Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Recently, a fellow blogger asked her readers to play a game. You’ve just died, her post read. The sixth picture in your phone gallery is what killed you.

Normally I avoid engaging in this sort of frivolity, even though I enjoy these types of posts. This time, purely out of curiosity, I scrolled through my phone. And learned that I’m getting crushed by a hair salon sign that says IRONY. I chuckled over that. You really can’t ask for a more perfect death, can you? Unless you sacrifice yourself by landing on an asteroid headed on a collision course for earth and detonating a nuclear bomb, blowing it to pieces and saving seven billion people.

My apologies if you have a sappy Aerosmith ballad running through your head now.

Anyway! Here are the sixth (and seventh) photos on my phone.

This particular salon is right down the street from my house. They update their two-sided sign every few months, always coming up with something clever. Currently, the front reads, IF YOUR HAIR ISN’T BECOMING TO YOU, and the back says, YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US.


Across the street, there’s an automotive shop specializing in oil changes. They aren’t as consistent as the hair salon but will sometimes break out funny signs of their own. This one was my favorite.

Then there was this gem in Portland. Witty AND good advice! (The fact that I snapped a pic with my phone was ironic.)

And this one in La Grande, Oregon. I guess they were afraid somebody might take “microbrews” literally.

Then there are unintentionally humorous signs, like this one outside a laundromat in Bothell, Washington. Somebody forgot the “r”. Or stole it. I swear it wasn’t me!

I love funny signs! It’s one reason why I follow the El Arroyo Instagram account. I’ve never been to this unassuming Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin before, but they are as famous for their funny signs (which they update every single day) as they are their margaritas. So much so that they sell tons of merchandise inspired by their signs. Everything from hats, t-shirts, and books to candles and Christmas tree ornaments. Proof that some people in Texas are forward-thinkers, at least.

Funny stuff. I’d consider a visit to Austin just to drive by this place and check out their sign of the day.

(I wouldn’t turn down a taco and margarita either…)

Any other funny sign lovers out there?

34 thoughts on “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

  1. Those are great. I’ve seen a bunch of the El Arroyo signs. I had no idea they changed it every day! I wonder how they come up with all their ideas!

    Because I had to check, my 6th pic is one of me crowd surfing at a concert. So, I guess I get dropped and then trampled, maybe? Dropped on my head, concussed, in a coma for years before Hubby finally pulls the plug? Either way, the last thing I consciously did was something cool, so I could live, or die, with that.

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    1. I heard that people send in suggestions for the signs. They get so many submissions, they are probably set for the next five years!

      I like your death. Err…you know what I mean…

      Well, I like it as long as the band is somebody cool! Which concert was it? Do you remember?

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      1. People sending in suggestions makes sense. I’m sure they’d be so honored to have theirs picked.

        A localish band called Thrice. It’s the CMG’s fave band. He told me about it a couple years ago. I got really into it, found out they were coming to town, put out a plea online, asking if there were any “Closet Thrice fans” to go to the show with me, got a response from two doors down–my neighbor. And the rest, as they say, is history. Truly, that’s how Neighbor and I became friends. And I was just explaining that to CMG last Friday. I believe I called my friendship with her his legacy.

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      2. I just checked them out on Spotify (“Black Honey” because it’s their most popular streaming song). Not bad…not bad at all! I’ll have to listen to some more.

        I officially approve of your death by trampling at a Thrice concert.


      3. Once again, I didn’t get notified that you replied, only that you liked my comment. Only by coming directly to your post did I find your reply. WP has something against me, clearly.

        Funny, when I first looked them up, Black Honey was the first one I heard too. “Ooooh,” I thought and was pretty fairly hooked. I remember not having a clue what kind of music CMG liked, and considered it could be country, rap, or a Taylor Swift cover band for all I knew before I finally looked it up. I was pleasantly surprised. “The Dark” is another good one.

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      4. WP is weird sometimes. For months, it was unsubscribing me from one person’s blog on the site at least once a week. I kept having to resubscribe to them. I even reached out to the WP support team, but they found nothing wrong and couldn’t explain it. The problem seems to have fixed itself (at least for now).

        I figured when you didn’t respond to the EV comment you must not have seen it.

        Listening to “The Dark” now. I like this one, too.


      5. Because you made me go through and look for that other song I love and couldn’t remember the name of, (Haven’t listened to Thrice in like a year!) I discovered they have a new album out! Seems like, just out! Thank you for that! And the song I was looking for is called Anthology. The “Red Bull Studio Sessions” version is my favorite.

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      6. from the web: new album Horizons/East via Epitaph Records to be released digitally on September 17, 2021, with a physical release on October 8, 2021.
        Now I feel SO accidentally on top of things. Texted Neighbor. 🙂

        Makes me wonder what other comments of yours I may have missed. And how do you know that other blogger wasn’t just constantly trying to kick you off his/her blog? 😉

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      7. You’re pretty good at responding. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head you might have missed…but who knows! Maybe you just need to go back and reread every entry, just to be sure?

        I thought she might have been unsubscribing me, too. She insists otherwise.

        Glad you learned they have a new album out TODAY. That is some uncanny timing, huh?


    2. Truly uncanny. And if only I’d been so on top of the blog thing LAST Friday, but you know, birthday and all. Busy. Today is a-typical.
      Was Tara the one unsubscribing you? She is isn’t she? So much she didn’t want you to see. 😉 Are you guys close in age, too? I wondered that after reading your post about how you got together.

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      1. Haha. I wish she had a blog! She’s a good writer, and obviously, that’s how we met. But she’s so busy with gardening stuff she claims not to have time.

        She’s actually eight years younger. That’s right: I robbed the cradle, ha!


      1. Sho nuff is. Got an answering machine too in case I’m out on the porch having one of my 8 daily cigarettes. Works too but I am finding I can do less and less on my computer or just talking on the phone because things are avaiable to transact only on a smart phone or a mobile phone with aps. I thought aps were muscled defined abdomens. Millions, esp elderly like me, are not on internet or even have a computer. Seems you can’t schedule a virus shot unless you have internet. I hear they took out the phone at Earl’s Barber Shop we all usta use and just found out the telegraph office closed up a decade ago. They have no right to exclude us.

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  2. I do love a funny sign and the Ironic ones are my fave.
    I also follow El Arroyo and they always make me giggle.

    My sixth photo was of a blooming chrysanthemum in front of our GA house. I was sadly killed by a Mum.

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