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Every year around this time, I get caught up in the Great Candy Corn Debate. Some people like it, others don’t, and those who fall into the latter camp are quite vocal over their distaste for this sweet treat.

I am firmly in the Team Candy Corn camp, but it wasn’t always this way. Much like Brussel’s sprouts and Tom Brady, candy corn was an acquired taste.

I only developed a liking for candy corn about 10 years ago, but I wonder why it took so long. I love everything about it nowadays: the taste, the color, the texture. Even the smell. And the happy associations! Candy corn is synonymous with autumn, which of course is the best season of all. Ain’t no debate about that! Between the crisp chill in the air, changing leaves, frost on the pumpkin (or snow on the pumpkin around these parts), and Halloween, there’s nothing not to love about fall! And for me, yes: candy corn ranks right up there. I always buy a big bag this time of year and gradually work my way through it. Six or seven pieces a day are just enough to whet my appetite and keep the sugar intake to a minimum.

You know what else I like? Bratwurst. That’s very much a Midwest thing, but I was a fan long before moving to flyover country.

So, imagine my excitement when I heard about the Wisconsin company that is making a candy corn bratwurst this year! Be still my heart. What a brilliant invention! They’re two great tastes that taste great together. Well, I assume; sadly, they’re only available at Jenifer Street Market in Madison, Wisconsin. A city, by the way, that totally charmed us in May. If we weren’t going to be so danged busy the next few weeks, I’d suggest a road trip.

I’m totally serious, by the way. I think candy corn bratwurst is a great idea. The candy corn would add a subtle sweetness to the meat. It’s probably no different than an Italian sausage. And judging by their sales — the candy corn brats are outselling traditional brats two-to-one — I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Whaddaya think? Would you eat a candy corn bratwurst?

We’ve been without a microwave for a couple of weeks now.

I should clarify: we’ve been without a working microwave for a couple of weeks now.

I should clarify further: we’ve been without a microwave that microwaves food for a couple of weeks now. The light still turns on and the clock gives us the correct time, so technically, it’s working.

The day we came back from Omaha, Tara put something in the microwave, pressed start, and we heard a sound that can best be described as ZZZZZTTT.

“What the heck?!” she said, only heck wasn’t heck.

So, we tried again. Got the same result. Now, I’m no expert on electrical appliances, but ZZZZZTTT can’t be good.

We haven’t used the microwave since. It’s one of those over-the-stove jobs that’s mounted between the kitchen cabinets, so replacing it is no simple task. I didn’t actually think I even used the microwave all that much until I suddenly couldn’t use it. Then all the memories came flooding back. Yes, there are workarounds; we’re heating things up in pots and pans and skillets, but that’s time-consuming…especially when you only have 30(ish) minutes at lunchtime before you have to head back to work.

Figuring we’d just have to bite the bullet eventually, we went to Karl’s Appliances last weekend and bought a new microwave. But we actually bit the whole gun because we also bought a new stove and a new dishwasher. All stainless steel and all Frigidaire, to match our new refrigerator.

Go big or go home, right?

We inherited all of Doris’s appliances when we bought the house, which was great, but they’re pushing 20 years old. The fridge was 27. We just decided to take advantage of one-year interest-free financing and upgrade them all at once rather than doing so piecemeal. And everything will match.

We’re still going to be without a microwave for awhile. That and the stove were in stock, but the dishwasher is 6-8 weeks out. The guy who does the installs charges $150 per visit, which means if we group deliveries, we’ll save $150. The stove will arrive next Saturday, but the microwave and dishwasher might not show up until Christmas at this point.

It’s okay. We’ll survive.

Yesterday, we had a chimney sweep come out. Wait…is that a noun or a verb? Or both? Or is he a chimney sweeper?

In any case, we wanted to err on the side of caution. We had no idea what condition our chimney was in or how often Doris used the fireplace or had it cleaned. As bad as ZZZZZTTT is, WHHOOSSHHHCRACKLEBURN is probably much, more worse.

The chimney sweep(er) was quite the character, by the way. Looked to be about 70 years old but was covered in tattoos and had both ears pierced. Funny as hell, too. Other than an upside-down chimney cap, everything was in good condition. Can’t say I’m surprised; Doris obviously took pride in the house.

