I’m a Little Teapot $hort and $tout

When we were unpacking boxes that had been in storage for years this past summer, we came across a few items we’d forgotten all about. It was kind of like Christmas in July! One of these was an unassuming silver teapot that had once belonged to my grandmother. We already had a teapot—something cheap we’d picked up from Target years earlier—so I almost put the hand-me-down in our Goodwill donation pile. There was a card that accompanied it though, so I looked it up out of curiosity…and discovered we were the proud owners of an Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Bird Whistle with a suggested list price of $190.

Umm…’scuse me?!

It’s a teapot. It boils water. Doesn’t get much more low-tech than that. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $20 for one (and I probably complained about that). And yet, it’s pretty much the most expensive kitchen item we own. I’m almost afraid to use it for fear that I’ll somehow break it. But the weather turned colder last weekend, so we did in fact try it out. The tea was amazing; there were hints of orange peel, lemongrass, licorice root, and affluence. I now know how Jeff Bezos feels when he’s sipping tea in his lakefront mansion while deciding whether to buy a Bugatti, Rolls Royce, or Lamborghini.

Thanks, grandma!

We are currently entertaining my parents this weekend. They decided to come out for one more visit before the snow begins flying (and might have made it up just in the nick of time…more on that in a sec).

Yesterday, we took them to Deadwood for Oktoberfest. That was kind of a disappointment…it wasn’t much of a festival, as far as German beer festivals go…but the day wasn’t a total bust because we drove through Spearfish Canyon after, and the fall foliage was absolutely stunning—at its peak this weekend, as a matter of fact.




Sure do love that place.

After leaf peeping, we stopped for pizza at Dough Trader in Spearfish. Their claim to fame is sourdough crust. It’s pretty much our favorite pizza joint in the Black Hills.

Today, we went out for lunch at Prairie Berry Winery and stopped by Horse Thief Lake on the way back. Beautiful day, but a little chilly with the breeze blowing.


They leave tomorrow afternoon, and that will officially mark the end of two months’ worth of visitors.

One of my goals this weekend was to practice my photography skills. Our staff photographer at work is on vacation this week, and asked if I would step in and do a photoshoot for a groundbreaking ceremony in downtown Rapid on Wednesday. A local business development corporation is building a new campus and the mayor and city council will be there. In fact, they’ll be reading a proclamation declaring October 9 “Innovation Day” in Rapid City. It’s kind of a big deal. I think I have a pretty good eye for photography, but am lacking in technical skills. Jesse (our photographer) gave me a crash course in shooting in RAW format and editing with Photoshop, so I was super excited to get out and shoot in Spearfish Canyon yesterday…

…but when we got there, I realized I’d forgotten my camera at home.


At least I was able to make up for that today with the trip to Horse Thief Lake and a detour past good ol’ George.

By the way, guess who wrote the Innovation Day proclamation for the city??

Yeah. I have the best job ever.

The only downside might be the weather. Tuesday is going to be sunny and 72º but because this is South Dakota, they’re predicting rain turning to snow on Wednesday and possibly heavy snow overnight. Our high on Thursday is forecast to be 29º. This about sums it up:


Hope you’re enjoying nice fall weather and colors in your neck of the woods!

8 thoughts on “I’m a Little Teapot $hort and $tout

  1. You wrote the Innovation Day proclamation?! That’s awesome! What an honor.
    When I did a journalism internship in college, it was my job to take pictures of this new housing development that was going up in town. It was something that people were generally unhappy about. I know, because I was the one writing the articles about how unhappy they were. So I felt decidedly Erin Brokowich-y or Pelican Briefy or one of those movies as I rolled through the development with the window down snapping pics and having the workers stare at me. I kinda felt like I needed to peel out of there when I was done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did write it! Probably one of the most fulfilling assignments I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to hear the City Council read it out loud. As I take their photos. Double whammy!

      I’m glad you escaped from the housing development without incident and lived to enjoy Chex Mix to your heart’s content!

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  2. I’m beginning to think everyone in the country (besides San Diego) thinks their weather is bipolar like that! Congrats on proclaiming! That must have felt good to be asked to write!

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous region. But 29 degrees sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, yes—I know everybody says that. There are similar memes in Portland. But going from 70 one day to 30 the next really IS bipolar! I know a lot of people think San Diego is paradise when it comes to climate, but I’d be bored out of my mind. I like variety. Definitely get a lot of that here!

      Your neck of the woods has some awfully nice scenery, too!


  3. Mark, funny you mentioned getting your teapot at target because when I moved into a new apartment last year, that’s exactly where I got mine. I think I pay $15.00 for it. I can’t believe that teapot from your grandmother is worth $190. WOW!

    I bet it’s great seeing your parents again. And I’m sure they’re enjoying spending time with you and Tara, and seeing more of your beautiful surroundings.

    I’m so envious of your fall foliage because we haven’t gotten much yet. However, i will say we got some really nice crispy cool days last week that felt AMAZING. But of course, people are already complaining that it’s too cold. But that’s how Philly people are….all the do is whine and complain. LOL!

    Your photographs are outstanding! LOVE the one of George in Mount Rushmore. FABULOUS!

    This time of the year in SD is hilarious!

    Btw, as you as you get some snow, PLEASE send some my way, okay?

    Have a great week, my friend!


    1. I’m glad to hear you got some fall weather, Ron. I will put in a request for our storm to march its way over to Philly after it’s had its way with us, but I have to warn you, Mother Nature is fickle and hardly ever listens to me.

      I bet your fall colors are spectacular! Hope to see some pics soon (hint, hint). You can even throw in a few shots of squirrels if you want! 🙂


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