Being Taurus

Today’s life lesson: do not take a sip of wine after eating a blue cheese-stuffed olive.

This was a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc if you’re curious, but I’m pretty sure the variety of wine doesn’t matter. White, red, sparkling…fuggedaboutit. Pace yourself. Wait 10 minutes. ‘Cause life is short and that is one sip you’ll never get back.

At least it was a $7.99 bottle from Target. I really know how to class up the joint.

wine olives
I do not recommend this combination.

For the record, the wine is tasting pretty good now. I am sitting on the couch, sipping that while enjoying an electric foot massage. Tara is cooking a pot of green chile chicken enchilada soup, the perfect remedy for a very cold day. It was 6º and spitting light snow on my drive home. I could not be happier that I have a mere 10-minute commute to work—it’s one of the biggest advantages of living in Rapid City—but the downside is, when it’s this cold, by the time my car is finally beginning to warm up, I’m pulling into the driveway. I don’t know why I even bother turning on the heat, to be honest. I think it’s psychological.

At least I’ve gotten smart and started turning on the heat on my thermostat from the Nest app on my phone before I leave work on my lunch hour. I shivered through far more lunches than I’d care to admit before deciding I should just turn on the freakin’ heat already. I’m a little stubborn when it comes to things like that, but when I finally cave in, it’s like a revelation. Tara gives me crap for this all the time, but I just chalk it up to being Taurus.

Today was so cold, in fact, that I wore my heavy Marmot winter coat at my desk the last half-hour…and was still freezing. Our office is big and cavernous, and my work station is right next to the windows. This makes it pretty drafty, although today was the first time since I started working there that I actually felt cold inside. I could bring in a space heater…there’s an outlet right there…or I suppose I could work from home. I had a catch-up meeting with my supervisor to discuss goals for 2020 today and she reiterated that I am welcome to work remotely any time I like, I have proven myself and she trusts me. I told her I don’t want to abuse the privilege, but honestly, I rarely do so and should probably take advantage of the opportunity more than I do. I always seem to get more work done at home anyway.

Last week’s life lesson: don’t feed a dog beef jerky. I shared a few pieces with Marley, one of the office dogs, two weeks ago and she hasn’t left me alone since. She has been hanging out around me ever since, hoping for another handout, even going so far as shoving her face in my lap on occasion. Marley’s a great dog so I don’t mind the attention, but it’s hard to get work done when she’s staring at me with those big, pleading eyes. I have so far resisted the urger to give her more food, but I have my limits, yo.

And I’m not even a dog person. Or am I? I only ask because, during our recent trip to Nevada, every time we went to somebody’s house with a dog, they invariably congregated around me, begging for attention.

The dogs, not the humans. Though they seemed to thrive on attention, too.

My coworkers today suggested this means I should get a dog. I don’t know about that, but Sydney does get along well with dogs. Other cats, not so much.

Never say never, I suppose.

15 thoughts on “Being Taurus

  1. I have a recipe for a similar soup and as it’s snowing and in the 20’s outside with strong winds predicted for tomorrow, that soup would be rather enjoyable, as would the wine. I do have a fully stocked pantry and fridge though, and a sweet potato soup with peanut butter and lovely warm spices already on hand. I think I have a plan for the next storm though. Thanks Mark!

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    1. Bleu cheese: you either love it or hate it. Pretty sure I can discern your feelings! 🙂

      I installed a Nest smart thermostat after we bought the house and am able to adjust the temperature remotely. Hell, sometimes I’m too lazy to get out of my recliner and walk the few steps down the hall, so I still reach for my phone to turn the heat up/down. Spoiled much, Mark?


  2. Mark, thanks for the warning about the combo of wine, with olives and blue cheese (which judging from your photo looks delicious!). Being an only-red-wine drinker, I wonder if it would taste any better with a red?

    “At least it was a $7.99 bottle from Target. I really know how to class up the joint.”

    Listen, I’ve had some really great tasting wines that were that price. I love wine, but I refuse to spend more than $15.00 a bottle because I’m frugal. Also, my brother is a chef who once told me that wine doesn’t have to have a high price to be good.

    I’m envious of your cold weather. This has been the wimpiest winter we’ve ever had. I think the coldest it’s gotten so far has been 30 degrees. And to me that’s lukewarm. HA! 🙂

    I love both dogs and cats because they’re completely different. But if I had to choose one as a roommate pet, it would be a cat. I like their mellowness and how independent they are.

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    1. My mom actually emailed me last night and asked, “So, what happened with the wine and olives?” I replied that it just wasn’t a great flavor combination. Blue cheese olives are great, and wine is great, but they should apparently be enjoyed at least 10 minutes apart. The olives totally changed the taste of the wine, which makes sense when you think about how sommeliers are all about food pairings.

      I will sometimes pay $18 for a bottle of wine, but that’s pretty much my upper limit. There is plenty of good, cheap wine to be found!


  3. I understand the whine about wine and stuffed olives. May I recommend seltzer?
    Never give a dog brie. Even if it falls on the floor. Pick it up. You’ll be happy to stand outside in 6 degree snows rather than be with brie’ed dog’s odor.
    Anyway, I love dogs, I have a dog and I love her and she is the best dog in the whole wide world, and if you get a dog, you will love your dog and think your dog is the best dog in the whole wide world. That being said, I am a cat person. Can’t live without a cat.
    My desk is by the window in my office and it’s chilly there. I do have a space heater and on really cold days I break it out.

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