The Party Planning Committee

Today was wire-to-wire busy at work. First time since I’ve started that I’ve been on the go nonstop at CenturyCo. I guess I’ve gotten spoiled, not having to sweat over tight publishing deadlines.

So, I’m on the Party Planning Committee. I didn’t volunteer for this, but rather, inherited the role when I accepted the job. Which is fine and makes me laugh, because I am reminded of the Dunder-Mifflin Party Planning Committee on one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, The Office. I had forgotten just how well that show portrays Corporate America at its finest. Uncannily so. Remember their half-assed attempt at celebrating Kelly’s birthday?

Don’t worry, our holiday party will be a million times better—even if it’s virtual this year. I’m impressed with all the legwork everybody has done in planning this event. I’m even more impressed with the budget they have set aside for employee gifts and giveaways. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Holy cow. Still wondering how I got so lucky and landed this job!

Last year’s holiday “party” was a potluck at work and a gingerbread house contest. Don’t get me wrong; it was fun, but I had zero percent chance of winning an iPad or Roomba or Apple watch or snowblower.

I know the season isn’t about stuff, but dammit, I really like stuff. Not even going to apologize for that.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

19 thoughts on “The Party Planning Committee

      1. No, although, he would often say how parts of “The Office” are true to life. For a second there I forgot how Mindy Kaling was part (a big part) of the show, until I watched the clip.

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  1. That’s fabulous, though I’m unsure about the virtual part. I’m over the Zoom happy hours at this point. Holy cow on the prizes! All we get is a giant poinsettia (which I do appreciate). Good luck!

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