Bachelor Chronicles: Day 5

When I headed out the door for my morning walk at 5:30 today, the temperature was 70º. Yesterday, it was 51º at that hour. Quite a difference, eh? Wednesday I wore long pants and a hoodie, Thursday it was shorts and a t-shirt. It felt like two different seasons within the span of 24 hours.

It was 90º by lunchtime.

And then the skies grew dark and ominous, the radar lit up, and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued. The worst of it passed by just to the north; we got a little rain, some pea-sized hail, and that was that. The forecast for the next week calls for on-again/off-again chances. Some of the storms could be severe. I feel like we keep dodging bullets, whew. Our garden lives to see another day!

While I was busy working this week, Tara and her dad were prepping our boat for her journey home. They got the hitch and trailer installed yesterday, and Tara’s truck handled it effortlessly. She said she could feel the extra weight when driving, but was able to accelerate and brake easily. Here’s a sneak peek!

No fancy dinner tonight; I’ve still got leftover adobo. Since I probably won’t make it again for another six years, I might as well enjoy it. I also picked some lettuce from the garden for a salad. Netflix just added The Karate Kid so I’m going to guilty pleasure my way through the first movie tonight. I always did enjoy those films and their cheesy 80s soundtracks. Wax on/wax off, indeed!

One reader commented yesterday, “You seem to be easily filling these eight days of posts.” Well, I think she jinxed me, because today I hit a brick wall.

Not literally, thank god.

No questions and no blog awards? No bueno! On the verge of despair, I remembered our TableTopics cards. These award-winning conversation starter sets help millions of people spark fun and meaningful discussions with their family and friends around the dinner table, at parties, on road trips – wherever!

(Yes, I copied and pasted that from their website. I love the enthusiasm). Tara and I will sometimes bring them along when we go out to a bar (it’s been ages!!) as they’re a fun way to pass the time. So I grabbed a few, and voila! Instant questions. No humans required.

Q: What’s the all-time best movie about time travel?

A: So many possibilities! Do I go with the nostalgic (Back to the Future), the goofy (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), the dystopian (The Terminator), or the cerebral (Arrival)? In the end, I’m picking a film that is comically entertaining but also heartfelt: Bill Murray’s classic, Groundhog Day.

Q: How many states have you visited and which was your favorite?

A: I’ve been fortunate to have traveled a lot growing up, thanks to an Air Force dad and bouts of wanderlust. The number is at least 41, but probably higher…these are the states I know with certainty I have visited. I suspect I’ve been to Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina, too…maybe my mom can confirm? Pretty much everywhere but the deep south.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

My favorite? I like certain things about a lot of states. I feel silly picking the one I’m in now, but I wouldn’t have uprooted my life and moved to South Dakota two years ago if I weren’t pretty fond of the state. Let’s just say it pushes all the right buttons at this stage of my life.

Q: How much does the news affect your day-to-day life?

A: What a timely question, ha. I try to ignore it as much as possible because it’s so damn depressing these days. There’s not much I can do about events beyond my control (other than heed the latest CDC guidelines or take an alternate route if there’s gridlock). Because I live in South Dakota, there is never gridlock, so my answer is: very little.

Q: Have you or will you go to any of your high school reunions?

A: No and no. I only attended the high school I graduated from (in California) for my senior year, which royally sucked. I made no lasting connections, other than an ex-wife, and it has never felt like my real school. That honor belongs to Douglas H.S. in South Dakota.

Q: What are you hoping your life will look like when you’re in your 80s?

A: I’d like to have a harem by then, and be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Tomorrow the office is closing at noon, so it’ll be a nice 2.5-day weekend. Not sure what I’m going to do yet; probably not a lot, since the weather promises to be hot. If storms fire up, I might be tempted to chase them across the plains.

27 thoughts on “Bachelor Chronicles: Day 5

  1. The boat looks great, Mark. First time I have heard of “Table Topics” cards. I am part of a couple of writing groups and this may add some inspiration to our topics. (Our last topic was edgy, uncomfortable, challenging a little bizarre – saving it for a post) Do you recall a favourite question that evoked the best response? Our family has done the ‘death row meal – last meal on Earth request’ a popular one, The children usually are great for a laugh. I think you have already addressed your favourite meal.

    Mark, re nothing to write about? I always think about “Seinfeld” and how he made millions writing about nothing. Have a great evening. Almost 4th of July for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to admit, I’m pretty good at turning nothing into something. A friend once told me she bet I could write about paint drying and make it interesting. I don’t know about that, but I’ve still got a few more days to go, so if I get desperate…

      I don’t recall a particular favorite question. I tend to gravitate toward lighter topics like the favorite time travel movie one.

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  2. Mark, it’s been the same here, bipolar temperatures. Today it’s supposed to reach 95. Yikes!

    Love the sneak peek of your boat. I am so excited for you and Tara because I know you’re going to enjoy it so much!

    I think my favorite time travel movie is, “Somewhere In Time” with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves.

    Have a grrrrreat long weekend, my friend. And Happy 4th!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ron. Happy 4th to you, too!

      I’ve never seen that movie, but speaking of Christopher Reeves, the first Superman movie would probably count because, as I recall, he spins the world backwards to prevent Lois Lane from dying in an earthquake.


  3. Interesting answers to your questions. Huh. By the way, based on the description of your weather pattern, I am guessing you live in…um…um… And hey, why all the goofing off when you should be out testing your weed eater all day?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not from earth originally, but I moved here at such a young age it’s the only home I remember.

      I’m planning on doing a lot of yardwork this weekend before Tara gets home, so the weed eater will finally get to see the light of day!


  4. I just ran back from my morning walk. It is definitely going to thunderstorm today in Florida. Husband will be fixing something and I will be trying to finish writing something for my friend’s childhood tales book. Both hard work in different ways. I am guessing I would rather be drinking a few cups of coffee and perusing the internet but not today.

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  5. I miss thunderstorms. When I lived in D.C., we would sit on the front porch on summer afternoons while the rain poured down.

    You’d think it would do something for the heat and humidity, but you’d be wrong–it would just keep steaming. That, I don’t miss.

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    1. True story: weather (specifically thunderstorms and snow) was a strong motivating force in our decision to move to South Dakota. Well, for me, anyway. Tara could take ’em or leave ’em.

      And you’re right about the humidity. It’s worse after a storm; with all the moisture in the air, it literally does start steaming. Which is why I sat on the couch in our air-conditioned living room last night instead of hanging out on the patio.

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  6. You’ve been to a lot of states, but who hasn’t been to Florida??? Now I know!

    I’ve been to all my reunions except the 5 year because TOO soon! A guy I dated in H.S. moved summer before senior year, but he still comes to our reunions, since he’d spent all his other years with us.

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    1. I have thought about doing that, actually. I even idly wondered once whether I could get an honorary diploma from Douglas HS. It’s the only high school I will ever consider mine.

      Florida, yeah…everybody else in my family has been there (even my kids). It’s a weird state to skip, but then again, there isn’t much about Florida I find appealing. No offense to Floridians, of course!


  7. I am pretty sure you can add Arkansas to the list of states you have visited but I don’t think the others. Your kids have been to Florida,does that count?

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  8. I didn’t know about adobo until my wife introduced it to me way back when, and I had to wonder why it isn’t a restaurant staple. They don’t even have to call it adobo. Tangy Chicken would be less “scary”, and less likely to be confused with the Mexican version. I can’t imagine having to live six years without it…

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