The Shadow Never Lies

I had an unexpected snow day today!

Well, not exactly. I still worked. I just did so from the comfort of my recliner at home, thanks to a rare late February snowstorm. How rare? It’s been 23 years since we’ve had this much snow (3.5”) after Valentine’s Day. And they’re predicting more tonight. What a strange winter it has been. We were in the 60s a couple of weeks ago and it looked like Spring had arrived early. When Punxsatawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter at the beginning of the month, I thought to myself, the groundhog has lost his freakin’ mind. 

But the shadow never lies.

It actually snowed pretty much nonstop all day yesterday, but the temperature hovered right around 34 degrees and the ground was too warm for anything to stick. After sunset the temperature dropped and the snow picked up, so Tara and I found ourselves walking around outside right in the midst of the heaviest of it. I call that “South Dakota research.” This morning when I opened the blinds in our bedroom, I was greeted with the following sight:


Gorgeous, huh? The sun was rising next to Mount Hood, and its rays cast a warm glow on the snow-flocked branches. Even Tara seemed to enjoy the magic of last night’s snowfall (or at least pretended to). Normally I’m the one gushing over frozen precipitation while she is rather blase over it all. We may just have turned a corner.

The funny thing is, Rapid City got a bunch of snow on Monday and I was jealous. Not anymore!

We got an email from HR this morning stating that the office was technically closed and we could come in at our own discretion or make alternate arrangements with our managers. I was planning on working from home anyway, because there is absolutely no need for me to do this job in an office (hint, hint!), so that worked out nicely. I’m always more productive working from home anyway. Got an early start too, so I’ll be logging off at 3:30 and heading to WinCo for groceries. Not because another storm is bearing down upon us; Wednesday is just our designated grocery day. Hopefully the store isn’t a madhouse.

Countdown: 122 Days

7 thoughts on “The Shadow Never Lies

  1. GORGEOUS indeed, Mark! And I am sooooooooooo jealous! As I shared with you on Instagram, yesterday AND today was in the mid-70’s and extremely humid, which made the temp. feel much warmer. Today I actually sweated profusely while walking home from grocery shopping.

    However…tomorrow (and for the next five days) the temps. go back down into the 40’s, Yahooooooooo!

    Please send me some snow, okay?


    1. My uncle in Milford, New Jersey mentioned it was well into the 70s out there yesterday, too. Unreal! But I do recall when you guys were freezing around New Year’s and it was pretty mild out here. Topsy-turvy weather, to be sure. Hope you get some more cold and snow before winter is over!


  2. I am so resistant to call that picture gorgeous lol! I am an MA gal and the sight of snow at this point just repulses me. I feel like if I moved away from here my opinion on that would change. But I am all snowed out! I am ready for the sunshine!


      1. The weather is making more than a few of us concerned about what the summer has in store for us. On the upside though, if we do get one more cold snap before true spring, there is a chance the mosquito population which has woken up early thanks to this warmth will take a hit.


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