Mob Mentality

Tara’s a genius, because she added a teaspoon of dark chocolate cocoa mix to her coffee this morning in lieu of sugar and damn if that wasn’t delicious. Inspired by her creativity, I suggested upping the ante by adding a splash of Bailey’s, and that just sealed the deal.

We should open a coffee shop. Or, alternatively, a bar. Maybe we’ll combine the two into a barfee shop.

I may need to work on that name, though…

Our weather has been mild and dry forever. Other than a brief shower on Friday, we haven’t had any rain in a month, and that “rain” was actually snow. Despite a forecast of more 80º temperatures this week, we know that’s not going to last forever—especially with a potentially strong La Nina on tap for the winter. In the PNW, La Nina usually translates to colder, wetter weather. I wasn’t sure how it might affect the climate in western South Dakota, so I did some research and learned that we have a higher likelihood of colder, snowier weather. Yay!

With this in mind, we decided to stock up on firewood. Buying those bundles at the grocery store for $6.00 a pop isn’t very cost-efficient, so Tara found a wood guy online. We got 3/4 of a cord, delivered and stacked, for $150. It’ll be plenty to get us through the winter. It’s piled up on our patio now, just waiting for cooler weather. I guess we’re committed to lots of cozy basement evenings in front of the fireplace now!

As an added bonus, our backyard now smells like a Ponderosa pine forest.

Last week, we ordered a pork pack from a rancher. It came with two bone-in hams, four shoulder roasts, 20 lbs. of breakfast sausage, 7 lbs. of bacon,16 pork chops, and a rack of ribs…all for the low, low price of $180. Our freezer is now stocked full of meat. Between that, the firewood, and the fully stocked wine/liquor cellar, we are well prepared for the Apocalypse! Which is well nigh underway already, of course, so I should say we are ready for the next stage of the Apocalypse instead.

We’ve been watching a Netflix doc called Fear City: New York vs. the Mafia. It’s absolutely fascinating. Probably helps that we binged The Sopranos earlier this year, saw The Irishman, and rewatched both The Departed and Casino. You might say I’ve got a mob mentality thing happening.

In any case, I highly recommend the series (there are only three episodes, so it’s not a big time commitment) if you’re into true life mob stories. A word of caution, though: they do heap a bit of praise on Rudy Giuliani for his role in cleaning up NYC. A reminder that, between the early ’80s and 9/11, he did a few good things before turning into a raging lunatic.

I’m going to leave you with a photo of Sydney chilling in the basement last night, because one can never have too many cute cat pics, right?

44 thoughts on “Mob Mentality

  1. aw, I miss the woodstove. We have a fireplace here but its not the same, and we really haven’t used it since we moved in – I’d like to eventually convert to gas. Just make sure you have a way to cover that for when the weather hits.

    If you like Bailey’s in your coffee, try some 1921. Its a creme tequilla and its the best.

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    1. We don’t have a wood stove, just a fireplace—but I’m stoked about it; most of my life, I have yearned for a wood burning fireplace. I’ve had gas before (ha), but that’s just not the same.

      1921, eh? I’ve never heard of creme tequila but I’m definitely intrigued!


      1. Yes! I never had either, until we had it in Mexico! It goes really well in coffee or hot chocolate (Similar to bailey’s) you can also get it on the rocks. Its mostly a sipping tequila.

        I’ve found it at Total Wine and our local place carries it sometimes, so you might need to call around!

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  2. I think you should definitely open a combination bar coffee shop. Though you’re probably right about the name. No one wants to be overheard saying, I just had a barfee and it was wonderful.

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    1. Goodfellas is in my top five movies all time and got robbed at the Oscars. No way should Forrest Gump have beat it!

      Speaking of Goodfellas, I emailed the real-life Henry Hill before he passed away and he responded to assure me that the scene where they sliced the garlic as thin as possible using a razor blade was 100 percent real.


  3. I have to ask if the fish are for real as your cat seems to be waiting them out. My movie to watch is My Cousin Vinny…when I am in the mood to laugh at the difference between the New Yorkers in Alabama.

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  4. ” barfee shop” Mark, I LOVE that!!!!

    I think it’s so awesome that you and Tara have a fireplace. We had one in our home when I was a kid and it was such a delight during the cold winter months, not only for warmth, but also for the atmosphere. Fireplaces are so cozy. I can’t remember where my family got their wood, but we used to keep in the backyard.

    You sound VERY stocked up (meat, wine, liquor) for the upcoming season.

    LOVE the photo of Sidney! It’s adorable. Isn’t it amazing how cats always looks so comfortable whenever they sleep?

    Have a terrific week, my friend!

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    1. Last winter we’d planned on spending a lot of time in the basement to take advantage of the fireplace, but only ended up going down there a few times. I figure all that wood will be a good motivator to get us down there more often!

      Hope your week is awesome, Ron!


  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Netflix show, but we both know it’s just filler until we get access to Cobra Kai, Season III, isn’t it? I’m in the same boat (Taradactyl).

    Super cute cat. Is the fish tank there as a form of feline torture?

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    1. You’re not wrong. I was just telling Tara yesterday I can’t wait for Cobra Kai Season 3!

      Sydney couldn’t care less about the fish. Even when she was younger and a lot more spry, she never really paid them much attention.


  6. A wood stove insert for our fireplace is on our list of home improvements–and I can’t wait. Growing up near Cleveland, we always had the woodstove going through the winter, would warm our clothes up on it before getting dressed in the morning. My brother once singed his undies–ah, simpler times. Welp, now the world is burning, but I still get cold. We’ve had a pretty fall here in MD, the best season here. I hope I can manage a ski trip or two this winter to see some snow. Just up to PA, but fun anyway. Your Mob shows sound fun. My husband and I are currently watching Vikings–sort of like the Mob, but with axes instead of guns.

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  7. So much to like about this post. The name Barfee not being one of them.
    Pine smell, bacon, cocoa coffee, but most especially the picture of Sidney. Why have we (maybe just I) not seen a picture of her before?! I protest! All cat owners should have pics of their felines in every post! You probably think I’m joking, but my friend Julie Holmes (Facets of a Muse) has been ending on a pic of her cat with every post for maybe a year now, thanks to me. It may just be my single greatest accomplishment.

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      1. Less than two weeks ago I had a bowl of CM on my lap and considered taking a picture of it… Dang it. Should have. But no! I’ve moved on, Mark! I’ve moved on! Don’t make me go back to that life!

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  8. Wow! You are set for a long winter! May I offer a bit of homeowner’s advice? Come Spring, move any remaining firewood away from the house so that you don’t get carpenter ants in your house. We learned that the hard way.

    Baileys in the coffee is a holiday tradition! The cocoa mix is a good idea, too!

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  9. Mark, your Tara is a genius. I should have brought cocoa mix on our last getaway. No milk for my coffee. I was not a happy camper. There is nothing like a fire burning in the wood fireplace to warm up our home and our bodies in the winter. A good feeling to have a stock of firewood. And, yes, the all important wine/liquor cellar. Hopefully not a Zombie Apocalypse. Just a fine, cozy Winter. Erica (although, I answer to many other names 😁)

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  10. A pork pack! Reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy orders a side of beef, not knowing how much meat that is, and Ethel tells her to go ahead and order her a side, too. Ha ha.

    The kitty is so cute.

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