I Won’t Tell No One Your Name

It’s December, which means the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays? Nope! Spotify Wrapped.

Not everybody feels this way. A lot of people complain about being subjected to an endless social media bombardment of statistics they care nothing about. They say Spotify Wrapped is nothing more than a data aggregator or marketing tool.

I say, haters gonna hate.

In case you’re living under a rock, Spotify Wrapped is an annual compilation of your year in music, broken down into your most-listened-to songs, artists, and genres. (In case you’re living under a boulder, Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service. But if that’s the case, your eyes have no doubt already glazed over and you probably stopped reading a paragraph or two back.)

An article in Yahoo! Finance says, For a few days every year, social media is awash with mentions of Spotify, as everyone takes the opportunity to brandish digital evidence of their great taste, or trashy taste, or make fun of other people ballyhooing their great or trashy tastes.

Sheesh. Lighten up already! I love it when people make fun of themselves. Self-deprecation is kind of my thing.

Maybe you don’t like seeing everybody else’s year in review, but I do. Music is a huge part of my life. I always have it on; at work, at home, in the car. Spotify tells me I listened to 81,501 minutes this year, which is more than 97% of U.S. listeners.That fact doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I’m totally the guy on the right.

If you’re the person on the left, you might want to skip the rest of this post, ’cause I’m going to share mine. Mainly because of this:

Clearly, I’m guilty of living in the past, because the Goo Goo Dolls haven’t been relevant in about two decades. According to Spotify, I’m in the top .01% of their listeners, which means they probably have me to thank for putting food on their tables this year!

Relevant or not, they’re good. I was a huge fan of their catchy brand of alternative rock from the mid-’90s through the early ‘aughts. A Boy Named Goo, Dizzy Up the Girl, and Gutterflower were the soundtracks to my twenties and thirties.

And then they kind of fell off my radar as my tastes shifted toward indie music. They even played a concert in Rapid City two years ago on their Miracle Pill tour and the thought to buy tickets never even crossed my mind.

But, for whatever reason, I rediscovered them this year. Apparently, I rediscovered them hard. At one point over the summer, I listened to every album in their discography back-to-back-to-back-times-however-many (it’s a lot). And found that even their more recent stuff, with which I was unfamiliar, is good! So, I’m kicking myself for not going to see them when I had the chance.

They weren’t the only artist I listened to, of course. Here are some more fun stats.

I’m not the least bit surprised “Unpleasant Breakfast” by The Hold Steady is my most-played track. I freakin’ love it.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, will you show me yours?

28 thoughts on “I Won’t Tell No One Your Name

      1. Funk-Soul-RNB but I wouldn’t pigeon hole me, I like a lot of different genres. I have at times posted on my blog music I dig or like to draw to, or a giant list of musicians I dig. I pretty much like anything except bluegrass or traditional Celtics folk

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    1. I’ve often said I long for the ’90s. You had great music, the economy was rockin’, and the internet and cellphones weren’t widespread yet. There’s a lot to be said for those simpler times…sigh.


  1. I’d love to show you mine, but can’t since I don’t stream. I do love the idea of an annual review though . Well done on keeping The Dolls off the streets! I like them, but clearly not as much as you.

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  2. I used to listen to so much music, and not just because we danced competitively. Now I only listen to it if I’m cleaning, cooking, working out, or putting up holiday decorations. I don’t even listen to it when walking the dogs–gotta be vigilant for cars, other dog walkers, coyotes, etc.

    After having a kid, I discovered I treasure the quiet. Plus I don’t enjoy writing to songs–lyrics mess up the flow of my own words.

    But at the top of my Spotify? Crowded House & Jess Glynne. Which is not actually what I think I listen to the most, but okay.

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    1. Ironically, music HELPS me write! I can’t listen to podcasts while working, though. I’m not great at multitasking, so hanging onto their every word is a bit distracting. But when I’m walking outside, I only listen to podcasts. Go figure.

      Crowded House is a good choice!

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  3. For probably 30 years now, every time I hear “Iris,” I think to myself, “This song has never, and I’m convinced, will never, get old.” Honestly, I heard it maybe two weeks ago and marveled at how I STILL have that thought every time I hear it, the first time being when I was in high school. I approve. I should listen to more of them. If I had a Spotify account, it would probably show a lot of Smashing Pumpkins. I dove back into them recently almost as hard as you did GGD. (And, of course, 21 Pilots, but I know you’re not a fan, so I won’t mention them. Shoot. Mentioned them. Oh well.)

    Also, guess where I shopped on Tuesday? Trader Joe’s. I bought Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles (my favorite food on the the planet) and an “Advent calendar” box of chocolates. Anyway, I shopped there. I bought there. I thought of you and how I was being less of a spoiled brat with my local TJ’s and how I don’t take advantage. Now I’ve sort of taken advantage. Maybe that makes up for my liking of 21P just a little. 😉

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    1. The way you feel about “Iris” is the way I feel about “Broadway.” And “Long Way Down.” And “Bulletproof.” I had never listened to anything released prior to their breakthrough album before, and while their first few releasess (before John Rzeznik took over on vocals) suck, Superstar Car Wash – their fourth album, released in 1993, two years before A Boy Named Goo – is REALLY good. Especially “Fallin’ Down,” which was my top GGD track this year. Check that album out and let me know what you think! I’ll forgive you your 21P transgressions if you do.

      As for Trader Joe’s, now you’re just rubbin’ it in…!


      1. I’m not much for listening to specific music. I have Sirius XM Watercolors [soft jazz] playing right now, and I’ve no idea what any song is but I like the mellow vibe. That’s how I pick music, but the beat and the vibe. I’m weird, I know.

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  4. I don’t have Spotify and I don’t use my iPod anymore, so I don’t know what my top listens would be. I suspect U2, Prince, Weezer, and Tom Petty with the Psychedelic Furs thrown in. But Name is by far my favorite Goo Goo Dolls song. My oldest is a big fan and recorded them playing it when she was at their concert about 5 years ago,

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  5. I’d show you mine, but I don’t have Spotify (even though the pod’s on it), I’d never heard of Spotify Wrapped until you told me about it just minutes ago, I don’t listen to that much music, and I live under a rock (but not a boulder, so that’s something).

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  6. I love the Goo Goo Dolls; they’re a classic.
    I apologize that I don’t know your top song though; I must check them out.

    I don’t use spotify but I do listen to music probably as much as you do. We have sonos and I usually have on Sirius or Apple music, but they are so boring, they don’t give me a Wrapped at the end of the year! BUMMER.

    My Linds was over this weekend and telling me about her Wrapped. It included a lot of Doja Cat which is an actual human if you didn’t know.

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