Boo-tiful Days & Bewitching Nights

Halloween is a BIG deal in our new town. Fort Atkinson has a citywide decorating contest and a lot of people go all out. Walking through the neighborhoods is wild. I'm impressed by how many people get into the spirit. There are lots of inflatables, which I've always found kinda lame. Great if you have … Continue reading Boo-tiful Days & Bewitching Nights

I’m turning into Cliff Clavin.

The first couple of weeks at my new job were a little frustrating. I wasn't getting a ton of work assigned to me, which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't expected to religiously track time. Working for an agency whose bread and butter is client hours, TobacCo is all about the time clock. I … Continue reading I’m turning into Cliff Clavin.

Played a fun game of twister last Wednesday.

Last week was odd, to say the least. Thanks to my self-imposed COVID isolation, I barely left the house. And when I did step outside, I nearly got swept away by a tornado. We're not in Kansas anymore (nor were we ever), but we are most definitely in Wisconsin. Wednesday morning, I was working away … Continue reading Played a fun game of twister last Wednesday.

I’ve been dying to meat you, Jeff.

Tara and I recently watched the Dahmer special on Netflix. Jeffrey being from Milwaukee and all, we thought it would be a nice introduction to Wisconsin. Gulp. I don't have the heart to say this, but maybe we bit off more than we could chew. No bones about it, the man was evil personified. And … Continue reading I’ve been dying to meat you, Jeff.

Ain’t nothin’ bluish about this.

There's a scene in Singles — Cameron Crowe's 1992 under-appreciated grunge-era comedy masterpiece (and one of my favorite movies ever) — in which Steve (Campbell Scott) and Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) are awaiting the results of a home pregnancy test. If it's blue, they're expecting. If it's clear, they're not. After ten minutes, they examine the … Continue reading Ain’t nothin’ bluish about this.

Real (non-plastic) flamingos and a pretzel the size of my head.

Check out this photo of me and my parents. We'd just finished up an excellent lunch and wine tasting at Stable Rock Winery & Distillery in Jefferson last Friday and had half a day of exploration left. Looks perfectly innocent, right? Approximately 60 seconds after Tara took this pic, I stepped off a curb because … Continue reading Real (non-plastic) flamingos and a pretzel the size of my head.