Flattery, not King Charles III, got me on their podcast.

Yesterday, Tara suggested we go kayaking after work. It was one of those perfect spring days: not too hot, not too cold, and not too humid.

There were mosquitoes, but there are always mosquitoes this time of year.

So, we loaded up the kayaks Thursday evening and headed to Lake Koshkonong. It’s been almost a year since I’ve kayaked (been a little busy moving and whatnot), and this was the first time my kayak graced Wisconsin water.

It was exactly what I needed.

There was a stiff breeze so the water was choppy, and smoke from the wildfires in Alberta coated the sky in haze, the filtered light of the sun sparkling on the water. None of that mattered. Despite the arm workout, it’s an incredibly relaxing activity, paddling through the water. Mentally soothing, if you will.

I typically never do things like this on a weeknight. After work, I’m spent. All I want to do is kick back in my recliner and get lost in some mindless TV show. But sometimes, stepping outside of your comfort zone has its rewards.

Like being on a podcast, for instance.

A couple of weeks ago, two of my blogging buddies reached out to ask if I’d like to be a guest on their podcast, The Heart of the Matter. They wanted to talk about optimism, manifesting, and No Time for Kings. Hey, three of my favorite subjects! They emailed me on Coronation Day, as if the crowning of His Majesty the King might somehow persuade me to say yes.

Actually, I’m sure the timing was coincidental. I have no interest in the royals, but I do like flattery, and the way those two buttered me up you’d think I was a slice of bread. I couldn’t not say yes.

I always listen to podcasts on my daily walk. This morning, I listened to myself. How very meta. I don’t think I sound like an idiot or anything, so I’m happy with how it turned out.

Podcasting is hard work, guys. And I was just the guest! Wynne and Vicki are the true heroes for putting the whole thing together and making my drivel sound professional.

You can read about my behind-the-scenes experience as I break the fourth wall on my guest post on their The Heart of the Matter blog. And if you’re so inclined, there are links to the podcast there.

And here:

Search (and subscribe!) to Sharing the Heart of the Matter on Apple, Amazon, Spotify or Pocket Casts or click here to listen on Anchor: Episode 18: No Time For Kings with Mark Petruska.


37 thoughts on “Flattery, not King Charles III, got me on their podcast.

  1. We had a great time visiting with you, Mark! And you are funny, funny, funny. Buttering you up as if you were a slice of bread?! No, no. It was all heartfelt praise and gratitude for trusting us enough to be both a podcast AND blogging buddy. You’re a pro. 😊
    And…cheers to weeknight kayaking. The photos are fab…and do I see an owl in the last pic or are my eyes deceiving me? 😎

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  2. What a great photo! I am very envious of your evening kayak, even with mosquitos (though hopefully the breeze kept them away). I’m not much for podcasts; I can read so much faster than I can listen, and when I am walking it’s safer for me to be listening for cars, other dogs, etc. Spouse loves them, though. But I might check this one out and at least see if your actual speaking voice lines up with how I imagine it when I’m reading your blog.

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    1. The breeze didn’t really keep them away, but the mosquito repellant did. Thankfully. Still got a bite or two, but that’s inevitable.

      I know podcasts aren’t for everybody. I like listening to them outside because they keep my mind off the fact that I’m walking. It’s a lot quieter and safer here to have them on when walking, I’m sure. Not much traffic in Ye Olde Fort.

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      1. I think the big dogs keep me pretty safe, even in Los Angeles…but only from human males on foot. It’s the texting drivers who scare me…almost as much as the speeding cyclists. Some of the roads where I walk don’t have sidewalks. Can you believe that? In Los Angeles?!


  3. They do have a way with words don’t they Mark 😉 You’re a member of the HoTM tribe now so get ready for more. I see guest posts in your future. We’re also getting the Canadian smoke. Once our own beloved PNW wildfires start in a few months I suspect the left over Covid masks are going to make a renewed appearance. I look forward to listening when I have morning coffee in a bit, but so glad W & V got their hooks in you 🙂

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      1. Well you and Vicki (I hope) both know that is my sincere way to tell you that you are not pushy in any way, and always listen to what your people ask/want/need. You both however are gifted with skills that make those same people want to help, want to jump onboard, want to be a part of the HoTM process. I would call that your ‘hook’! Helping us to recognize that we have something to say and that folks want to hear it 🙂

        Love the podcast and hearing Mark in person!

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      2. Oh, what a wonderful compliment, Deb! And I really wasn’t fishing for one — but I’ll take it. 🙂

        Isn’t it fun to hear Mark? I know you have been blog buddies for longer than I’ve been around so I imagine it was a real treat for you!


  4. First and foremost, I don’t normally listen to podcasts (and I used to have one! ), but this was enjoyable to listen to and it was great to hear your voice!
    Second, I had no idea you and Tara were so into manifesting (my husband and I are as well), which makes me so happy.
    This was fun. 🖤

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  5. I love “How very meta.” Yep, a little meta for sure and hopefully a little celebratory because you were awesome! So fun to “hang out” with you on Teams. I see you as a guest host for the podcast so I’ll start buttering you up for that now… 🙂

    And I love the kayaking pictures. How perfect for a lovely Thursday night!

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      1. If you would kindly make your way to Minnesota, we’d love to have you as a guest. (I don’t possess the technical skills to have a remote guest, and I should warn you that we don’t pay mileage or a per diem.) The topic would be your travels (real and imagined), but I can’t promise the professionalism of your recent hosts. In fact, I can guarantee it will be lacking. It would be very off the cuff, so your cue cards might not help. 🙂

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  6. Kayaking is one of the things I always wished I tried. Now, with a bum knee… I don’t see it happening.
    And while I’m not a podcast person, I will listen to this one. If for no other reason than to put a voice to the writing.


  7. How exciting! I just got into listening to podcasts during the early days of the pandemic. Now I can’t imagine walking without a podcast. I’ll have to give your episode a listen.

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    1. They’re great for passing the time! I also listen on my way to and from work when I go into the office. I’m actually thankful for a longer commute now just because of that.


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