we were happy to show them around, even with the steady parade of motorcycles that greeted us everywhere we went, including Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park. Sunday, we took them to the 79th Sturgis Rally, per their request. It’s something that should be on everybody’s bucket list—the people-watching alone is worth the trip!

It was a nice visit. We ate, we drank, and I daresay we were even a little merry. It was nice to show off our new digs!

My MIL visits next week and my parents the week after, then Audrey will be out next month. Suffice it to say, we’ll be busy playing host for a while.

Buzzworthy happenings in the backyard? Raspberries. Hundreds of them. So many, we hardly know what to do with them all. Doris planted a row of raspberry bushes along the west side of the house and they have been producing ample amounts of sweet, delicious fruit for a few weeks now. I’ve made raspberry bread, raspberry coleslaw, and raspberry vinaigrette. We’ve had waffles with fresh raspberries, raspberries with whipped cream, and even just plain raspberries. One of my work assignments has been expanding the food and drink section of our fall/winter visitor’s magazine, and in doing so, I came across a recipe for a traditional Native American berry dish called Wojapi. It’s traditionally served with fry bread, something Tara knows how to make really well, so I’m thinking of giving that a go this weekend to use up more raspberries.

Too much fruit is a good problem to have IMO.


Also, lots of deer in our backyard. I put up netting over the raspberry bushes and they haven’t touched those, so I don’t mind their presence. On a recent walk, I stumbled across these fellas on the Skyline Wilderness Trail near our house.


I love wildlife.

I also love sunrises. I’ve got some nice ones on my morning walks, but with our rapidly-fading daylight, it’s going to be dark in the mornings soon. I’m savoring these while I can.


That’s all I’ve got for now!

12 thoughts on “What’s the Latest Buzz?

  1. I absolutely love raspberries! What a treat to have so many. Think of the $ you are saving.
    Surprisingly, we get few mosquitos here, despite the rain. Or maybe I’m just not out after dark enough.


    1. I keep hearing that mosquitoes aren’t real common in western South Dakota, but this is the second year in a row they’ve been swarming. It’s also the second really wet year in a row, so I’m sure there’s a correlation there!


  2. Mark, do you know whats strange about me and mosquitoes? There can be a MILLION all around me and they don’t bite, can you believe that? Several years ago, I read an article online that said that mosquitoes are drawn to certain people, and not to others. It has something to do with a chemical that some people have in there skin, while others do not. Apparently, I don’t have that chemical, therefore they don’t come anywhere near me. Thank god!

    Happy to read that Tara’s dad and his girlfriend enjoyed themselves on their visit. I’m sure you and Tara were awesome tour guides, showing them around your new digs! That’s how I feel whenever I take someone to NYC and give them a tour. I love showing people around the city I love the most.

    And OMG, those raspberries look incredible! They look so perfect that they don’t even look REAL!

    “…raspberry coleslaw.” Ooooh, I would love to try that. I bet it was delicious.

    Love those last two pics of the deer and the sunrise. They’re beautiful!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend!

    It’s unusually cool this weekend here in the Northeast, so I’ve been outside a lot enjoying it because next week it goes back to hot and humid 😦


    1. First off, consider yourself very lucky that mosquitoes don’t bite you. The itchiness is maddening…and it lasts for DAYS.

      Second off…well, there is nothing else to add. MOSQUITOES DON’T BOTHER YOU! That’s the key takeaway here.

      Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your cooler weather!


    2. I’ve also read that about mosquitoes being more likely to bite certain people because of something in your skin or a scent you exhale. I think the secret to happiness in a relationship is finding a partner who the mosquitoes like more. Camping is a great first date.

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