Three Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I was driving in the car yesterday, and a Kenny Loggins song came on. I started singing along because sometimes you gotta cut loose. It was actually Kenny’s duet with Stevie Nicks, “Whenever I Call You Friend.”In that moment, I had a sudden epiphany. You know that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, in which most people can be linked to the famous Hollywood actor via six or fewer acquaintances? I can actually get there in three! Because I work with Kenny Loggins’ nephew.

It’s true. Kenny Loggins is the uncle of Bruce, one of my company’s marketing coordinators. He is so nonchalant about it, too. “Yeah, we got together for a barbecue at Uncle Kevin’s house last July. He made great ribs.”

He made great ribs?! That’s fine and dandy, but I want to know other things. Like, when he bought the meat, did he take the back roads or the highway to the Danger Zone? Did he get to meet the fake gopher in Caddyshack? And did Jim Messina contribute potato salad?

So, my 3 links to Kevin Bacon:

  1. I work with Bruce.
  2. Bruce’s uncle is Kenny Loggins.
  3. Kenny Loggins recorded the title song for the movie Footloose starring Kevin Bacon.


And then, I got really excited because I’ve always liked Stevie Nicks and I couldn’t help but wonder if Bruce knows her. Think about it. Kenny Loggins recorded the above-mentioned song with Stevie, so conceivably they might still pal around. Hell, maybe she was there at that bbq last summer, twirling around in her white flowing gown while scarfing down deviled eggs.

I so want to sit down at a picnic table next to Stevie Nicks and chat about music while eating deviled eggs. I’d tell her how much I love songs like “Rihannon” and “Edge of Seventeen,” but I’d have to playfully chastise her because thunder does not only happen when it’s raining. Minor quibble.

Because of good ol’ Uncle Kenny, I also realized there are only 4 degrees of separation between me and Tom Petty. I work with Bruce > Bruce’s uncle is Kenny Loggins > Kenny Loggins recorded a duet with Stevie Nicks > Stevie Nicks recorded several songs with Tom Petty.

Holy shit. I could be the next Heartbreaker! If Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ever add a tambourine section, that is. Too bad I couldn’t have parlayed this close association into backstage passes for the Tom Petty concert we attended Tuesday evening.

If only I’d heard that Kenny Loggins song a couple of days earlier…

It’s pretty cool that I work with somebody who has a famous relative. Bruce isn’t the only person in the office with an interesting story. One guy played football in college, was drafted by the New England Patriots, landed an acting role on the recently-cancelled television show Leverage, and – in his spare time – is a fire dancer. Another one plays in a rock ‘n roll cover band (we’re actually going to check him out tonight). One woman raises chickens and quail and sells their eggs at a farmer’s market on weekends; another is married to a news anchor for the local CBS affiliate. What’s that famous line? There are eight million stories in the naked city? I can believe it, considering there are four or five good ones in this office alone.

So, how many degrees of separation lie between you and Kevin Bacon? Is Stevie Nicks really a witch? Do you work with anybody interesting? Isn’t this the catchiest song ever?!

11 thoughts on “Three Degrees of Kevin Bacon

  1. Okay I need to ask the obvious question, where do you work?!? Clearly wherever it is attracts some pretty fabulous people because I do not work with anyone that knows anyone cooler than me. And although I know that is pretty hard to surpass it is very telling about the type of place I work at…


    1. I worked with some characters in my time. But my fave story is my husbands former co-worker and still a great friend of ours had the cast of St. Elmo’s Fire attend his 21st birthday party while he was going to Georgetown (movie was being filmed around there). Demi Moore at your 21st birthday. Imagine!


      1. Now, THAT is pretty impressive! We just recently watched St. Elmo’s Fire again for the first time in forever. Talk about the ultimate Brat Pack flick. And a great soundtrack!


    2. I got lucky when I found this job. (Actually, the job found me. Long story, but a fun one). We have a keg in the break room, are allowed to wear shorts and sandals to work whenever we want, and our (un)official motto is “work hard, play hard.” Yeah…pretty great place to work!


  2. “Kenny Loggins recorded the title song for the movie Footloose starring Kevin Bacon.”

    OMG Mark, that’s right…I totally forgot that Kenny Loggins recorded the title song for the movie Footloose!!!!

    And I can’t thank you enough for sharing that clip of Kenny and Stevie singing “Whenever I Call You Friend.” You have no idea how many GREAT memories that song brings back to me. Their voices perfectly complement each other, don’t they?

    Okay, and my Three Degrees Of Kevin Bacon is ACTUALLY Kevin Bacon, because he was born in Society Hill, Philadelphia which is only seven blocks from where live. In fact, I think several members of his family still live in that area.


    1. Stevie Nicks is one of those singers who can make any duet sound good! Hell, she could team up with Justin Bieber and make his song sound g…

      Oh, who am I kidding? His song would still suck. But her part would rock!

      Next time you run into Kevin, tell him I said hi, would you? Thanksalot!


  3. That is impressive sir. I do not have 3 degrees to Kevin Bacon or Kenny Loggins. BUT, I did stand behind Jon Bon Jovi on national TV once. Sooo, that’s gotta be good for something. If you don’t count that, you’re GOING DOWN in a blaze of glory!!!


    1. You’re closer than you think. In 1997, Jon Bon Jovi costarred in a short film called “Destination Anywhere” based on the lyrics to his solo album of the same name. Kevin Bacon played the role of Mike in that film. That gives you two degrees of separation!


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