Happy Thanksgiving!

Too full to write out a coherent post. Too buzzed to care. Even the title is generic tonight. I will say the turkey turned out exceptional, as always, and the side dishes were superb. Texted with both my kids, watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. In other words, I checked all the boxes. For posterity: high was 45º, low was 29º, skies were partly cloudy.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Wha…?!?! How is that even possible?

      It’s a classic. The quintessential Thanksgiving movie. You should make a note to watch it next year. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

      Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too!

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  1. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! We watched the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Thank goodness that horrid-looking standard poodle didn’t win. I’m guessing that if you can write a post on Thanksgiving, nothing’s going to stop you from writing every day this month.

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