A Love Sleeps Deep

I feel sorry for all the Midwest folks who are still waiting for spring as they dig out from a seemingly endless parade of snowstorms. You guys are my peeps (or will be in a couple of months), so I feel your pain.

However, I am not yet a Midwesterner, so I may feel your pain but I am certainly not experiencing it. Because spring is going nuts out here.



2018-04-19 10.08.52

2018-04-19 09.52.49

I like fall the best, but spring is no slouch.

We had a moving company representative come by on Tuesday to give us an estimate. It was far higher than expected: $7,300, which is about 2.5 times more than we budgeted. I guess we vastly underestimated the cost of an interstate move. (Actually, that’s not true. In reality, we had no freakin’ clue how much it would cost. I think we just hoped it would be under $3,000.)

Considering we can rent a U-Haul and hire a couple of helpers to move our heavy stuff down three flights of stairs for roughly $1,800, we’re most likely going to go that route. It’s hard to argue with the economics of the situation, especially given that I’m the only one with a job locked up. We’d have to haul one of our vehicles on a trailer and the trip would take a bit longer because of physics (and that pesky Continental Divide that will surely slow a heavy truck down), but it’s do-able. We might have to leave a day earlier than planned in order to make up some of that time, because we’ve already got a week’s worth of lodging booked in Rapid City. Would I rather just hire somebody to do the dirty work? Of course. But I also really happen to like saving money.

Nothing is set in stone yet. We’re still weighing our options.

After the estimator left, we celebrated Audrey’s 18th birthday with my parents. BTW, she moved out last week, renting a room in a house with a coworker/friend. Kids grow up so fast!

Wednesday was our Moondoggies concert at Mississippi Studios. My favorite part of the evening occurred two hours before the show even began. Tara and I had arrived early and were seated by the window of Bar Bar, the adjoining bar and grill, enjoying cocktails and a burger and fries, when Kevin Murphy – their lead singer – walked by. He spotted us and waved. Then he came over, shook our hands, and chatted us up for a few minutes. I eat that shit up, not gonna lie. I love that he knows us (by name even) and doesn’t consider us stalkers, even though we’ve been front and center for eight Moondoggies shows over the past six years. Later he and the band signed a copy of their newest record for us, and even personalized it.


The show was great, of course. Beforehand I realized that the very first time we went to Mississippi Studios was to see The Moondoggies, so it was only fitting that our last show there would also involve them. Unless something last minute comes up, that is, but we’re running out of time. And I’d kind of like to end it on that high note anyway.

The band played until 11:30 so it was a late night, and we had to go to work the next day, but in the end it was totally worth it.

It always is.

I’m not going to change my countdown app until we have solidified our moving plans, so we might have one day less than indicated, but for now…

Countdown: 64 Days

6 thoughts on “A Love Sleeps Deep

  1. Ouch on that price! I think I’d do it myself as well.

    We do have daffodils right now and a few hyacinths that the deer missed. They are saying no snow in the forecast, so we have hope!


  2. Beeeeautiful spring photographs, Mark! Funny, because I spent my day off on Wednesday outside taking pictures of all the trees and flowers blooming in all their colorful glory. I agree, fall is my favorite season, but spring is no slouch. I just wish it lastest longer. As you know, I also love winter. Summer is the only season I’m not too terribly fond of.

    I don’t blame you for wanting to save money by renting a U-Haul. WOW…$7,300 is a lot. I’ll be using U-Haul when I move to NYC as well. I used them when I moved from Florida to Philly and it worked out very well.

    ” Later he and the band signed a copy of their newest record for us, and even personalized it.”

    That is so cool! Love how they signed the copy!

    Have a FAB weekend!


  3. We experienced the same sticker shock when we got moving estimates to leave New Orleans. So I kind of knew you wouldn’t be hiring movers, but I wasn’t about to tell you that — what if I was wrong? What if you have lots more money than I think you do (or more money that you’re willing to spend on a move, anyway)? Now I kinda wish I’d said something because I could say “I told you so!”. But hey, I’m not the kind of person to say that, either. (But I COULD have told you so! There, how’s that for compromise?).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a definite NO to the “lots more money” part! And YES to the “willingness” part. I’m fortunate in that my employer paid for my move from San Jose to Portland in 1994, so I never had to worry about coming up with the money myself. No such luck this time!


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