Eyeroll for the Autograph

Colorado really is a different state of mind. The “Rocky Mountain high” jokes just write themselves.

We had a pretty great weekend getaway. Many highlights, but Built to Spill the first night had to be tops. We even got Doug Martsch to sign a concert poster for us. Had to endure an eye roll to get it, but that wasn’t particularly surprising given that Doug is the antithesis of a rock star. This is a guy who probably drives a 20 y/o Volvo and shops for boxed mac ‘n cheese at the Piggly Wiggly. The store brand, no less.

Dude can shred though.

Being inside the venue was like a blast from the past. All kinds of memories came flooding back. Helping fuel those was the fact that this was the seventh time we’d seen Built to Spill. Talk about déjà vu.

The Aggie Theater wasn’t all that different than Mississippi Studios or the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. Tara and I went to so many shows back in the day, we long ago lost count of the number. If I had to guess, I’d say we saw at least 100 bands over a seven-year stretch. We lived and breathed live music. Moving to Rapid City, we knew concerts would be one thing we were sacrificing. Factor in COVID, and it really has been a long time since we’d gone to a show in a more intimate venue like this. I’d forgotten how much I missed the experience.

Before the show, we stopped by a Mexican restaurant for a bite to eat. Ordered a couple of tamarind margaritas, which were basically mind-blowing.

Saturday, we drove down to Boulder. We’d spent a little time there during our visit last September and really liked the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall. It’s an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, bars, scenery, and entertainment. And the people watching is top-notch.

We came back to Fort Collins and spent the evening bar hopping. Our Best Western was located on the main drag, a little over half a mile from Old Town, which was both convenient and no accident. It allowed us the luxury of walking—or stumbling—around without worrying about trying to snag an Uber after drinking.

What can I say? It was a fun time. And a much-needed getaway.

Before heading home on Sunday, there was one last stop to make: Trader Joe’s, a/k/a, my happy place. We stocked up for the five-hour journey home.

Not pictured: the second cooler

The whole drive home, we stayed just ahead of the weather. Had we left an hour later, it would have been wet and stormy. Instead, those ominous black clouds were confined to the rearview mirror.

It started raining about an hour after we got home and continued all evening, bringing about a half-inch of desperately needed moisture. Tara made popcorn and we watched a movie by the glow of our lava lamps. Cozy AF, people.

Today is gloomy and showery. We traditionally fire up the grill on Memorial Day, and this year will be no exception, but we certainly won’t be hanging out on the patio. Too bad those ribeye steaks won’t be able to flip themselves.

Hope your holiday weekend has been equally groovy!

33 thoughts on “Eyeroll for the Autograph

      1. Well, my daughter and son-in-law bought a home in University Place, about 30 minutes away from me. There is a TJ within walking distance of their house. 🙂

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  1. I love margaritas, and I love tamarind sauce with my Indian, but a tamarind margarita? That’s a tough sell. I’d have to take a sip of someone else’s before committing to a whole one.
    Severe weather in store in the next few hours. I think it came from over your way.
    Love Pearl Street, and I like Boulder, but Boulder is definitely not my favorite mountain town. In my opinion, it can barely be called a mountain town. If you look east, you can see my house (and therefore yours, too).

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    1. That’s what happened with Tara. She took a sip of mine and then ended up ordering her own. And she’s picky. It was that good!

      I know those storms passed through eastern SD. Hope you didn’t get hit too hard. We just had a breezy, showery, cool day – no thunder or lightning here.

      How would you define a mountain town? Park City or Aspen more so than Boulder? Rapid City has been described as a mountain town, but I don’t really consider it to be one.

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      1. We escaped the worst of it.
        Boulder is more of a foothill town, I think. To me, a mountain town is more nestled in the mountains. Or at the very least, there isn’t a huge, expansive plain rolling away from a mountain town! It’s a partial mountain town.

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  2. I had to look on a map to see how far from home you were. Looks like an amazing getaway! I’m still butt hurt over our missed trip to Colorado in 2020. Maybe some day . . . We do have tickets for a concert this summer, so there’s that. Being able to walk to places from your hotel is the best!

    I recently went to TJ to load up on the appetizers and bought those spring rolls. Have you tried their Kibbeh? Very good and only time I’ve ever seen it outside a Middle Eastern restaurant.

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    1. I have not tried the kibbeh, and those spring rolls are new to me. But it’s hard to go wrong with most things from TJs!

      I remember how upset you were to have to cancel your Colorado trip. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make it out there someday soon. It’s a beautiful place, that’s for sure.


  3. We might be road tripping this summer, but it’ll be way more family friendly and probably far less exciting than your getaway.

    On the plus side, we have loads of Trader Joe’s…but we hardly ever go there. Got my own pot sticker chef at home.

    Who does the driving?

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  4. Tamarind Margaritas? I love Margaritas and never thought there’d be a way to top the traditional one, but Tamarind – oh yum, yum, yum, the taste of my childhood 🙂 I had a small live music venue I used to visit regularly with a fellow jazz loving friend. Sadly it closed down (well before Covid). I do miss it. Your visit looks like a LOT of fun 😀

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      1. India. My grandparents had both tamarind and mango trees in their garden in south India. I adored the sour taste of both (my grandmother taught me to eat green mangos dipped in salt).

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  5. We live within walking distance from Mississippi Studios, but have yet to see a concert there. Been to Bar Bar next door a few times. We’ve never done tamarind margaritas, but are trying a new wrinkle inspired by our Mexico trip: mescal margaritas instead of tequila. That hint of smoke makes for a whole different creation.

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      1. I can’t really speak as a connoisseur as I’m 98% a beer and wine guy, but I think mezcal has a little more of an edge (maybe depending on its quality) and has a smokey flavor due to the way they make it.

        Bar Bar does make an excellent burger.

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