32 thoughts on “Murder, He Wrote

  1. I can relate… I watch too much Criminal Minds. Because of it, all of my devices (including smartphone etc) have painters tape offer the camera, so no tech-savvy serial killers can monitor me that way.


      1. Please, please don’t let me be giving you my phobias.

        But do you ever notice how many apps insist they need access to your device’s camera “without your knowledge or permission” and you can’t really imagine what they’d need that for? I do… and then I think of all the ways that could be abused in the wrong hands.

        No, no. I’m sure I’m just a little too nutso about this stuff. Really.


    1. Yes! I joke about that all the time. Just once I would love it if they were interviewing the neighbor and he said, “I just KNEW Bob was going to kill somebody. That guy had murder written all over his face.” Makes me wonder why it’s always the seemingly normal people who commit the most violent crimes.


  2. I do find Dateline intriguing, but I don’t need my imagination stoked anymore than it already is.

    The worst date of my life involved a co-worker who got drunk and high on our date and then never showed up at work the next day and everyone was on my ass about it (I was only 19 at the time).


      1. The following day was a Saturday, so no. He showed up Monday, after having passed out for 36 hours or something and none of us knowing what had happened to him, pre-cell phone days. I was pissed that I never got an apology.


  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one…Ah, who am I kidding? My mom sits up late at night watching “murder porn,” (which is apparently a relaxing break from life with us!), and both my sister and I have long been fascinated with serial killers, detective shows, and forensic stuff. That Mark Harmon portrayal of Ted Bundy (in “The Stranger Beside Me”, I believe) ruined St Elsewhere for me. How could I watch him play a cute and carefree doc after he’d been such a convincing cute and carefree killer?!


    1. Actually, the TV movie with Mark Harmon was “The Deliberate Stranger.” “The Stranger Beside Me” is Ann Rule’s book about Ted Bundy – she actually worked beside him at a crisis hotline, which fueled her interest in true crime. Fascinating read!


  4. As I said on Facebook…….I LOVE the ID channel!! And Dateline! Give me some Lester Holt and Keith Morrison ANY day! In fact, if I’m murdered, I want Keith Morrison to investigate my murder and broadcast my story! Make sure he does that, would ya??


  5. Mark, I have never seen Dateline or the Serial podcast, but I too am fascinated with serial killers and what made/makes them do what they did/do, and Ted Bundy was one of them!

    Silence of the Lambs.

    The BEST!!!!!!!!! I own that film and will watch it several times in a year.


    1. “It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.”

      Is there a creepier line than that in any movie?! Definitely a great film. I haven’t seen it in years…it may be time for another dose of Hannibal Lecter! Because nothing screams “holidays” like fava beans and a nice Chianti.


  6. Forensic Files is a great show of this type. Peter Thomas has one of the world’s great voices, as narrator. After watching a few of these episodes, you’ll start to wonder how anyone can ever get away with murder. Are you listening OJ?


  7. Next time you’re ever out in Wisconsin, we can tour the area where Diane Borchardt lived! And take a drive on the creepiest of creepy roads which is ironically called Paradise Road. It’s totally full of people waiting to stab someone! 😉


  8. I watch so many crime shows. Criminal minds anyone? But I gotta say I haven’t jumped on the podcast wagon just yet. It just doesn’t seem convenient since most of the time I am online I am supposed to be doing something else….


    1. I got into podcasts about a year ago, and generally listen to them when I’m driving in the car somewhere (to/from work or on a road trip). If I’m online, they’re too distracting. But I love Serial!


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