9 thoughts on “Suspicion Level: 10

  1. I have to be honest – lately Keith Morrison’s voice has been getting on my nerves on that show. His inflection is so predictable and melodramatic. I think it’s one of those things that, once you notice it, it forever grates on you. Years ago (many years ago) the show featured a crime that had been committed in New Orleans when I lived there. It was a dramatic crime, and the local media coverage for months and months was extensive. Seeing how Dateline portrayed it, showed me how they edit the stories, how much critical information they omit, how they control the impression you have of the event. I still watch the show but not with the same enthusiasm I once had. I’m sorry!!


    1. Well, I guess I won’t be recruiting you into the Keith Morrison fan club, lol! That’s okay though. I understand what you’re saying. To me, it’s not just the inflection of his voice, but the poetic prose he employs. I think it sets the show apart from other competitors who are more about flash over substance (although based on what you told me, perhaps there is a bit of emphasis on the flash going on with Dateline NBC, too).


  2. LOL _ coffee around here is high art. See, I buy green dried beans – Costa Rican Dota Estate are my favorites. I only roast them when i need them – a 4 to 5 day supply. Then grind it and into a French Press – water at 200F and brew 3 minutes. No bitterness, only floral and fruit notes to this coffee – it’s fantastic.


      1. Really isn’t that much effort in the total realm of things – the grinder takes maybe 20 seconds. And the electric water kettle takes maybe 5 or 6 minutes to get to 200F. Then a 3 minute brew/ So 9 minutes or so for the best coffee ever. The roasting – 20-35 minutes. Just set a timer – empty the beans out of the roasting appliance and spread em’ to cool. Then into the hopper of the grinder.


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