Twenty Bucks-are-near

I’ve never been a Tom Brady fan, per se. But his athleticism and skill won me over years ago. Even I, a lifelong Broncos fan, have to admit he’s the GOAT. He’s simply got too many rings on too many fingers to argue otherwise.

So, when my dad proposed a bet on this year’s Super Bowl, I was all in. Especially since the Chiefs are Denver’s AFC West rivals. No self-respecting Broncos fan would root for Mahomes. The path to the Super Bowl will likely run through Kansas City for years to come. I wanted the Chiefs to go down so badly, I put $20 on Brady to deliver a smackdown.

You should understand one thing: I rarely emerge victorious when betting my dad on football. He’s kind of like the Tom Brady of dads (right down to the same first name): it’s next to impossible to beat the guy. I stopped trying for a while, figuring I’d be better off just taking money out of my wallet and lighting it on fire.

But I watched Brady engineer an impressive win over the Packers in Green Bay two weeks ago, and just knew that if anybody could beat the Chiefs, it was him. So, like Gronk, I came out of retirement and took that bet. Even upped the ante. Usually we bet $5 or $10. Go big or go home, right?

Backing Brady put me at odds with a large segment of family and friends. People just love to hate ol’ Tom. Even when I explained the divisional rivalry thing, I was met with, “Yeah, but…TOM BRADY?! How can you??”

Guess you guys don’t understand how rivalries work…?

Anyway, bottom line is, my intuition was correct. I will never understand why Tampa Bay was the underdog to begin with. Has nobody seen Tom Brady play?! I didn’t need a point spread or over/under; I just needed Brady to deliver, and he did. AGAIN. Broken record? Absolutely…but how can you not be in awe of his continued ability to defy age? I mean, at least it wasn’t the PATRIOTS again.

Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the game. And I will enjoy collecting that $20 from Tom Daddy the next time he comes for a visit. It helps offset the pain of so many former losses.

Our predicted cold snap materialized as forecast over the weekend and is set to stick around another seven days. We even ended up with some decent snowfall over the weekend.

Sunday’s high was 2°. Even with bright sunshine, we only managed to make it up to 6° today, after an overnight low well below zero.

And the coldest weather is yet to come. We’ve got wind chill advisories in place and they’re forecasting the possibility of subzero highs Thursday and Friday.

Remember that unusually mild winter we’d been having? We’re making up for it big time now. 

20 thoughts on “Twenty Bucks-are-near

  1. Eh, now that they have microphones in their helmets I’m not sure you can compare QBs of today with the old schoolers who actually had to read the field themselves (Montana) and he definitely doesn’t have an arm to compare with Elway’s. Also, he’s a Trump supporter and a cheater so I hate him.

    But KC has a horrible name and mascot. Bad Super Bowl all around.

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  2. I don’t know much about football, although I do know Tom Brady. Don’t spend the $20 all in one place, Mark.🙂

    Stunning photos of the snowfall! We had about two days of snow dumping on us. Pretty, quiet, peaceful, especially when we did not have to drive in it.

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  3. I’ve always like Bill Belichik and Tom Brady. They both win, work hard, never quit, and look for ways to improve. Even though New England didn’t have enough money, and they had their first losing season in a loooong time, Belichik looked for ways to win. With another coach, they probably would have lost a lot more. It’s a gut check. With another quarterback and a couple top receivers, they’ll be in post season again. Brady might win another Super bowl.

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