Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

Lemme tell you a little about this new job of mine…

The biggest draw for me was the flexibility. I don’t just mean the fact that it’s a hybrid position (though that’s great, too); TobacCo is real big on work/life balance, so they operate on core hours — certain times where everybody needs to be working. These are:

  • Mon. – Thurs.: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Fri.: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

That’s 27 mandatory hours. You can get to 40 hours for the week however you like. If you want to work longer days, take shorter lunches, eat lunch at your desk while working, you’re free to do so. A lot of people do this to bank hours so they can leave early on Friday. Umm, me included. Duh! Also, because of those core hours, unless I arrive at 9:01, I won’t be late. I’m an early riser and have made it to the office every day this week by 8:00, so that is never going to be an issue for me. It’s just nice to have that freedom and not have to worry about racing to beat the clock. If I want to sleep in one morning, roll in later, and skip a lunch, I can still leave at 5:00.

Guys, this is revolutionary. I have never worked for a company with such schedule flexibility. It’s a huge perk. Tara and I are planning a weekend getaway for our anniversary toward the end of the month, and I’ll be able to leave at noon for the three-hour drive up north. There will be many instances where this comes in handy.

And, it’s not like I took a step down or anything. The salary is the highest I’ve ever earned in my working career. The work is interesting and varied. My coworkers and boss are all super chill. I don’t know how many times a person can hit the jackpot when it comes to jobs, but it seems like everything keeps coming up triple 7s for this Madtown Migrant.

Tuesday was my first day, and the CEO and Director of Marketing took me and another new person who started that day out to lunch in downtown Janesville. That was a nice, warm welcome. I know I’ve bagged on the town a bit — I learned yesterday that the locals refer to Janesville as “Chainsville” because it’s like one giant strip mall driving into town — but Wednesday, I discovered the very charming town square, a three-minute drive from the office. Parked my car, ate my sandwich on a bench overlooking the Rock River, and strolled around for a bit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which made for an ideal lunch half-hour (see above: banking time).

Granted, I probably won’t be sitting in the town square eating lunch come January, but right now? I love it.

What I don’t love? The way everybody around here loves the Green Bay Packers. It’s an obsession (which, of course, I knew coming in). I’ve already let everybody know I’m a Broncos fan, and nobody has given me much grief for that. The real sin around here is to be a Bears fan. That Chicago-Green Bay rivalry ain’t no joke.

Because this is Packers country, you see their colors everywhere. Even on the garbage cans, as I discovered this morning.

OK, so maybe on that spin, it’s 7-7-6.

35 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up triple 7s.

  1. That workplace environment sounds wonderful, and I think a solid work-life balance can definitely be attained there. Beautiful day for pictures and getting the lay of the land. They hype the rivalry of the Bears and the Packers in the media all the time, but indeed it sounds like it is the real deal in Wisconsin. Good to hear your Broncos fandom can be retained without incident. 🙂

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  2. That schedule is amazing and empowering to employees! I used to like the Packers and tolerated the Broncos. Now I hate both for different reasons. At least the Packers are a community owned team versus being owned by a rich person. I have a cheese hat I bought in Sheboygan if you want me to ship it to you. 😉

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  3. You truly are blessed when it comes to employment. I honestly can’t think of anyone else who has loved their job so often. And really, how bad can Janesville be when there’s a giant pink flamingo?
    Lastly…speaking as a person who doesn’t really like football but when forced always picks the team who worships cheese? Go Pack!!!

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  4. That sounds like an excellent work/life balance! Long weekends are a must in Wisconsin. There are so many beautiful destinations to visit up there.

    The good news about living among Packers fans is that on Sundays, grocery stores/Target/restaurants without cable TV will all be deserted. Plan your fall and winter schedule around that. 🙂

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    1. Yes, that flexible schedule will come in handy for our anniversary weekend soon. I can’t wait to explore ALL THE THINGS here.

      Good idea on the Sunday shopping. As long as the Broncos aren’t playing at the same time, of course!

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    2. I was already thinking about trying this myself here in MI. At the same time, I’m thinking about calling my devil child daughter whose boyfriend is also into sports. I want to find out if one or both is going to watch the MSU game this afternoon and/or the USC game tonight. Lucky me, I will probably catch at least a bit of both!

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  5. I thought of you on Tuesday and wondered how it was going. Very well, I’d say. Have you been to the Green Bay Packers Museum yet? As I recall it was hometown pride of steroids, but interesting in its own way.

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  6. Nice on the schedule, my job has been like that since 2009, although recently my department hired more people to stock a complete second shift so the flexibility is no longer a viable option unless you come in early or make up time on a Saturday (although day shift core hours are 6:30 to 3). Kinda hoping they don’t consider a third shift. The town looks quaint, I would dig it.

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  7. Oh yeah, I grew up immersed in that obsession (and much closer to Green Bay itself). It’s craaaaaazy. I survived it as a football hater, but was probably given a pass because I was a minor. Got out at 18. Not sure they’d let me back in. They let you in, but you aren’t anti-football. I’m not sure what it’s like down in Janesville, but closer to Lambeau Field, fandom is nuts. Here’s a taste:

    Rooting for the Team: (sigh) I’m Going to Give It a Try

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  8. LOL. I have the same colored recycle bins. 😳
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your hours are so flexible. That is a big win.
    We lived in the Dallas area for about three years. Talk about crazy fans! I remember going to the grocery store on Sundays, and they played the Dallas Cowboys games over the loudspeaker…in Albertsons!

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  9. I may have mentioned somewhere along the way how enlightening I have found the experiences of living in different parts of the country to be. Like most things, there are good and bad but unique aspects of living just about anywhere other than where you were born/raised. The trick is in finding and spending time with the things, people, and places you like while minimizing the opposite. As Yakov Smirnoff famously said “America, what a country!”

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