You Are What You Eat

Tonight, I'm planning on watching my favorite horror movie of all time. Wouldn't that make more sense around Halloween? you may be wondering. Hey, I love The Shining as much as the next person. The Exorcist is creepy. That damn doll in Annabelle is enough to give anybody nightmares. All are fine horror movies best viewed in October. But the movie that inspires … Continue reading You Are What You Eat

FOOls in the Rain

Some people claim that rock 'n roll is dead. I disagree. Because yesterday morning, we stood in a line hundreds deep for Foo Fighters tickets. In the cold rain and wind. For three hours. For a concert that is ten months away. We must really like you, Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters have long been one of … Continue reading FOOls in the Rain

A Better, Wetter Life

November 19th marks the anniversary of a pretty big day in my life. Exactly 20 years ago today - right around this very moment, as a matter of fact - I became an official resident of the Pacific Northwest. It felt like I had finally come home. Growing up an Air Force "brat," I never had a home. … Continue reading A Better, Wetter Life

Sock Monkeying Around

You know how that "elf on a shelf" is all the rage over the holidays? Yesterday, Tara and I stumbled upon something even better. We can't wait to bring him home and set him up in various festive poses this season! I don't know what clever name you'd call him. The "sock monkey with a chunky"? … Continue reading Sock Monkeying Around

Eating a Sandwich Hurts My Brain

Today at lunch, I realized I might have a problem because it took me a ridiculous amount of time deciding how to eat my sandwich. It was nothing special, just your standard ham and swiss on white, but you'd think I was contemplating a war maneuver or something based on the thought I put into my … Continue reading Eating a Sandwich Hurts My Brain

Passion and Poetry: Turning 500

WordPress has notified me that this is my 500th blog post. The fun and frivolity all began on December 16, 2009 with the following declaration: I have one goal in life: to publish a book before I die. Thankfully, I accomplished that goal within two years of penning ("typing"? "keyboarding"?) those words. Please don't think I'm … Continue reading Passion and Poetry: Turning 500