“BER” Leads to “BRR!”

I’m working from home this morning waiting for a certified letter to arrive. It’s from the Hyundai dealership, so I’m assuming it’s the paperwork I’ll need to get my car registered. I came home on my lunch yesterday to find a note from the USPS on the door, and because they need a signature, I rescheduled a delivery for today. True, I could have gone to the post office to pick it up, but the idea of standing in line with a mask on for god knows how long wasn’t very appealing. I figured this would be easier. Naturally, I’ve been waiting all morning, sitting at the kitchen table with the front door open instead of in my home office because I’m paranoid if I leave my spot for even a minute I’ll miss the delivery. Ironically, the regular mail arrived two hours ago, but still no sign of the certified letter.


By the way, I think I’m going to get personalized license plates. They’re only $25 extra per year in South Dakota and I’ve always wanted them. Here’s what I’m thinking:


The beauty is, it looks like a regular plate #. Only a person with a keen eye and an ear for ’70s rock ‘n roll will make the connection.

Still no name for the boat, though.

BTW, the official results for my “Favorite Season” poll are in. Can’t say I’m the least bit surprised…

It’s always fall. Crisp nights, colorful foliage, candy corn, pumpkins…what’s not to love?! I feel kinda bad for winter, though. That would be my second choice.

Speaking of, now that we have entered the calendar period where the months end in BER, our weather has gotten a lot more bipolar….right on cue. Check out our 10-day forecast:

Talk about a rollercoaster! They’re even calling for a chance of a little snow Tuesday night. My parents don’t want to hear that since they’re arriving for a 10-day visit next Friday. I’m sure it’ll be back in the 90s at some point while they’re here, and then probably also in the 50s. Better pack for all seasons, guys! That’s just the way it goes ’round here. Fall is short; before long, it’ll just be cold all the time.

One more reason why I love the season. Summer and winter last forever, but autumn is fleeting.

It’s definitely a lot darker in the mornings. No surprise, given that we’re losing three minutes of daylight every day this time of year. The benefit? I enjoyed a full moon on my Wednesday AM walk.

At least it’s bright halfway through my walk, though that too won’t last for long.

Remember how I got into The Karate Kid movies when Tara was gone in July? Well, Tara and I just started watching Cobra Kai, the YouTube-turned-Netflix series in which Ralph Macchio and William Zabko reprise their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in present-day Reseda and Encino. It’s an interesting concept that shouldn’t work, but it does: we’re really digging it! Rotten Tomatoes sums it up perfectly:

Cobra Kai continues the Karate Kid franchise with a blend of pleasantly corny nostalgia and teen angst, elevated by a cast of well-written characters.

I totally agree. It’s cheesy (but not too cheesy), and that’s balanced nicely with nostalgia-fueled flashbacks to the original movies. I really like Johnny in the series. Which is a bit shocking since he was such a dick in the films, but because the show revolves around his point of view and his life has been pretty shitty compared to Danny’s, it’s easier to feel sympathetic toward him. We’re only six episodes in, but I’m sure it won’t take us long to get caught up.

What are you watching these days? How’s your weather? If you could have a personalized license plate, what would yours be?

22 thoughts on ““BER” Leads to “BRR!”

  1. My personalized license plate is STFU. Most people love it, only one guy was a jerk about it. Not that I care, I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. How I managed to get it past the state of Maine 15+ years ago is still a mystery. Although now they let anything through. I still like being the OG—they will pry that plate from my cold dead hands.

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      1. I even had a bullshit story made up to explain what STFU “meant” but they didn’t even bat an eyelash. My best friend and I guffawed a bit after I left the DMV, temp plate in hand! 😉

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  2. It’s always fall. Crisp nights, colorful foliage, candy corn, pumpkins…what’s not to love?! I feel kinda bad for winter, though. That would be my second choice.”

    HA! I knew it would be FALL! I think everyone in the world loves FALL. But I think you and I are probably the only two people on this planet who also loves Winter. And boy, I can’t wait for Fall AND Winter because it’s been so horribly hot and humid here lately. UGH!

    I still can’t believe you get 94 degree weather where you live. I don’t know why, but I always assumed the Dakota’s had very mild summers. And that’s pretty much what our forecast looks like here as well. A rollercoaster.

    LOVE that photo of the moon. It’s GORGEOUS, Mark!

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    1. I’ve known other people with the same misconceptions about South Dakota’s weather. We get hotter summers here than in the PNW though! But that’s okay, we make up for that with our winters. 🙂

      Speaking of, it might snow next week…!


  3. Love the license plate idea. If you’re going to go for personalized ones, make them interesting and nostalgic. Well done.

    I’ve been reading a lot of people talk, in a positive way, about Cobra Kai. Will look for it. I could use a distraction like that.

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  4. Chicago. Nice.

    I wanted to get the husband SWMBKRN, but it was already taken in Minnesota. 😦

    Oh my gosh – Cobra Kai! We’re starting season 2 tonight! Love it! Agree with everything you said – the jerk is somewhat likable this time around. Wish he’d regrow that sexy five o’clock shadow he had in the first episode, though.

    P.S. My vote is still for Taradactyl.

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    1. Oh, I could write a whole blog post about this. Maybe I will! Pre-Cetera for sure (or at least early Peter Cetera). I absolutely HATED the 80s version of Chicago, with their cheesy pop ballads. Give me horns or give me death!


      1. Although I agree with you, I was never into the brass in my rock music guy. Far more traditional rock: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, percussion, the occasional keyboard…nothing else. Some acoustical (Bob Seegar, Peter Frampton), but mostly straight up rock.

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  5. I want to know if you ever got your certified mail? Everyone here always claims the mail person doesn’t even bother ringing your doorbell. They just put the sticker on the box and go in hopes you will go to the post office. It did happen to me once, where I was home all day and found a sticker on my mailbox.

    I’m surprised Kerri has that plate. Anything even slightly offensive is banned on plates in our state.


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