What Would My Cat Do?

By now you’ve probably all seen the video of Tara, the hero cat who saved a little boy from a vicious dog attack. In case you live under a rock (or still have dial-up), here it is:

When I first saw this video, I felt justified. Because I’m a cat owner in a dog eat dog world, and sometimes I feel like those of us with pets who don’t bark, chase sticks, or hump legs are sometimes looked down upon. I have nothing against dogs, or people who own dogs. I’ve just always purr-ferred felines to canines. Mainly because they’re low maintenance. I don’t have to wake up early to walk the cat, or worry about bribing a friend or paying for a kennel when I go on vacation. Cats might be a little more aloof than dogs, and aren’t quite as companionable, but they are entertaining as hell. Especially when a laser pointer and/or catnip are involved.

Ever since Tara saved the day (love the cat’s name, by the way), cats are suddenly popular. Trendy, even. You might say they are “the cat’s meow.” (I know what you’re thinking. How is he NOT a comedian?! I’m surprised, too). After showing the video to Audrey, she asked, “Do you think Sydney would save me if I was getting attacked by a dog?”

At that point, we both turned and looked at her. Sydney was curled up in a ball with her eyes closed, snoozing contentedly. Which she had been doing for roughly 17 nonstop hours.  I called her name. I clapped my hands. I jumped up and down. I think her left eye opened a slit for a second or two before closing again.

“Let me put it this way,” I said. “Stay away from dogs.”

Audrey’s question got me thinking. Would my cat be as courageous and loyal in the face of danger? I decided to put together a chart showing how I believe Sydney would react in certain situations.

1. Audrey is riding a bike and is attacked by a dog. What would my cat do?

Lazy Cat

2. An intruder breaks into the house and threatens the family at gunpoint. What would my cat do?

Lazy Cat

3. An earthquake strikes, reducing the apartment to rubble. Rescuers are searching for us, but we’re buried beneath slabs of plywood and sheetrock. What would my cat do?

Lazy Cat

4. A fire breaks out while we are asleep, filling the house with smoke as the flames inch closer to our bedrooms. What would my cat do?

Lazy Cat

5. I’m reaching for a book, and the bookshelf falls over, pinning me underneath. My phone is just out of reach. What would my cat do?

Lazy Cat

At this point, I gave up on the list as I was noticing a distressingly similar pattern. The only thing that might elicit a reaction other than the one above would be if I dropped a piece of meat on the kitchen floor while cooking dinner. Oh, she’d be all over that in a flash.

Gotta love her anyway, though. As far as cats go, she’s unusually sociable.

When she’s awake.

I’ll probably be away from the blog for about a week. Tara (my wife, not the cat) and I are heading out of town on Thursday for a long weekend in  Sacramento, where our friend Heidi is getting hitched. With stops in Klamath Falls, Reno, Carson City, and Virginia City. We won’t be back until late Monday.

Happy weekending!



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21 thoughts on “What Would My Cat Do?

  1. LOL on your cat photos, Mark! I had not seen that video, but dear God, is that scary! I’m not a pet person, but I am afraid of a lot of dogs. My 17 year old nephew got bit in the ass by a dog while jogging in his neighborhood last year. Makes me mad to think about it.

    Have a great trip!


  2. Mark, your photos and captions were HILARIOUS!!! Don’t you just LOVE cats???

    Yes, I had seen this video at work after one of my fellow-employees shared it with me last week and I applauded wildly because so many people have the impression that cats have no loyalty or would protect their owners if need be. However, this video showed them otherwise.

    ” I’ve just always purr-ferred felines to canines. Mainly because they’re low maintenance.”

    Same here. I love dogs too, but have always preferred having a cat as a roommate. And it depends on the cat because some can be very aloof (like my one cat), but others can be very affectionate (like my other cat). I have found (from my own cat experience) that male cats tend to be a bit more affectionate.

    Have a GREAT time on your trip, buddy! See ya when you get back.


    1. It’s interesting you say that about male cats. I have had six cats in my life – three males and three females. And in every case, the females were friendlier. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw?


  3. I live under a rock. Yes, I think I am the one and only person on the planet who has not seen this video. EVERYWHERE I go, people are talking about it. Today in a remote part of East Texas people at a day lily farm were talking about it. The gentleman who owns the farm has a very friendly cat on the property. As my friend stroked the cat and the cat tried to take a selfie with my iphone, she remarked about the hero cat video. I still have not seen it. Yes, I know you posted it here. I did not watch it yet because I’m keying in my epic comment. I plan to watch it so I too can be one of the bazillions of people who say, “Yes, I saw it. It was amazing.” But as my husband asks me what I am typing over here, I tell him about the hero cat and it turns out, he too lives under a rock. Presumably the same rock as me, one would think. But usually when there is a story with this kind of momentum, he knows it way before me. Not so this time! HA.


  4. Sydney is the best cat ever.I am sure she would sound the fire alarm, dial 911, move the bookcase, rescue Audrey, chase dogs , and alert rescuers.!


  5. I live with two cats, they would have similar reactions though they might save each other in case of houses burning, they might also save the catnip plants. I also live with a dog, they would certainly make certain she was in her kennel before saving themselves and the catnip.

    Your cat like all others, lovely.


    1. I forgot to mention, Sydney actually likes dogs. She gets along with them very well. Other cats, on the other hand? Not so much. If she had a choice between saving a dog or a cat, I know which one she’d rescue!


  6. I’ve never been a cat person myself since I’m so allergic. Every time I go to a house where there is a cat what happens? Of course, the cat wants to come & visit & rub all over me, leaving me wheezing, my eyes running & sneezing my head off! I prefer a dog any day. Besides dogs just naturally do heroic things – remember Lassie & how many times she saved little Jimmy?


    1. I’ve actually never seen an episode of Lassie! (But I’m pretty sure she was saving Timmy, not Jimmy). Pet allergies just plain suck. They came between me and a woman I used to date. Well, they were just one reason we didn’t work out, but kind of a big one.


  7. She is adorable!

    I have a dog and the only thing she does when trouble is in the vicinity – is hide between my legs sometimes tripping me over. I think that cat is the safer bet 😉


  8. I love this post! Hilarious! I saw that cat video and it definitely made me think a little better of cats. Still a dog person but if a cat can muster up that energy to save a little kid they arent all bad in my book.


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