Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

After my last post, several people wondered if I’d encountered the dog walker the next day. If we really are living in a simulation and he’s a glitch—background filler, if you will— then mentioning him on a public blog might result in his sudden disappearance. Maybe? I’m not entirely sure how this simulated reality stuff works.

Well, I did see him the next day. But here’s the kicker: for the first time ever, he wasn’t in the same place. Normally, we pass right by each other on the sidewalk. This time, he crossed the street in front of me, some 15-20 yards in the distance. Too far away for me to say hello, even I were so inclined. And yes, I was on the fence about that.

No, I’m not suddenly convinced this whole simulated reality thing is legit. But it is a little bizarre that the day after I announce my possible intentions to the blogosphere, the dog walker isn’t where he has always been previously. I left at the same time I always do.

Did he?!

Further details as events warrant, kids.

Tomorrow is CenturyCo’s annual meeting. It’s # 69 (whoo-hoo!) but my first, so I’m not sure what to expect. It’s all very formal, with board of directors’ elections and votes on proposed bylaw amendments. I even have to wear pants. I’m not thrilled that it’s on a Saturday (or that I have to wear pants), but I do get paid time and a half for my trouble, which softens the blow quite a bit.

My first attempt at speechwriting, by the way, was pretty successful. Both my superiors were happy with the results, and a little surprised I’d pulled it off given my admitted lack of experience. Not that I was intentionally selling myself short; it’s just a classic example of “under promise and over deliver.”

This isn’t to say there weren’t any edits. They had me trim a few parts and offered suggestions on rewording a couple of passages, but the changes were minimal. Honestly, I thought they’d rip those speeches apart a lot more. And best of all, my toilet paper joke made the final cut!

I just may have a future with this whole speechwriting thing.

Also tomorrow, my parents arrive for a 10-day visit. This is the latest in the year they’ve come out here, a fact that had my dad nervous. He is not a fan of cold weather and knows all too well that it could technically snow any time now.

Fortunately (for him, anyway; I’m longing for the frozen white stuff!), the weather looks pretty benign for the duration of their visit. Above average temperature-wise for much of the time. Which isn’t to say that a sudden wintry blast couldn’t still muscle its way in at the tail end of their visit. Fingers crossed!

Sorry, dad.

I’m taking Monday off to spend a little extra time with them, so despite the fact that I have to work on Saturday, I still get a two-day weekend. Smart thinking, Mark.

TGIF and all that jazz!

22 thoughts on “Verdict’s Still Out on the Dog Walker

  1. That meeting sounds like it will be dry as hell. Flashbacks to my journalism intern days having to cover town hall meetings. Ugh. The worst!
    Nice job with the speech! Are you going to SHARE the tp joke, or were you just waiting for someone to ask?
    I was dreaming this morning of a warm fire-lit cabin, a steaming mug in my hands, cozy blanket, and snow outside. That was weird. But now I want that! Dang!
    Keep us posted on the dog walker!

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    1. Oh, I wasn’t being cagey. It ties into the pandemic. To be exact:

      [Grocery store owner] was able to allocate items to the locations that needed them most, keeping his stores well stocked when others faced product shortages. One day, his operations manager asked him when he last had $80,000 in toilet paper inventory. We might chuckle at that now, but customers in rural communities like Pine Ridge, Mission, and Gregory were thankful they could squeeze the Charmin.

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  2. I had a feeling the dog walker was reading your blog even though I’m on the fence about this whole reality situation. He’s just a fan of your writing.

    Yay for the toilet paper joke!

    Double yay for parents who are able to visit. Enjoy yourselves.

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