Think Pinker

Earlier this year, I professed my love for flamingos and proudly showed off my new pink flamingo yard decor. Oh, how happy I was to finally add a splash of pink to our humble surroundings! But a few days ago I was walking through our neighborhood and saw this:

Well, crap. Clearly I have been upstaged! Tara thinks it might have been a prank. Maybe a friend or neighbor crept over after dark and set up all those flamingos. If that’s the case, I need new friends or neighbors, because I would love to wake up to such a happy pink surprise!

If nothing else, I’ve got a new yard goal for 2021.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

14 thoughts on “Think Pinker

  1. In our old town, there was a church that would put a large amount of lawn flamingos in the front yards of new congregants who had joined, with a sign about welcoming them to the flock. It was kind of cute (although I don’t know how I’d feel about it being a public announcement to the neighborhood about what church I was joining.)

    And then there was the house up the street from us who had a whole flock of these bad boys in their yard for Halloween:

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