I Was Jewish for 72 Hours

For three days, I thought I was Jewish. Until my mom burst my bubble. Oy, vey. When my folks arrived on Saturday, we were doing the usual sitting-outside-and-catching-up thing. That’s when my mom dropped a bombshell. “I think we might have some Jewish ancestry,” she said. That was news to me, though not a total … Continue reading I Was Jewish for 72 Hours

Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

After my last post, several people wondered if I’d encountered the dog walker the next day. If we really are living in a simulation and he’s a glitch—background filler, if you will— then mentioning him on a public blog might result in his sudden disappearance. Maybe? I’m not entirely sure how this simulated reality stuff … Continue reading Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

Though I recently admitted that I believe in UFOs and have had plenty of paranormal experiences to convince me that ghosts are real, I generally shy away from the lunatic fringe. No, seriously. So when I listened to a recent episode of the Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan podcast that discussed simulation theory, I … Continue reading Am I a Glitch in The Matrix? Are You?

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Recently, a fellow blogger asked her readers to play a game. You’ve just died, her post read. The sixth picture in your phone gallery is what killed you. Normally I avoid engaging in this sort of frivolity, even though I enjoy these types of posts. This time, purely out of curiosity, I scrolled through my … Continue reading Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

I've come to the conclusion that I need to better respect lightning. NING, not ING. I already have a healthy respect for lighting (as evidenced by our extensive collection of lava lamps and other sources of illumination, such as candles and flashlights and neon beer signs). It chases away the shadows and helps prevent me … Continue reading I’d Rather Avoid a 50,000º Sunburn

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Go On, Squeeze the Charmin Have you ever had to write a speech for a corporate executive? I was tasked with writing not one, but two, for CenturyCo’s upcoming annual meeting. As much writing as I’ve done in my career—everything from web copy and government proposals to radio and television scripts—speeches had never before made … Continue reading Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Serenaded by John Denver’s Ghost

Even though we've lived here for more than three years now, it's still weird to think we can just hop in the car and find ourselves in Colorado a few hours later. But we can. And we did. Fort Collins is an easy five-hour drive from Rapid City. Easy but boring: let's just say there … Continue reading Serenaded by John Denver’s Ghost