Cups for Pups

One of my friends posted a photo on Facebook last week after he’d stopped by his local coffeeshop for a morning pick-me-up. Not just for he and his wife, but for their dogs, too. Apparently, it’s trendy now for coffeeshops to serve Frappuccinos for dogs. Starbucks has a Puppuccino, and other places have followed suit. I’m going to steal Erik’s pic, because A) I doubt he’ll read this post, and B) Even if he does, he’s cool. We go way back. Pretty sure he’d get a kick out of it.

I guess the Puppuccino is nothing more than a cup of whipped cream, though Erik’s coffeeshop adds a dog biscuit.

Now, I’ve never owned a dog, but my understanding is, this is an animal that eats pretty much anything it can get in its mouth…including (ugh) its own waste sometimes. Which makes me question the wisdom of buying them a tasty treat (and probably paying 50 times the cost of the whipped cream). Before you accuse me of being an anti-dogite, please understand that I have nothing against canines. My best friend at Ye Olde Publishing Company happened to be a dog! I’ve just always preferred cats personally.

That one’s for my blogging friend Betsy. We have an understanding: every time she posts a photo of Chex Mix, I owe her a cat pic.

Don’t even ask.

Our long cold snap has finally come to an end. It reached 35º on Friday, the first time above freezing in 15 days. There was a four-day stretch where it never even got above zero. This meant lots of basement time…

At least we finally made a decent dent in our wood supply. (Pro tip: bourbon helps keep you warm just as effectively as a blazing fire.)

The cold also meant all that snow didn’t go anywhere. It’s made for a nice wintery landscape, but also slick roads. They’re finally mostly bare now.

The building in the background is my workplace. My office window is the second from the right, next to the one with the open blinds. I love my view!

Tomorrow it’s supposed to reach the 50s, so I imagine the snow will begin to melt in earnest.

Check out the spirea next to our furnace exhaust. All that steam froze instantly in our subzero weather.

It’s been a pretty laid back couple of weekends. Lots of projects around the house and movies. We watched Nomadland last night, a Hulu original about a woman, played by Frances McDormand, who treks across the American West while living out of her van. McDormand’s acting is fantastic, and we got a kick out of seeing familiar South Dakota landscapes, including the Badlands and Wall Drug. It’s a really good film and an Oscar front-runner, so if you’ve got a Hulu subscription, check it out.

Tara talks about living a nomadic existence when we’re retired. Buying an RV and traveling the countryside. I will admit movies such as Nomadland do lend this lifestyle a certain appeal, and I’ve always been lured by the open road, but I dunno. I told her I just want to buy a house in Deadwood, maybe with a little property, and sit out on my rocking chair all day.

We may have to compromise and figure something out part-time.

25 thoughts on “Cups for Pups

  1. At least around here, a puppuccino is free, so why not get one for your dog or cat? It’s a good marketing move, making your dog love Starbucks. At least for the big dogs, who might drag you towards one the second they spot the logo.

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  2. I wasn’t aware of the puppucina, but I’ve seen a lot of doggy cones at ice cream places. The huge thing here is breweries that cater to dog owners. Not sure if the dogs are getting any suds! Lol!

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  3. Being a lifelong cat servant, I fully approve of your resident feline’s scathing glance of disdain. We love them, and they barely tolerate our presence. As for bourbon, it’s winter’s best friend. Or is that mine…?

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  4. I knew about the Star$ treats, but having no dog I’ve never gotten one. As for living a nomadic life, I like to believe I could do that but I know deep down that I like staying still too much to actually do that full-time. Part-time maybe, though. I dunno. Good question

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  5. A quick scan of the comments, and I’m a little disappointed no one asked. Then again, you told them not to, still, what a bunch of pansy rule followers. 😉 (But also, how does one even begin to explain…) Thank you, though. I consider your oath fulfilled. 🙂

    I read that the whole St. Bernard bringing brandy to people only made them FEEL warmer, while alcohol just pulled heat from their inner core and sent it to their extremities. This is actually harmful for hypothermia victims. But I’m not going to complain if offered free hooch.

    No need to comment on the puppuccinos since that’s clearly being covered. If there’s cappuccinos, it seems an even easier leap to cattuccinos. Come on, people. You should totally ask for one. The news will spread to corporate that there’s a demand, and you’ll have started a revolution. (The song is already playing in my head, and since I enjoy classic rock, thank you for that.)

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    1. Sure, I told them not to ask, but I didn’t expect they’d actually listen. Nobody ever listens to me. This is a first.

      I’m not too worried about bourbon pulling heat from my inner core when I’m sitting beside a blazing fire in the hearth. If anything, I probably needed a little cooling down being so close to the flames.



  6. Nomadland is on my TBW list. Will get to it. Do think we’ll do some trailer travel later in life, mmhm.
    We do get a pup cup for our dog, and I believe the cats would like them as well, but they don’t go with us to run errands like the dog.

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  7. I loved Nomadland and want to go to Wall Drug really bad.

    I have to give my cat a little squirt of whipped cream whenever I put any on my ice cream or hot chocolate. I think its the vanilla smell that drives them (and dogs) crazy for it.

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