We really enjoy having a wood burning fireplace. It makes the basement so cozy. We plan on using it a lot this winter. In fact, I need to order a half-cord of wood soon. VERY soon, because this week was nearly a repeat of last week: for the second consecutive Wednesday, we awoke to snow on the ground.

That’s 5.5″ this month already. Both times, it was pretty much all gone within 24 hours, but it’s a reminder that colder days are ahead.

Hopefully more snow will hold off a little while longer. I’ve got some business travel coming up the next two weeks: I’ll be in Hartford and Dell Rapids a couple days next week for interviews, and then in Sioux Falls the following week for a marketing conference with two others from the office. It’s unlikely there’d be a major winter storm the first week of November, but then again, the interstate was shut down from Rapid City to the Wyoming border last week. Out here, anything is possible.

Today we’re focusing on yard work; Tara needs to prep the garden beds for winter, and I’ve got a ton of raking to do. I’m going to make a cinnamon braised chicken for dinner and we plan to kick back and watch The Shining as is customary this time of year. A glass or two of bourbon may be involved.

Who am I kidding? A glass or two of bourbon will be involved.

29 thoughts on “Best ‘Wurst News

  1. I don’t eat either, so a big nope! We replaced our dishwasher, microwave and washer this year. Ugh on the wait time. It’s been painful. The last washer lasted exactly 5 years. Pretty much a crime.

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  2. Candy corn is to be eaten last…or as a last resort. It is cute. It signifies autumn. And it tastes like sweet wax.

    I am not a fan of ground meats, especially sausage, but combining two culinary travesties just sound fun.

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  3. I want to clarify my “yes” vote on the brats. I like candy corn (but can’t limit myself to 6-7 per day so I don’t usually buy them) and I’m not huge on brats in general, so my “yes” meant “yes, I would take a bite” (making sure that bite had candy corn in it) and then I would eat something else.

    I remember that at some point in my childhood we got our first microwave. One day I caused a ZZZZZZFFFFTTT! It was accompanied by some flashing red lights inside the ‘wave. I’d left a metal utensil in it. Oops. Fortunately, it didn’t break, but it did teach me to never leave metal inside the microwave. On the other hand, less than a year ago I accidentally mangled a metal spoon in our mega-powerful blender. Oops.

    The husband’s little brother is a chimney sweep. They’re much more in demand in England. Also, over there chimney sweeps can hire themselves out for weddings because they are considered lucky.

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    1. It might not sound appealing, but keep on open mind. Could turn out to be one of the best flavor combinations ever!

      Yes, by the way, I am an optimist. In case there was any doubt!


  4. I voted yes ONLY because I will try anything. But in reality, I still only like the white part of candy corn, and secondly, I think having a piece of mostly gross, or any, for that matter, candy suddenly appear in my greasy savory sausage would be a cruel joke.
    Still, I’d totally eat it.
    BTW, grabbed a couple friends last minute to hit the diviest dive bar for bad karaoke last Friday night. Oh, so much fun. I feel like you would’ve appreciated it. My prickly pear cider (had to try–it’s unique!) was delicious. A 60-something belting out Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” was the highlight for me.

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    1. I am not a fan of karaoke, but I should clarify: that only applies to actually getting up onstage to sing it. Watching it is all kinds of fun, and your geriatric Chris Cornell wannabe sounds like a real hoot.

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      1. I told my friends at the outset that I could never be drunk enough to sing karaoke. They basically said the same, so we just enjoyed the others. One person was terrible, but I was happy to get to experience the stereotypical horrible karaoke singer, as well.

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  5. I’m back to blogging and popping in to see what’s up with you. I’m indifferent to candy corn, like bratwurst, but don’t want to try the sausage with cc in it. That’s just wrong. As for new appliances, we’re just beginning to go down that road. I’m impressed that you found the ones you want. Availability around here is limited, delivery time is estimated for next spring.

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  6. I’m not on Team Candycorn; too much sweetness for me I suppose.
    I do love a good brat, but you can have the candied ones. Can you mail order them for yourself?

    Awesome about all the new appliances. I mean, who doesn’t love fully functioning/matching appliances?

    Another round of applause for Doris-she took great care of her/your house.

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