8 thoughts on “Television Dreams of Tomorrow

  1. I recently started adding cinnamon to my coffee, after reading how good it is health-wise. I always just thought of it as a spice, not a health food. Well, come to discover it’s a delicious addition to coffee!

    I love big rocks so the hike looks wonderful.

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  2. ““Arsenic?” I asked.
    “Salt,” she replied.”

    Hilarious, Mark! I had no idea about adding salt to coffee, making it less bitter. Who knew?!?

    I’d love South Dakota weather because (as you know) it’s NEVER too cold for me. We’ve been having some really nice cooler weather. That is until today, when it started rainy with temps in the HIGH 70’s and 85% humidity, which made it feel like 90! Damn, I can’t wait until we get some SNOW (like you)!

    That punk rock opera sounded like it was so fun. Looking at the photo you shared, it reminded me of the rock opera, “Rent.”

    “Today we are staying home to carve pumpkins, build a fire, and watch The Shining.”

    Freaking LOVE that movie! Enjoy!

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  3. I’ve added cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla to my coffee grounds, but not salt! I’ll have to try it.

    Can’t believe I have STILL never seen The Shining.

    That hike looks amazing!

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